Updated: 2018, Sep 27

Acai Berry: Health Benefits, Side Effects And Interactions

Acai Berry

What is Acai Berry?

The acai berry is a grape-like fruit that is also known as superfood because of its various health benefits, it is used for treating several medical complications such as weight loss, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, cancer, high cholesterol, detoxification as well as improving general health. It is a good source of fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants. They are sold in the form of frozen pulp, juice, capsule and powder and are touted as the most effective diet supplement.

Where Does Acai Berry Come From?

Acai berry grows on the acai palm tree; it is an ancient fruit that is found in Central America and South America. It can also be found in countries like Brazil and Belize. It has one seed and has a characteristic purple black color. The fruit requires a wet environment such as swamps to thrive. For thousands of years, the Amazon rainforest has been growing acai berries.

What are Its Possible Health Benefits?

According to a research, Acai berry is rich in anthocyanins which are a form of plant antioxidant that has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. As it is a superfood it may help to lose and maintain weight. Modern beauty products use acai oil because it contains antioxidants that can give a healthy glow to the skin. It is optimal for keeping the digestive system clean; this berry has powerful detoxification capacities and is a traditional source of dietary fiber. Acai is also high in ellagic acid and vitamin C that suppress the growth of cancer. A study shows that polyphenolic compounds extracted from acai destroyed cancer cell proliferation by 56 to 86%.

What are The Negatives and Side Effects of Acai Berry?

You should avoid this fruit if you are sensitive to acai or have pollen allergies. Acai berries can cause certain side effects such as Diarrhea, sick feeling, headaches stomach ache as well as allergic reactions.

Excess of anything causes side effects; you must take acai berry in moderation to avoid these side effects.

Recommended Doses and Timing for Acai Berry

Several dosage forms are available such as powders, juices, capsules, creams, lotions and liquids. Capsule dosage recommendations are typically 1,000 mg once or twice every day with food.

Acai juice can be taken twice daily, once when you wake up and once before going to sleep, about 2 ounces in a day.

Acai Berry Supplements

There are many products on the market that claims to contain acai berry that provides you capsule with 1500 mg of pure freeze dried acai powder.

Acai Berry Interactions

Take acai berry supplement after consulting your health care provider. It can interact with painkilling drugs including NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Aleve or ibuprofen.


Acai berries provide antioxidants and other important nutrients that are crucial for your health. Acai can be consumed raw, in beverages such as juice, in tablet form, energy drinks and smoothies. Consult your health care provider before taking acai supplement if you are already taking some other medications.

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