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Sexual Arousal Disorders: Causes And Treatments

Sexual Arousal Disorders: Causes And Treatments

What Are Sexual Arousal Disorders?

Not to be confused with sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders are commonly described as the inability to achieve the necessary physical arousal to engage in sexual intercourse. For men, this can commonly be thought of as the inability to achieve an erection. As an erection is necessary for sexual intercourse to occur, sexual arousal disorders can pose significant obstacles for men wishing to engage in routine sexual activity with their partner.

Sexual health and performance disorders affect a large number of men in the United States annually, allow a significantly lower number of individuals dealing with these problems choose to confront and remedy them. The causes for this can be explained best by examining perceived societal expectations placed upon men, commonly defining them as the “provider” and “dominant” sexual force in a relationship. Any physiological or psychological factors causing a man’s sexual health or performance may therefore become a source of embarrassment or shame, which most often leads them to conceal their medical issues. For men who are willing to confront their sexual performance issues, including sexual arousal disorders, treatments and remedies for their particular conditions can be found quite easily.

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What Causes Arousal Disorders?

Sexual Arousal Disorders

So what are the typical reasons that a man may not be able to achieve an erection? Erectile dysfunction, often referred to as impotency, can result from a variety of physical and mental conditions, including increased impaired or decreased blood flow to the genital regions, a defect in the structure of spongy tissue within the penis and intimidation or stress experienced as a result of a variety of external pressures, including those related to sexual problems and those that originate in other aspects of daily life.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Although it is common for sexually active men to occasionally experience erectile dysfunction, particularly during periods of fatigue or negative emotional well-being, men should seek the advice of a medical professional if they are unable to achieve an erection for a sustained period of time. For men who are above the age of 50, the ability to maintain a prolonged erection will begin to decrease over time. Therefore, older men who are only occasionally able to achieve a natural erection should not view this as a cause for concern.

What Are Possible Treatment Methods?

Thankfully, men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction can embark upon a variety of treatment methods, all of which have been proven to produce positive results. Depending upon your particular condition, doctors may recommended one of several methods of curing sexual arousal disorders. Medication such as Viagra and Cialis is often prescribed for men wishing to find a “one stop” solution for their erectile dysfunction problems.

For those looking to avoid prescription medications, a variety of mechanical products can be used to help induce and preserve erections prior to physical intimacy. One of the most common tools used by men experiencing sexual arousal disorder is a vacuum pump, designed to pull blood into the penis and create a sustainable erection. Another popular tool is the penis ring, which, after the natural onset of an erection, can be used to keep blood from leaving the penis during sex. When using mechanical products, however, users should pay particular attention to proper handling practices, as irresponsible use of these tools can lead to physical injury and permanent damage of the penile area. Information on responsible use of these products can typically be found at the website of the manufacturer.

What Is Sex Therapy?

Although blood flow is one of the significant factors affecting a man’s ability to achieve an erection, certain psychological factors may also lead to sexual arousal disorder. Recently, sex therapy has become a popular and prevalent form of counseling, designed to allow men and women to confront their sexual problems or fears in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational environment. For men who are experiencing sexual arousal disorder due to negative emotional well-being, sex therapy may be a beneficial form of treatment. Sex therapists may choose to incorporate a patient’s sexual partner into their treatment program, creating daily routines and interactions between sexual partners designed to increase trust, honesty and open communication, all of which are essential ingredients of a healthy, positive sexual relationship.

What Are Penile Implants?

If these treatment methods do not prove to be effective, surgical penile implants can also be installed which will ensure that sexual arousal disorder does not impair sexual activity. Although this particular method of treatment is more invasive than other practices, the process itself is considered to be very safe and reliable. Men who are interested in penile implants should consult with their doctor to learn more about the process and financial expenses associated with this specific treatment method.

Apart from penile implants, one can also use male enhancement supplement to deal with their sexual performance issues. Check for Leyzene Review.


As with all sexual disorders, learning to confront the problem at hand is a crucial first step towards remedying the problem. Through honest communication with an intimate partner or medical professional, an individual afflicted by sexual arousal disorder can find the support and acceptance they need to continue on the path to treatment.


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