10 Habits to Prevent Wrinkles


Are you starting to fret about the fine lines around your eyes and mouth? Well, the earlier you take action to protect your skin against wrinkles, the better. There are a few things that you can change in your daily routine that will help considerably in preventing more wrinkles from forming.

10 Habits to Prevent Wrinkles

Keep Out of The Sun: Gone are the days when it was cool to slather yourself in baby oil and bake in the sun for hours. In fact, most of the people who did that now look like they are covered in sagging leather instead of skin. Sun exposure is the main cause of wrinkles, even more influential than your DNA.

Cover up: It is a bit impossible to avoid the sun completely, of course. So, when you do go out, make sure to wear a good coat of sunscreen on all exposed skin. If your hair is thinning or your skin is especially fair, it is advisable that you wear a hat as well. This will not only protect you from wrinkles, it will help keep skin cancer at bay.

Go to Sleep: Research has shown that the body produces greater amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, when you don’t sleep enough. Cortisol, in addition to contributing to weight gain, can cause skin cells to deteriorate. In addition, sleeping well and for adequate amounts of time helps your body produce more human growth hormone, or HGH, which supports skin strength and elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

Change Position: It’s not a wives tale anymore, the American Academy of Dermatology actually recommends that you sleep on your back to reduce* potential wrinkles. Apparently, sleeping on your stomach can lead to extra forehead wrinkles while sleeping on your side can contribute to wrinkles in your cheeks.

Butts Out: While it has long been known that smoking causes unattractive changes in appearance in general and can lead to cancer, recent research has shown that it can increase* the number and depth of wrinkles. It is thought that smoking causes your body to release an enzyme that destroys collagen and elastin, the two most important components of healthy, smooth skin.

Wear Glasses: Squinting in the sunlight or at the fine print can lead to wrinkles. Make sure your prescription is always correct if you wear glasses, or don reading glasses if you are going to be sitting for a while. Always wear sunglasses when it is bright outside, not only will they shield the skin around your eyes from the sun, but they will help you keep from squinting.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: It is especially important to keep your skin hydrated if you live in a dry climate. Also, properly moisturized skin just looks better and wrinkles are far less apparent.

Be Careful with Cleanliness: Washing your face too often can rob it of its natural protective oils that help keep it flexible and protected against wrinkles. Also, you should make sure that your facial soap either has moisturizers included, or use a soap-free cleanser instead.

Drink More Water: Hydrated skin can come from the inside as well. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or more, it is very hard to drink too much water. Also, this will help your body rid itself of toxins that can contribute to aging.

Exercise: Working up a sweat causes your pores to open up and clears them of any dirt or toxins that have been trapped on the surface. Your face should feel softer and have a nice glow afterward.

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