Which Health Supplements Really Work?

Regardless of their age and gender, people that want to take care of their health often use dietary supplements. There are plenty of products to choose from out there, and everything depends on what your demands and expectations are.

In this article, take a look at our recommendations when it comes to best health supplements on the market.

You will find those that focus on promoting overall health, as well as products that particularly aim at improving certain processes in your organism.

What Do Health Supplements Do?

Dietary supplements are an addition to your diet that promotes your overall health. Depending on the product you choose, they may benefit your general health in the long run and/or support weight loss, fat burning, men’s sexual health supplements, etc.

In most cases, they come in the form of tablets and contain ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other compounds filled with nutrients that your body needs.

The Best Health Supplements of 2022

A clear list of ingredients and the claims that fit your expectations are also signs that the supplement may work for you.

Take a look at the list below to find some of the currently best health supplements on the market.

1. Superfood Turmeric Curcumin Plus

Turmeric has extremely potent antioxidant properties, and it is filled with nutrients that promote various areas of your health. It promotes heart health and plays a role in supporting optimal brain function and protecting your organism from environmental hazards.

Aside from a generous dose of turmeric, you also get an additional boost of curcuminoids that also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. BioPerine is included to maximize the potential of Superfood Turmeric Curcumin Plus and make sure your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients from other ingredients.

2. Multi-GI 5

The key to reviving your health is digestion. Multi-GI 5 is a nutritional supplement from Unify Health Labs, which is supposed to improve the health of the digestive tract, improve appetite, and increase the feeling of energy and concentration.

This product is a delicious strawberry-lemonade flavored powder that you mix with water, iced tea, or any beverage of your choice. The size of one scoop is 6.4 grams per serving, and the prebiotic fiber is four grams. With the amount of scoops in the container, it can be used 30 times.

This product can be used by people who want to increase their physical performance and a general sense of health. The ingredients work together to improve digestion, promote good health and help achieve a stronger and healthier body.

If you have indigestion, low energy, swelling, gaining weight, or similar health problems, Multi-GI 5 is a full-body health product that can help you look and feel better than you have for years.

Although there may not be serious side effects with Multi-GI 5, the combination of these ingredients may cause some side effects in some people. If you are not familiar with this product yet, you may want to start with half a scoop to see how your body responds.

As always, consult your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement.

3. Collagen Complex

Collagen Complex is said to be an excellent source of extra collagen. It helps in replenishing hydrolyzed collagen, which allows the body to repair damaged skin and improve its firmness and structure.

This supplement is said to contain Collagen Complex obtained from gelatin type B and type 1 & 3 hydrolyzed collagen. It can help to improve collagen in the body and keep it hydrated. Other ingredients include Bovine, Vegetable magnesium stearate, and Aloe vera leaves.

The supplement is also said to contain lots of protein found in the ligament, bones, and muscles.

The product can be gotten from the product’s official website and other online stores, as it comes with a money-back policy. It is recommended to take one capsule of Collagen Complex 1 to 3 times per day with meals.

4. Bauer Nutrition

Bauer Nutrition is a brand that manufactures dozens of different supplements that promote general health, sports nutrition, weight loss, and beauty. When it comes to overall health, one of the best-selling products is A-Z Multi-Vits & Minerals, which includes a complex of natural-based ingredients that promote immunity and overall health and well-being.

Some of the compounds included are vitamin A, several B vitamins, vitamin D3, vitamin E, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, etc.

5. Liver Support Plus

Liver Support Plus is a supplement whose primary aim is to support a healthy liver as this organ can help you detoxify and purify your body, as well as promote fat break down. This supplement is filled with natural ingredients that are an excellent source of antioxidants and promote liver health, subsequently supporting your overall health.

The list of ingredients includes milk thistle, chicory root, beetroot, zinc oxide, yarrow, celery seed, L-Cysteine, turmeric, etc.

6. Tinnitus Control

If you are having problems with ringing or buzzing in your ears, Tinnitus Control may be able to help. Its ingredients aim to combat tinnitus, help with ear infections, and alleviate the pain that you might be feeling as a consequence.

The supplement does that by utilizing the formula that includes ingredients like Silicea 30x, Pulsatilla 30x, Natrum sulphuricum 30x, chininum sulphuricum 30x, and arnica 30x.

7. GenFX HGH Releaser

HGH is an abbreviation for human growth hormone, and it aims to promote overall health and assist in building muscle mass. The list of GenFX HGH Releaser potential benefits includes enhanced mental and physical performance, immunity support, improved bone density, normal hair development, and shortened recovery after intense activity or exercise.

The formula is filled with amino acids and natural ingredients that promote your health in various ways and some of the compounds are arginine, glutamine, lysine, glycine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, and Panax ginseng powder.

8. Natural Health Source

Natural Health Source is a brand owned by Leading Edge Health that has been in the business of making supplements for almost two decades.

Over time, they designed numerous formulas that promote weight loss, male and female overall health, and skincare, as well as delay aging effects.

Some of the potent products for men include HyperGH, which stimulates the release of the human growth hormone while women may want to consider HCAFit or Chlorogen800, which support the process of losing weight.

Texas Superfood

Texas Superfood is a brand of nutrition-rich wellness products which promote benefits such as improved digestion, joint health, added energy, improved cognitive focus, and a stronger immune system. The line includes capsules, powder, and liquid products which include healthy ingredients like fruits and vegetables.


  • Texas Superfood can improve the quality of your sleep.
  • These health and wellness products are 100% organic.
  • They support general health benefits.


  • The serving size for the supplement is 6 capsules per day.
  • There are only 5 products in the brand.
  • Different users will experience different results.

Ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Alfalfa Powder, Spirulina, Papain, Goji Extract


  • Capsules – $69.95
  • Powder – $69.95
  • Liquid – $21.57
  • Women’s Choice – $21.57
  • Joint Care – $21.57

How Are Dietary Supplements Regulated?

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, approved by Congress in 1994, defines dietary supplements as products that:

  • Are intended to supplement the diet
  • Are intended to be taken by mouth
  • Are labeled as dietary supplements
  • Contain one or more ingredients (like vitamins, herbs, amino acids or their constituents)

What Vitamins Should You Take for Overall Health?

Overall Health

In general, all vitamins can have a positive effect on your health, but the three most important ones are:

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A promotes immunity and production of red blood cells and plays an important role in promoting your vision
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties thus making it essential for supporting your immune system
  • Vitamin E: Another vitamin that supports a healthy inflammatory response and its antioxidant effects protect your body from potential environmental damage. Vitamin E may also promote eye health

Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin D can also play an important role in promoting your overall health.

Why Nutritional Health Supplements Are Necessary?

They are required to ensure that your daily nutrient intake is optimal. Most of the people do not have a balanced diet today and supplementation can ensure that they get sufficient nutrients to enhance and maintain their overall health.

How to Choose Best Health Supplement?


The supplements that work best for you may depend on the age, diet, lifestyle, family history, or current health condition. However, the overall rule is to look for only high-quality ingredients that should be natural-based and filled with nutrients.


We’ve reached the end of the article and the only thing left now is to pick the right supplement for you.

We tried to provide all the vital information that you may need to make an adequate choice and support your long-term overall health.

Think about which product from the list best fits your needs and place an order today.

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