B-Epic ELEV8 Review – Is B-Epic ELEV8 Legit & Worth The Hype?

This simplified B-Epic ELEV8 review will help you determine whether there is any scientific reason to purchase this brain health supplement.
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What is B-Epic ELEV8?

B-Epic ELEV8 is a health supplement which claims to support the brain health and has a ripple effect on other organs and functionalities. It makes the user active, smart, and happy.

B-Epic ELEV8
B-Epic ELEV8 – Boost Your Mind Naturally

It ensures that the user is healthy and stress-free and therefore eliminating many conditions brought about by these problems.

There are many other more complex supplements that hit the market. The question is: Is B-Epic ELEV8 worth the money? Let’s find out.

Who is the Manufacturer of B-Epic ELEV8?

The company that is behind this product is known as B-Epic[1], this company is a large multi-level marketing company which believes in distributing and creating awareness about its products using the network marketing model.

They claim that the strategies they have put in place are able to distribute their product globally without incurring many expenses.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

It is proven that network marketing is more expensive than regular retail or online retail because of all the commissions and overrides that are paid out.

They also claim that their products are safe and that they can be used for a long period without causing any side effects.

This product does not have any chemical or synthetic ingredients, only natural ingredients from plants.

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How Does B-Epic ELEV8 Work?

This product works using simple principles which make it quite effective. It claims to increase the energy of the user and get rid of fatigue, it can also enhance the mental functions such as memory and clarity.

It also has a positive influence on the mood thus making the user happy at all times. It keeps the brain healthy so that communication with other organs and bodily functions occur effectively.

B-Epic ELEV8 Ingredients – Are they Safe and Effective?

This product uses natural ingredients and therefore the manufacturer says that it is safe and effective. However, no proper clinical studies have been done to prove the efficacy of this product.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Let us take a look at the ingredients of this product;

  • Reishi Mushroom – This ingredient is commonly used to ensure that the body has a strong immunity thus protecting it from disease causing organisms. It also ensures that the body has enough supply of oxygen and all hormones are balanced. Results from Google on clinical studies on Reishi Mushrooms were mixed. There are no definitive clinical studies that show it protects against any disease.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – This is arussioan herb which is mostly used to combat fatigue[2]and to ensure that the user has high energy levels and also increases the rate of metabolism which makes the brain healthy and active. Here again the results were mixed, even when using Epic’s own reference.
  • Guarana – This ingredient is obtained from a plant which is commonly found in the Amazon rain forest and it is mainly used to improve memory and to ensure that the user is active and alert at all times. There are no specific clinical studies proving these claims, only anecdotal references.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – This product reduces the stress levels of the user thus having a positive impact on the mood. It can also improve the memory and at the same time keeps the user happy. We have found no clinical studies proving these claims, only anecdotal.
  • L-Theanine – This ingredient is responsible for keeping the user relaxed and eliminating fatigue. It keeps the user alert and gets rid of drowsiness. Studies show this to a minor degree but we do not know the source, purity or dosage used.
  • Chaga – This ingredient is a type of mushroom which is normally used medicinally to treat many ailments. It is beneficial to this product because it has protective benefits and it also helps get rid of stress, and also inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. There are no clinical studies that show this, only anecdotal references.
  • Cordyceps – This is also a type of mushroom which is known for its antioxidant properties. It can help get rid of stress, anxiety and fatigue. It also gives the user strength and stamina. This has not been proven in any clinical studies.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – This ingredient is obtained from coffee beans. It claims to help boost the immune system of the user and also help reduce excess weight. It is mostly important because it helps reduce blood pressure of the individual. The only clinically proven use is to increase alertness from the caffeine but again we do not know the source, purity or dosage.
  • Yerba Mate – This ingredient is important for its increase in libido, can improve the mood of the user and also help reduce stress levels[3]. There are no clinical studies that suggest this.
  • Yohimbin – This ingredient is obtained from the bark of a tree commonly found in Africa and it is used to stimulate activities in the neural region. There are no clinical studies showing this.
  • B Vitamins – These vitamins can help increase the rate of metabolism. This has been proven true with the correct mix of B vitamins but we were not given the mix or the sources.
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What are the Advantages of B-Epic ELEV8?

  • It claims to improve the functionality of the brain.
  • It is designed to keep the user active and alert.
  • It may enhance your memory
  • It also claims to get rid of fatigue and drowsiness during activities.
  • It can be considered a great source of natural energy. NOTE: NONE of these advantages are proven in clinical studies.

What are the Disadvantages of B-Epic ELEV8?

  • It should not be used by lactating women.
  • User may be allergic to some ingredients. All claims and advantages are unproven.


Q: How Should You Take B-Epic ELEV8?

A: The recommended dosage is two tablets daily for a period of roughly 3 months for you to get the desired results. You should also ensure that you observe a healthy diet and work out. If you follow a proper diet and exercise regularly you do not need this type of supplement.

Q: How Much B-Epic ELEV8?

A: This product goes for $30 for two weeks- worth of supply. A month supply goes at $45 while 2 months supply is $89. You should ensure that you purchase from the company’s official website for you to enjoy benefits and discounts to help save on money.

Q: What is B-Epic ELEV8 Return Policy?

A: The company has given a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you should return this product within 30 days if you are not satisfied with how it works.

Q: Does B-Epic ELEV8 Offer Free Trials?

A: There has been no mention of a free trial of this product.

Q: Do the B-epic Pills Have any Effect on Birth Control Pills (Yasminelle)?

A: If you’re taking birth control medications and want to start taking B-Epic ELEV8, it’s important to discuss it with your doctor to ensure there are no major side effects.

Q: What happens if you take the white pill and the green pill at the same time?

A: These pills can be successfully applied individually. However, you will get the best results by taking them together. If you just started the pills today you might have the bad jitters. But this is normal and it will pass in a few days. Some people have an increased sensitivity to ashwagandha, which is part of white pills. In this case, it is recommended to take white capsules 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Q: Is it safe to take if I had my thyroid removed and I’m on levothyroxine?

A: Using nootropics, multivitamins with minerals together with levothyroxine may decrease the effects of levothyroxine. You should separate the administration of levothyroxine and multivitamin with minerals by at least 4 hours.

Q: Do you still need a daily vitamin?

A: Although multivitamins may be beneficial for some people, they’re unnecessary for most. If you follow a healthy diet, you can get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from food.

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B-Epic ELEV8 Review – Final Verdict

The supplement claims to work well in enhancing brain performance and recall of information with clarity.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

There could be better functioning in memory boost and transmission of signals in the brain at a faster rate.

Nonetheless, considering the formulation, it may not be quite obvious that the formula may meet all its claims.

Further, it may not be easy for the supplement to enhance support to the brain especially those with chronic complications in their body hence others may consider looking for other available brain formulations to support their body.

None of the claims are supported by clinical studies. They are just putting together several herbs that are anecdotally known as healthy. We would not recommend this product.

More than ever people of all ages are struggling with memory problems. People are unable to disconnect from their work, while students are under immense pressure to perform. Brains are overloaded with information that must be remembered. A quality memory enhancement product might contain clinically proven ingredients that will help to enhance not only memory, but also focus and night concentration. Memory products might help to optimize overall mental health and brain function.

Below you'll find some of the most effective memory products on the market today, in our opinion.

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B-Epic ELEV8 Review – Is B-Epic ELEV8 Legit & Worth The Hype?

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  1. Shannon

    Doesn't work 🙁 refund is a joke.
    B-Epic ELEV8 delete the bad reviews on their Facebook page. I had high hopes for this product after seeing the results in the Facebook group. I tried it for MONTHS and it actually slowed down my weight loss 🙁 like others say the refund is a joke and they screw you. Customer service is a joke. It was then that I found out that they erase all the bad reviews on that Facebook page so all you do see is the good reviews. Totally a scam, unfortunately.
  2. Aretha

    Bad business, bad customer service, bad product
    I have been purchasing ELEV8 products from this company for over two years…they are making product now that is not effective anymore they’ve changed the ingredients and so I asked for them to either give me a refund or exchange my product because the product is not good anymore and they can’t even work with me and I’ve been a loyal customer to them for over two years.
  3. Charles Cahoon

    Made me sick – don't buy B-Epic ELEV8
    I purchased ELEV8 ACCELER8 Combo Pack, the first night I took the ACCELER8 which supposed to promotes Relaxation. I couldn’t sleep, the pill makes me nervous, and felt sick. I tried to reach out to customer support but they were uninterested in helping me. They said no refunds and will only work for some people not everyone. I was shocked and had to share my experience with these products.
  4. Lee

    Feel good so far!
    Well, it’s been 3 days so far and already I’m feeling good. I hope this works for me as I’ve seen it worked for many others on FB. I’ll be back with an update in two weeks. This fat has to die and exercising really helps, but I need a boost to get results at times. Hopefully, B-Epic gives me the boost I need. I don’t only wanna look good I want to be healthy as well. I am now 259 pounds 5ft 3in and that’s a lot of weight to carry around my small frame lolol. So this really has to go for my health.
  5. Linda

    Bad product and Covert sponsors
    In your article, you said they had a 30-day refund. You did not say there’s a catch to that refund! You have to order a particular product to get that full refund. But you also still get charged a 25% restocking fee. Their sponsors push the package plus it’s a better deal and saves you money. Sounds great right? When you go to return the product it doesn’t qualify for the 30-day refund so you’re stuck with it! Most of the first many ingredients are stimulants in one way or another which about landed me in the ER. I feel sorry for the people working for this company they’re not transparent even though they’ll claim to be and become very defensive when you call them out on it! When they push that money-saving package deal they should also say in their little spiel that it doesn’t qualify under the 30-day refund policy. No, they don’t tell you that because they would not make a sale the whole thing is about making the money in the sales. This product should be taken off the market!
  6. Christine

    Absolutely amazing product
    Been on the product for about 7 months. I’ve tried a lot of things but nothing worked like this! Day #1, energy through the entire day. A few days in, noticed a mood boost and more focus. Started craving healthier foods, had a desire to be more active. Used to battle anxiety and now I feel grounded and great!
  7. Rebecca Snow

    B-Epic ELEV8 Didn't work for me
    I did have increased energy in the beginning and better sleep but, after 3 months, not so much. I haven’t lost any weight and my sleeping is back to waking multiple times during the night. I can’t recommend B-Epic ELEV8. It’s expensive and I saw no benefits.
  8. Cindy Robertson

    How do I buy this product
    I stopped my auto-delivery a few months back I am now at a point where I can afford to start again. How do I do that?
  9. Beka

    No accountability
    The company does not hold themselves accountable. I sent a please cancel email 2 hours after mistakingly ordering. They didn’t reply until 3 days later after it had conveniently already shipped. Now I have to pay return shipping and a 25% ‘restocking fee’. Complaining gets you nowhere as they have no morals or accountability.
  10. Rose Ann Colon

    This works, don't knock it unless you have tried it.
    I brought in April 2020 didn’t get brave enough until May and only took the purple pill toward the evening as this was the gut health to rid pounds off. I brought enough for 2 months. Only lost 5 pounds in 2 months with the purple pill. My sister jumped aboard and became a rep. I just remained a customer until I see more results. I introduced the green pill in the morning as it says or upon awaking up. Tried it for a 1-month trial, it did get me up and alert. Gained a little, but lost it days later. Then I got brave enough to take the white pill at night. Now I take all 3 pills as says, actually lost 5 pounds after 4 weeks. I did it this way as I was scared not knowing which pill I may have a reaction too if any. Which I don’t. So it’s been 7 weeks now and I lost a total of 13 pounds. I would have lost more had I taken all 3 pills daily as recommended. So I am thinking of now becoming a rep. I wanted to make sure this actually worked. I tried many remedies nothing worked. This one does. Don’t always believe what you read. Trial it out for yourself. It took me 5 months to shed this fat off me. Still have a long way to go. At least I see the scale numbers going down and not up. I have been taking pictures as proof along my journey. I am on Facebook this is the real deal. I am not for that as I say to help those in need as I searched to do. Good luck on your journey. It takes time to shed that ugly fat away. Can’t believe it’s going on 6 months now here in October and only 13 pounds shed. I don’t exercise, I eat what I like, my chocolate cravings stopped. I eat sensibly now. I don’t count calories, and forget the keto thing don’t understand it. Be safe and healthy. Will see by end of the year how much lost.
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