How To Get Sexy Lips Without Surgery

Every woman who wishes to have naturally plump and sexy lips needs to read this!

Want Sexy Lips?

Wanting sexy lips is not an uncommon demand. In a world where appearance is everything, sexy lips form an integral part of looking beautiful and attractive.

How To Get Sexy Lips Without Surgery
Sexy Lip tips and tricks every woman should know about.

Many people nowadays want sexy, plump lips, but unfortunately not everyone is born with them. There are surgical remedies for this, however not everyone is rich and brave enough to undergo surgery.

Surgical remedies also may result in brutal side effects later on, so it is best to stay away from them.

But luckily for people with thin lips, you can get fuller and sexy lips without surgery too. Read on to see how.

How To Achieve Full, Sexy Lips Without Surgery?

Sexy Lips Without Surgery

For centuries people have been working on their appearance to look more and more appealing.

Why? Because appearance is everything! Whether you are conducting a business or simply talking to another person, the way you look can make all the difference.

The face is the first component of our body that other people notice, so it is imperative that all the parts of our face look absolutely flawless, including our lips.

So it is obvious that in the old ages where plastic surgeries did not exist, women found ways to make their lips appear sexy. Let’s see how.

Natural Ingredients Create Sexy Lips

Natural ingredients make the best looking sexy lips, and they are available very easily. Some natural ingredients to create sexy lips are:

  • Sliced Tomatoes: Massage your lips gently with sliced tomatoes for a much softer and sexier look.
  • Sliced Cucumbers: Cucumbers have high water content, so a gentle massage with cucumber slices is sure to rehydrate your lips.
  • Coconut Oil: This particular oil contains essential fatty acids, which work wonders on lips by locking in the moisture, giving lips a much fresher look.

Tips For Sexy Lips

Natural ingredients aside, there are some general habits that you should adopt if you hope to get sexy lips:

1. Exfoliate:

What exfoliating does is that it cleans up all the dead cells, which accumulate overtime on the lips to make them smoother and sexier.

To exfoliate safely, take a tablespoon full of sugar and mix it with almond oil and rub it gently on your lips for a couple of minutes.

Rinse it off lightly and if need be, apply a bit of olive oil at the end to keep the lips from drying out. Make sure you exfoliate gently, because if you rub rigidly you might damage your lips.

2. Condition With Balm:

Make this a daily habit, and always keep a lip balm with yourself. Whenever your lips feel even remotely dry, apply a generous amount of lip balm on them to ensure that you don’t lose any moisture.

3. Alternate Lipsticks From Time To Time:

Alternate Lipsticks

Some lipsticks contain harmful chemicals in them that do not harm lips in the short run but do damage them if used for longer periods of time.

Try switching between lipsticks from different brands to ensure your lips do not get damaged. Also, get a lipstick that has a moisturizing effect for added safety.

4. Treat The First Signs Of Aging:

If you start noticing cracks on your lips that should be warning enough for you to start taking care of your lips – these cracks can be a sign of aging.

Before going to bed every night, massage your lips with olive oil. In the morning clean your lips with antibacterial soap and immediately apply some lip balm on your lips to keep them from drying out.

Make this a daily habit until the lines and cracks disappear.

5. Use The Right Liner Technique:

Sometimes the right makeup techniques can do wonders for the way your lips appear.

The liner is what defines your lip shape, and if you have thin lips try applying the liner little on the outside of your original lip line, but still keep the lip shape.

Fill the line with the lipstick of your choosing. This will make your lips look bigger and sexier immediately.

6. Protect Lips From The Sun:

The sun has the ability to suck the moisture out of everything. Nature provides you a solution to protect yourselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun; Oils.

Your lip surface does have a very thin layer of natural oils to protect itself from becoming dehydrated, but that layer is not enough on hot sunny days.

Apply sunscreen even on your lips when applying it on your face, because it will protect your lips from the sun and keep them from drying out.

You can even buy lipstick with sun screening ingredients in them.

7. Adopt Good Habits:

Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water every day because good hydration leads to sexy looking lips.

Also, if possible, drink a lot of fruit juice to get all the essential vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy because only then will you have sexy lips.

Try to take multivitamins if you are afraid you still have nutritional deficiencies.

8. Use The Best Lip Plumper:

Your choice of lip plumper can make all the difference. While famous brands might have a lip plumper product, it does not ensure that their lip plumper will be of any good to you.

Try getting lip plumper from Dior, Prestige or even Smashbox. Their lip plumper products are not only cheap but also work wonders on the lips.

You must also make sure that the lip plumper you are buying as all the right natural ingredients in them.

Remember, the most effective lip plumper will be the one that will improve your collagen production because collagen is the protein that keeps your lips skin healthy and younger looking; so, choose a lip plumper wisely.

How To Achieve Noticeably Soft And Sexy Lips?

The only way to get your lips to become noticeable is by making them shinier and bigger, but most importantly, in proportion with your face.

Try applying a sexy pinkish lip gloss that is light in color so that your lips look natural within a line of a slightly darker lip liner to give your lips the desired shape and sexy color.

You can use natural ways (mentioned above), such as exfoliation, applying oils, balms and improving your diet to get softer sexier lips.

How To Get Naturally Plump And Sexy Lips?

There are two ways you can get plump and sexy lips: By proper makeup and by adopting healthy habits.

Proper makeup includes nice lip plumper, a light lip gloss, and a slightly darker lip liner in contrast with your lip gloss.

Healthy habits include drinking a lot of water every day, using a lip balm, and massaging your lips every now and then to keep them clean and hydrated. By following these tips, you are bound to get sexy lips in no time.

Remember, moisturized and hydrated lips are a key to having sexy lips, so before you use any method or product, make sure that it provides you with the right amount of moisturizer.


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