Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Products Comparison Chart Explained

Check out how we break down the elements and criteria used in the chart, offering insights into how products are evaluated and compared.

How We Review Our Featured #1 Products

Reviewing and recommending any health support product requires very strong ethics and extra care. As such, we have strived to be as honest as possible on the thousands of health products, services, and programs that we review and feature on our site, over the years. Since we began, our commitment has been to be blatantly honest.

That’s, we take different angles to ascertain a product’s safety and effectiveness. To achieve, this, we use a detailed criterion that allows us to analyze different aspects, claims and the nature of ingredient components in a formulation.

NOTE – For detailed information on how we evaluate products and programs, please see our review guidelines.

Each product that we review has a chart associated with it, that helps the readers understand the top-rated products in the respective category. This means supplements that do best to deliver their promise based on our analysis rank at the top as #1 and other alternatives listed as #2 and #3 and so. Sometimes, we show #1 featured products in their respective categories (ex. Diet Supplements and Male Enhancement) to give our readers multiple options to choose a specific product as per their need! Our analysis for each product is based on the following criteria.

The potency of the product – We go deeper to check and digest what research has to say about the claims a supplement makes. In this case, the go-to component is the product ingredients; and here we focus on what research journals have to say regarding its long term use and effectiveness.

Customer feedback – In all our endeavors, we noted that genuine feedback about a health product is by a far a very important pointer to its effectiveness. Product manufacturers can give many claims about their supplements, but the only way to validate those claims is by getting the first-hand experience from users.

Does the producer offer free trials – a company is confident about their product when they offer trial samples to willing users. Besides, this allows the user to get a firsthand experience about the supplement without spending cash.

Other key areas we focus on are details such as alternative products to the one in question. This helps the user make a more informed decision.

We also bring to the surface how manufacturing companies handle customer complaints, whether or not they have a return policy, the duration, terms, and factors that affect the validity of their guarantee and more.