How to Make Your Lips Plumper and Fuller?

Make Your Lips Plumper and Bigger

According to an international survey, it has been proved that men are drawn more to a woman’s lips than any other facial features. Lips are considered to be one of the most attractive features on the face. Pouty and right shaped lips are appealing and more attractive.

Beautiful lips can be a trademark of one’s personality. Therefore a great number of women these days go about looking for various kinds of ways to enhance* the shape and size of their lips to give them a full and bigger size.

Lips can be beautified according to one’s own desire and preference by a lot many natural and artificial ways. Thus most women prefer full and big lips in natural ways to plump up their lips, without surgical enhancements.

1. Cosmetics

Using Cosmetics

Using cosmetics is one of the most widely adopted methods to enhance* the shape and size of lips. It is easily accessible and does not even consume much of one’s time.

All you have to do is practice just a few simple steps and you can make your lips look fuller without much of botheration. You can make your lips look bigger using your usual make up by following these steps:

  • Apply dots of concealer or make up which is one shade lighter than your foundation just outside top lip.
  • Blend it all in one direction along the edge of your lips.
  • Dab a shimmery eye shadow in the middle of each lip and brew it a little.
  • Smoothen your lips with a coat of plumping lip balm.
  • Now top it off with a lightly tinted lip gloss to make your lips appear fuller.

2. Bigger Lips by Exfoliation

Exfoliation is another technique which naturally helps to give your lips a plumper and moist look. It helps to remove* the dry and dead skin, which covers the beautiful soft lips underneath. Exfoliation consists of various methods which involve various steps. Using the following steps you can easily enhance* your lips naturally:

  • Mix a little bit of olive oil with some sugar to make a sugar based scrub. Then generally rub the scrub along your lips in circular motions. Now rinse the mixture off with warm water. Finally apply lip balm to rehydrate the sensitive skin.
  • Another is the tooth brush technique wherein you take an old toothbrush and apply petroleum jelly over it. Then rub the tooth brush on your lips in circular motions.
  • Using baking soda along with water forms a gritty kind of paste. Apply this paste over your lips with a soft tooth brush in circular motions. Rinse it of your lips and then complete the procedure by applying a lip balm.

3. Using Lip Plumper’s

Lip plumping is one another such procedure by which you can enlarge your lips. Though not completely natural, yet it helps in achieving bigger lips without having to make any extraordinary efforts. It works on enhancing* the lips without the requirement of collagen, lip injections or cosmetic surgery. The lip plumping products provide stimulating and conditioning solutions, at affordable prices.

4. Hypnosis for Plumper Lips

A great number of techniques or makeup tricks provide measures to boost* up or enhance* your lips according to your requirement. Few such techniques are:

  • Sloughing the skin.
  • Boost* collagen.
  • Add dimensions by choosing light shades over dark ones.

5. Lip Exercises

Lip exercising is another simple and natural way to make your lips look pouted and bigger. Follow these easy steps of lip exercising and acquire fuller lips naturally:

  • Press your lips together and lift up your pressed lips towards your nose and retain this position till the count of five. Practice this ten times.
  • Take a deep breath puff up your cheeks and then roll up your lips into a tube. Gradually breathe out the air with two three blows.
  • Stretch out your lips and breathe out sharply as while blowing a candle. Relax your lips gently and repeat it five times.

6. Permanent Lip Makeup

Permanent lip treatment is a technique which offers the boosting and shaping up of your lips according to your desire. Well defined, fuller lips can easily be obtained using the method of permanent lip makeup.

A hint of colour helps to redefine the outline of the mouth giving it a proper shape and thus making your lips appear fuller. It helps to re-shape the lips and make them look more attractive as per your requirement.

7. Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that helps you to gain plumper, fuller lips. Injectable dermal filler is used these days for the process of lip augmentation. It is a non-surgical procedure which aims to enhance* or improve* the shape of your lips with less chance of allergies or negative reactions.

Lip plumping and lip augmentation are two techniques of enhancing* and giving your lips a fuller look, but the two techniques cannot be termed as natural in their nature. Lip plumping device is an effectively proven system of physically enhancing* and stimulating your lips.

It gently draws fluid into the lips which increases* the blood flow and stimulates the lips natural collagen production. This is an extremely effective lip plumping combination which dramatically increases* the fullness and smoothness of lips. Lip augmentation on the other hand is a kind of cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical procedure that aims to improve* the appearance of the lips by the process of enlargement.

Lip augmentation benefits the patient as there are rare chances of allergic reactions and the results are supple and natural. It is less time consuming and requires only a little time before the patient can resume his normal routine. While lip plumper’s leave an itchy and irritating effect after their use.

Lip augmentation also suffers from various side effects and drawbacks which include swelling, bruising and bumps which may last quite a while. On the other hand, lip plumper’s are easy to use and hold the lipstick for long hours.

Therefore while we overall analyse these two techniques of lips enlargement, lip plumping proves to be the better technique as it is less time consuming, cost effective and suffers from less drawbacks and thus if better and efficient for lip enhancement.

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