Dr. Keith Kantor

Dr. Kantor has been an advocate of natural food and healthy living for 30 years. He is also on the Board of Directors for in Gwinnett. NAMI is the largest non-profit in the United States dealing with Mental Illness including substance abuse.

He has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science. He has also written three books (see and ).

Dr.Kantor has also been on several hundred Radio shows, T. V. shows, Newspapers, and Magazines, speaking on how to live a healthy lifestyle. You can Follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter.

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Consuming Alcohol Affects Your Skin

How Consuming Alcohol Affects Your Skin

posted in Skin Care

Most people are not fully aware of the correlation of alcohol and its negative influence on the health and appearance of your skin. It is common knowledge that alcohol will dehydra...

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PANDAS Syndrome: What You Really Need To Know

posted in General Health

Children with PANDAS - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Children are being diagnosed with neurological disorders at a much higher rate then they once were. Some exper...

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Healthy Foods

The Best Foods to Eat to Prevent Heart Disease

posted in General Health

The best way to treat heart problems is to be proactive and prevent them through lifestyle and nutrition behavior modifications. Some of us are certainly predisposed to have heart...

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Take care of kidneys as it performs many vital functions

How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy & Viable

posted in General Health

Introduction Every drop of blood that flows through your body gets purified by the pair of hardworking and consistent kidneys that reside in your body. Therefore, pampering them is...

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Food Poisoning

Natural Home Remedies for Food Poisoning

posted in General Health

Food poisoning is a common problem that most people have experienced at least one time in their life. Food poisoning is a result of contaminated food, it could be from a bacteria t...

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The Health Benefits of Elderberry and its Nutritional Value

posted in General Health

Elderberry is not a newly discovered options for boosting your immune system. It has become widely popular for its health benefits but people have been using it for hundreds of yea...

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Woman Suffering Backache

The Health Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy

posted in Joint Pain

What is fascia? Fascia is a system within the body, it is a connective layer of tissue that covers our muscle, heart, brain, spine, lungs, nerves, bones, and arteries. The tissue a...

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Gloved Hand Holding Petri

Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips for Those at High Risk for Mold Exposure

posted in General Health

Mold exposure, specifically black mold can cause serious health problems. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that mold growth is very common in homes and will grow in any...

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Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux: How Natural Remedies are More Effective Than Drugs

posted in Colon Health Center

Due to the commonality of acid reflux, we tend not to take this health issue as seriously as we should. Long-term acid reflux can increase our risk for cancer and the medications c...

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