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6 Workouts Men With Six-packs Do Every Day

If your main fitness goal is to get a nice six pack abs, you should pay a close attention to your diet and exercise as they play the most important roles. Given that the rewards of a set of abs are the envy for everyone, you must engage in regular workouts to maintain a relatively low body fat percentage. Below are some of the abs exercises that are highly sought after, but rarely achieved.

6 Workouts Men With Six-packs Do Every Day

Static Planks

Start by getting in a pushup position but with your elbows on the floor, and your whole body flat. This is the position commonly referred to as planks that work not only your abs, but also your core when holding your body in place. Maintain in this position for as long as it is possible. If you are a beginner, aim to start off with a minimum of 45 seconds. For seasoned abs workers, your goal should be over 5 minute static holds. You can also perform a side static hold by rolling onto one side of your body and lifting into the same position as before. This should be done with only one side on the floor while the other is pointed straight up towards the ceiling.

Static Planks

Wheel Rollout

Kneel on the ground with your knees directly under your hip. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders grabbing the handles of abs wheel. Gently push your hips forward and roll the wheel out, keeping your back straight and allowing your body to extend to the front. In reaching a position where you feel like you can’t roll anymore without falling, push your palms towards the floor, squeezing your and push your hips back to the starting point and repeat at least 4 times per set.

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The Pike

Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms at your sides, palms facing down. Lift your legs and torso 45 degrees from the floor. Reach your hands alongside your legs as high as possible ensuring that you don’t bend your back. Although this is a tough move, it is a sure way to contract your abs and move your body. If you are professional and want better results, you can add some weight like a medicine ball hanging on your feet or a pull up bar.

The Pike Workout

Weighted Crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent and both feet flat on the floor. Stretch your arms towards your knees while holding a light weight plate with both hands. While keeping your arms stretched, gently lift your head and shoulders off the floor and move into a full crunch. Exhale through your mouth as you start lifting off the floor. Repeat a couple of times ensuring that your head doesn’t touch the floor throughout the set. Your main focus when performing weighted crunch should be to contract your abs. You can use a light weight and anchor your feet if you find it necessary.

Sit Ups

Lie on your back with your feet on the floor, knees up and hand crossed on your chest. Anchor your feet or let someone hold them in the floor position. Sit all the way up by lifting your lower back off the floor along with shoulder blades. It is important to ensure that your back is straight when performing sit ups. Gently lower yourself down and repeat a couple of times per set. If you find that this exercise is becoming relatively easy, add some challenges like working on an inclined bench or working with some heavier weights.

Sit Ups Workouts

Windshield Wipers

Lie on your back, hands tucked under your pelvis, and palms facing down. With your legs straight and feet together, lift your legs up until your feet point towards the roof. With your head and shoulders flat on the floor, lift your glutes off the floor and your feet towards the ceiling. When at the top of the movement, twist your hips on one side before lowering your legs to the starting position and repeating on the other side.

Remember Your Entire Core

It is important to know what it really means to build your abs. Working abs doesn’t have to roll you into a ball but to also engage the muscles on your back in order to maintain correct posture and stabilization. The best workouts for your abs are the ones that also engage your entire core or those that support your spine. Such exercises include deadlifts and squats.


To get the six pack abs, you must work for it using some of the above exercises. It may be painful at first but the pain disappears within a few days. The key is to ensure that you are contracting your abs muscles. Remember to engage in other forms of exercises that target different muscle groups for a great physique and even distribution of muscles. You will start noticing significant improvements in your abs in less than three weeks of regular exercise.


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