Review Guidelines

We aim to bring you the best quality and highly-researched reviews and articles on a wide range of programs, topics and products related to health, diet, fitness, skincare, wellness, nutrition and weight loss.

Since we launched in 2003, we have authored and published over 5,000 articles and written over 20,000 product reviews. Our core purpose is to have an open and fair system that allows our readers, staff, vendors, partners and article sources to feel valued and respected. This is mainly because our reputation depends on this and so do the reputations of our partners.

A small portion of our earnings comes from affiliate marketing and ads, and they can be seen on the home page, affiliate page and other sections of the website. We offer full disclosure throughout the site and show clearly and conspicuously what kind of products we review.

To learn more on how we make our revenue, feel free to check out our About us and Advertising disclosure pages.

Review Guidelines

We aim to inform our readers about:

  • The variety of new and existing programs and products that are geared towards weight loss, healthy skin, reducing signs of aging on the skin, improve testosterone, reduce joint pain and overall lead a healthy life.
  • Show the various features of a given program and product by stating its ingredients, quality, potential side effects, directions on usage, customer success stories, background on the company and any collaboration with experts.
  • Other similar products to the one they are interested in.
  • The science behind each ingredient used in the product.
  • Any legal action, scams, fraudulent activity, product recalls or regulatory activity associated with a program or product.

We also provide visual aids by reviewing hundreds of popular products, diets and nutrition advice on video. We have a Youtube Channel that features all the in-depth videos we have created.

Below is a guide that shows the criteria used to author, edit and publish content. This is a mere set of guidelines and the degree to which every reviewer adheres to them may vary depending on their unique methods of research, type or program or product under review and their writing style.

Product Details

The product details part indicates the list of ingredients and their labeling as provided by the brands. It shows the information on where and how each ingredient was sourced, manufactured or formulated. It may also feature a comprehensive support of claims related to the said product.

Ingredient Research

This part reveals the nature of the ingredients used revealing if the product delivers on the promises by the company. It shows the purity and quantity of each ingredient.

For proper research on what each ingredient is about, we rely on information provided by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health such as, MEDLINE/PubMed, and the databases of index medical research literature. We also research by accessing the information produced by Google Scholar, Wikipedia, WebMD and Food and Drug Administration and

Scientific research on the ingredients and other health supplements based in the evidence and quality they provide.

Potential Side Effects

To determine possible side effects, we choose not to focus on the specific product formula but instead check the list of ingredients and the amounts in the product. This way, we are able to tell if a product may cause undesired side effects rather than go with the company’s claims that their product is free of side effects.

Company Evaluation

To evaluate a company, we do not accept any information from the companies and their PR firms. In order to learn more about a product, we check the background of the company and the product itself. On social media, customer forums, the company’s official website and other reputable sources, this is what we look at to understand a product or company:

  • Research or clinical studies made
  • If so, what reviews are there?
  • How many customer complaints?
  • When was the company founded?
  • Is the information about the company – including executive biographies and contact information – easily accessible?

Customer Experience

Does the user experience match the product claims? How do other customers rate their experiences? We are not limited to a good, bad or neutral feedback. We will examine a number of reviews and report accordingly.

Collaboration with Experts

It is a good sign if the company has collaborated with experts on a certain topics to develop their product. At Consumer Health Digest, our articles undergo a review by nutrition, diet and fitness experts like Gerry Ellen, Dr. Sarah Brewer, Dr. Stacy Friedman, Lauren Dummit, Felicia Newell and Dr. Keith Kantor.

Success Stories

Our reviewers value companies that show customer success stories that may feature testimonials and before/after photos as they support the efficiency of the product or program.

Sample Offer

Some brands provide small samples that customers can use beforehand before they make a bigger commitment to purchase the actual product on sale.


We check the price of the item. For supplements, we also check the cost per serving and how that compares to other products by competitors.


What happens when a customer does not like their experience with a particular product? Can they get a refund and how is it from the date of purchase?

Our reviewers make every effort to abide by the guidelines. It, however, is not set on stone and our researchers may deviate from the process occasionally depending on the unique aspects of every product.

We strive to deliver top-quality and in-depth product reviews. Note that all the views expressly on the website are purely our own. Read our medical disclaimer for more information.

If you wish to make any additional suggestion on our format for researching and creating our reviews, please contact us.

Article Sources

Most of our reviews make reference to authoritative sources with a proven record for accuracy. We also rely on incorporate quotes from direct interviews with our team of experts, nutritionists, dieticians and fitness gurus. A visit to our About Us page will reveal the members of our Wellness, Contributor and Editorial teams.

Our articles feature several in-text citations that are numbered and properly hyperlinked to external websites. Our main sources of information are: Better Business Bureau,, MedlinePlus,,, Google Scholar, PubMed, Wikipedia, WebMD, Food and Drug Administration, Healthline and Federal Trade Commission
We have developed a process of evaluating clinical research and other publicly available information for our product reviews. We combine this with expert opinion from our own team. It should be noted that the views expressed on this site are purely our own. Read our medical disclaimer for more information on this.

Our team endeavors to produce high-quality articles and product reviews, but sometimes we may miss some things- and we love it when readers remind us. To make a correction, simply click on the Claim your Product icon and provide us with the required formatted information as shown on the page. You may also reach us through the Contact Us page.

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