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We are a commercial digital content website presented to individuals looking to improve* their overall health and well-being. All of the content appearing on our website is produced, selected, and reviewed by health writers and editors. We are focused on providing guides on nutrition and supplement topics.


We focus on providing valuable health information and savings on health-related products for better managing your health.

As a commercial website, we invest our personal time and money to curate our content. If the website has a link to a product or service, we may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service.

No publisher, manufacturer, supplier or advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made on this website. The provided information often includes general health topics, health conditions concerns, product information and reviews, buying guides, product specifications, and personalized recommendations of the products that we promote.

We may also Press Release, Video e-commerce purchasing information, such as prices, availability, and referral sites.

The reviews contain factual information that is easily verifiable. Attempts are always made to establish the general consensus in relation to specific products by reading reviews of those products on other sites, along with user experience stories and we attempt to accurately portray this in our anecdotal reviews.

If you feel any of this information is inaccurate, please leave a comment through our contact form and we will verify and implement any needed corrections as quickly as possible.


Consumer Health Digest’s editorial reviewers and contributors ensure that the content is accurate, unique, and user-focused. Along with vast experience in a variety of medical specialties, they bring added perspective due to their achievements in clinical practice, research, and analysis.


This Affiliate Compensation Disclosure is provided by 21CenturyWeb (“we” or “our”), and applies to this website, including, without limitation, both mobile and online versions of our websites (collectively, referred to herein as the “Site”), and is provided for the purpose of disclosing our financial relationship with affiliates, advertisers, sponsors and other third parties that appear on the Site (collectively, referred to herein as “Affiliates”), pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising, 16 C.F.R. Part 255.

In certain articles on this site, we link to certain services and resources for building and promoting products and brands. We belong to selected affiliate programs, and we do make a commission if you decide to purchase through our affiliate links. We first and foremost want to fully disclose this relationship, but also reassure you that any financial incentive does not influence what we say about a particular product or service.

Our Affiliates include or have included (not a complete list and the parties are subject to change at any time): Linkshare, Commission Junction, PepperJam/eBay Affiliates, Share-a-Sale, iHealth Services, Morniche, Markethealth, Avantlink, Flexoffers, Amazon Associates, Associacash, Google Adsense, Sellhealth, Evitamins, BizProfits, Rakuten, Revenuwire and many more. Please note that we have identified every commercial page with a Affiliate Disclosure statement leading into each article. Please review it before you read the content that we have provided.

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If you have any questions, comments or concerns and would like to receive an answer or ask a question prior to purchasing any product or service mentioned on this Site, you can contact us.

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