The Importance Of Foreplay

Written by Michael Wight
The Importance Of Foreplay

Foreplay is the key to true sexual fulfillment, when shared by lovers. It is a must for attaining true intimacy in the long haul, especially for those who are married or with a life partner. A couple may be able to procreate and fornicate without stimulation prior to sexual activities, but much of the human needs are not met by doing so. Foreplay is about union, a merging of the best parts of our sensual, sexual and even spiritual selves as human beings. It also can be lots of fun for those who participate in it.
There is a dichotomy between men and women sexually, one that is balanced through the ritual that is foreplay. Essentially, the two sexes need different things prior to engaging in sexual intercourse.

Men must realize that foreplay will enhance their sex lives greatly, as it meets the need for intimacy that their female partners desire actively. Because if she is satisfied with her sexual experience, she will usually make sure that you are satisfied as well. Men learn to give by bonding, through their own sensual experiences had during foreplay.

Women must realize that foreplay fulfills their sex lives in many ways, but primarily it puts them in a role of sharing with their male partners physically. Because if he is stimulated enough sensually, he will be all the things she wishes sexually and in daily life. Women learn to give via intimacy, through their unique sensual pleasure had during foreplay.

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Setting The Mood

Women and men need foreplay to help set the mood for sexual activity. Creating just the right type of environment for sexual intercourse is a critical thing, but one that is often forgotten in modern times. Women especially need a build up, something to get their motors running and set them in motion for sexual intercourse. Foreplay doesn’t always need to be about an orgasm, but it always begins with the same type of activities, which do sometimes lead to that magic moment.

Bonding and Intimacy

Touching, kissing and bonding all happen, as the human body grows more aroused. The utilization of all the senses in romantic embrace, establishes intimacy in ways that no other activity can. Couples should try to incorporate new methods to stimulate this kind of bonding, such as massage, meditation and mutual masturbation. These kinds of activities allow for a slower building of the energies between them, but also give time to create intimate bonding. Men need to learn the patience to enjoy this, as women need to learn how to be more giving through foreplay.

Arousing the Senses Fully

The sensual world is all around us, but is also right here within ourselves. Our flesh and bone bodies are made to be sensory stimulated vessels, which makes the sensations that happen during foreplay, all the more enticing. Both genders benefit from foreplay, because it allows for fulfillment of their own desires sexually and builds their anticipation, through the art of sensual arousal. Foreplay comes to a peak, when a couple begins to grope, grind, kiss and lick one another. Oral sex is frequently the end phase of sexual foreplay, since it leads both genders to a point of overall heightened stimulation. Sex is the natural transitional action, once the woman has reach her orgasmic peak and the male has a hard erection at the ready.

Activating the Sexual Experience

Sexuality is activated by a combination of emotional and sensual overload. In a sense, we invoke our sexual stimulation by this overload, which eventually leads to the climax of orgasmic release. All men and women need to be activated, otherwise sex is just another physical set of motions. This is what is meant by going through the motions, sex without foreplay tends to be mechanical and heartless. It is not the kind of sex that is hot, sweaty and overwhelming to our senses. Activating this powerful sexual experience is what foreplay attempts to invoke. When done well, it is the most satisfactory of all human sensual experiences.

In Conclusion

Like men and women, foreplay is about the penis and the vagina, but not solely. Foreplay is how the human sexual and sensual worlds meet, becoming as one.


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