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Here Are The Stop Signs Of Aging You Need To Know In Your 30s!

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Have you been staring longer in the mirror lately, wondering if you’ve just grown those fine lines you see or whether or not your skin indeed seems dry and uneven toned? If you’re in your 30s, those tell-tale signs of aging are not products of your imagination. Believe your eyes. They’re real!

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What Happens to the Skin When You Hit Your 30s?

In fact, skin aging begins as soon as you hit your 20s. You just failed to notice those fine lines earlier because your skin was still in a good condition to bounce back from wrinkles.

When you hit your 30s, there are three physiological changes happening within you that make your skin more prone to aging: slowdown in hormone production, slower collagen production, and reduced metabolism.

When these physiological changes are combined with poor lifestyle practices including smoking and alcohol consumption, and stress, the perfect recipe for skin damage is brewing just underneath your skin.

Why Skin Care is Important when You Turn 30?

Remember how awkward it was growing up to be a young adult? Once you’ve hit your 30s, you’re a more confident adult and more comfortable in your own skin. The bad news is that signs of aging begin to become visible on your skin as well.

Once you turn 30, you’re also dealing with more and more intensive stress– raising a family of your own, managing your own household, and keeping a full-time career. The daily routine of a 30-year old woman can be stressful indeed, especially when coupled with poor diet, lack of exercise and insufficient sleep.

Stress, most especially chronic stress, triggers the body to produce cortisol in excessive amounts. Too much cortisol is bad to your overall health, causing memory loss, weakened immune system, and skin dryness and tearing.

The Proper Skin Care Routine for 30-something Year Olds

Proper Skin Care Routine for 30

Whether you are 20 or way into your 60s, the proper skin care regimen stays the same with just some minor tweaks:

  • Exfoliate: Your skin’s natural ability to flush out dead skin cells and replace them with new ones has slowed down, making exfoliating even more important to keep skin looking young and radiant in your 30s. How often to exfoliate depends on your skin type. Stay away from harsh exfoliants that end up drying your skin, leaving very little moisture to fuel skin cell repair and production.
  • Cleanse: Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But this step is probably what you often end up skipping: cleanse thoroughly. Never go to bed with a trace of make up on your face, especially around your eyes. Makeup can irritate and cause skin to dry and corrode. Always use facial wash that matches your skin type. Remember, a clean skin is a prerequisite for the efficient absorption of your other beauty products.
  • Tone: Keep those pores tiny and free from oil and dirt by toning every day. Make sure to use toner that is non-alcohol-based. Organic toners made mostly of tomato, cucumber, and papaya extracts are still best for your skin. By going organic, you get added skin protection from natural antioxidants as well.
  • Moisturize: The secret to young, supple skin is ultra hydration. Other than the topical application of lotions and creams, moisturize from within by drinking plenty of water and loading up on colourful fruits and veggies throughout the day. If you haven’t been using an eye cream or eye serum, now is the best time to use one. Signs of aging often become visible initially around the eye area.
  • Protect: Never step out into the sun without a broad spectrum sunscreen. Choose one that has at least an SPF30. At night, protection comes in the form of an anti-aging cream such as Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex. Choose anti aging cream that is infused with active ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10 combined with Vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants to help protect skin from damage caused by free radicals while aiding the skin repair process at the same time.

What are the Other Things You Can do to Prevent Signs of Aging in Your 30s?

Incorporate colourful fruits and veggies and Omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish to your plate. Stay away from red meat, sweets, salty foods, white flour, and processed foods. Start caring about how your food was prepared: eat boiled, steamed, and raw foods; and keep to a minimum the consumption of fried foods. Drink about two cups of green tea every day. Green tea has been shown to protect cells, including skin cells, from damage; is good for the skin; and, reduces your risk for developing many chronic diseases including breast cancer.

  • Exercise Daily: Incorporate a good combination of cardio, weight training, and muscle toning exercises to your weekly routine. Keeping active improves blood and oxygen circulation which keeps skin healthy. It also prevents skin from sagging.

Final Word

There is nothing too different with the ideal beauty regimen of 30-year-olds. The message is quite clear: the earlier you start a proper skin care regimen, and the younger you start a healthy lifestyle, the longer your skin will be able to hold back signs of aging as you add up your age. You can conquer aging signs and may help to limit the formation of lines by NU SKIN AgeLOC.

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