Top 6 Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Published: Sep 30, 2013 | Last Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Top 6 Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Many of you define erectile dysfunction (ED) as – The men having no erection during sex. This definition is incomplete; the complete definition is -The men have no erection during sex or lost erection or fails to maintain an erection during sex. Hope you understand the difference between the two definitions.

Women can’t understand what men feel when they are going through this phase. They are frustrated, sad and have anger inside them, due to this ED. Thus depending upon the erectile dysfunction, the various treatments are started. Here we list the Top 6 ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

1. Pills

These pills are one of the safest treatments adopted not only by men but also prescribed by doctors. It is estimated that 70 percent problem of erectile dysfunction can be improved by the use of sexual health pills, like Progentra which may help you with the problem of erectile dysfunction. Now the question arises what pills can do. The answer is that these pills increase blood flow in the erectile tissue of the penis. Due to this increase in blood flow, penis relaxes the inner muscles and make it hard enough to remain erect till the end of ejaculation.

Caution Tip: The caution tip is that, if you are on medication of some other drugs, please check that it does not contain any form of nitrates. Doctors say that the ED pills and nitrate from any other medication can form a combination, which can lower your blood pleasure and may cause a heart attack.

2. Injection

Injection is normally used for treating many kinds of diseases. Thus you can now get an injection for treating ED. These injections are inserted/ given in the base or the side of the penis. The first dose is given by a doctor. You can also take it at home after you are trained by the doctor. The drug which is used in these injections is alprostadil (prostaglandin E1) which is quite similar to ED pills.

Caution Tip: If you feel the pain or have swelling after a few hours of the injection, you must consult your doctor. If you are on anti-depressant you need to inform your doctor before going for this treatment.

3. Suppositories

This is similar to injection because the drug is the same. The difference is in the way the drug is given. In a suppository, the drug is placed into the opening tip of the penis. This also helps to increase blood flow to the penis so that it achieves an erection.

Caution Tip: If you had any kind of inflammation of the tip of the penis, you must not take this. It can worsen your inflammation. One thing more, injection and suppositories take time to show results. So take it before 1 hour of sex.

4. Pumps

This is the low-cost treatment available for ED. This penis pump helps to increase the blood flow into the penis. These pumps are widely known by the name vacuum constriction device (VCD). This is one kind of external pumps which have a band and a cylinder. The band is fixed at the base of the penis and the cylinder is used to create a vacuum so that the penis becomes erect. The cylinder is removed but the band is not removed from the base. It can be removed after sex.

Caution Tip: The pump should be quick release type. Because many times the pump don’t release vacuum when we need. This can lead to injury.

5. Cock Rings

These cock rings are used by men who had an erection, but due to some reason, they lose erection in the middle of sex. This cock ring is a normal hollow ring, which is worn at the base of the penis. These rings make the base of the penis to be slightly pressed. This ring is also used in conjunction with a vacuum pump.

Caution Tip: Use of a ring for more than 30 minutes is strictly not recommended. If you feel numbness or pain you should not wear the ring.

6. Surgery

This is the last option for getting an erection if all the above fails to give you an erection. This surgery is known as vascular reconstructive surgery. In this surgery, the blocked artery is operated so that the penis get proper blood by clearing the blood flow passage. If the blood flow is proper, the penis will receive proper blood and will have the proper erection.

Caution Tip: Surgery is suitable only when ED is due to any kind of trauma to the penis. Plus there are only a few surgeons available for this kind of surgery.

Finally The Conclusion

The option or the treatment depends on your condition and mostly on your will to do that; because a complicated mathematical equation is solved, when you first solve the closed braces. Hope you understand what this means. Then and only then you can solve your whole life equation.

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