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How Taking In-Between ‘Coffee Naps’ Can Change Your Life?

I have to say that I have never personally believed in taking a nap during the day. I’m not saying that I haven’t ever, but it never gave me the boost of feeling refreshed afterward.

How Taking In-Between ‘Coffee Naps’ Can Change Your Life?

I used to have a boss, who would take a power nap around 2 pm every day in the conference room. It seemed a little weird to me, but he also purchased a massage chair that we all could use, so the job had its perks.

LOL Of course, my co-worker, takes one every day during lunch in his car with just adjusting his seat to ensure a restful 15-minute revival “coffee nap”.

What’s all the hype about? Really, a power nap after just having a cup of coffee. I know what’s going through your mind is…. I have lost my mind. Because, what do most of us start our day with or why is it a motivator before workouts.

It’s that jolt we need to get ourselves motivated and out the door. So, then… Why would it help shut us down to fully take advantage of a “coffee nap”?

Let’s first take a look at what an actual nap does for your body. Do you tend to feel groggy, sluggish or sleepy during the day? You can actually fall into what’s called “Sleep Debt”. You’re stuck in a rut to meet deadlines and keep yourself deprived of much-needed sleep.

There have been numerous studies done to show that someone who drank coffee, then took a power nap for 15 minutes achieved better results in a driving test than someone who just drank the coffee. It seems hard to believe, but it also improves your night rest from the moment you wake up, so you are feeling well rested and ready to start the day.

Let’s take a look at what I call…. “The science behind how it really works”….Well there’s a travel route, so it takes the journey about 45 minutes to get through the stomach and onto the small intestine but only takes 30 minutes for the caffeine kick to take place.

caffeine kick

So, you have to be right on the key to timing this right to make the “coffee nap” effective. So, you don’t want to be LA gagging around too long because the effectiveness only has a 15-minute window to gain the results of an actual 15-minute nap.

So, moving on from giving you a math lesson, the bottom line is if you wait too long, you actually can make your sleep worse and cause you to lack optimal performance throughout the day. Timing is key to everything we do, and we should also point out how much we really need to benefit.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

We want to be careful as to how much caffeine is consumed throughout the day. We can overload on caffeine being that it has addictive properties. According to the Mayo Clinic, a safe amount to consume per day is about 4 cups, which is about 400 mg. Keep in mind, that going over 500 mg could result in headaches, anxiety, tremors or nervousness.

Let’s recap the most beneficial way to gain the effectiveness of the “coffee nap”:

1.Find a relaxing environment that may have a lounge chair, sofa along with the lights off for the full effect. Of course, my boss would just lay right down on the conference room floor with the lights off and the door shut and felt revived afterward.

I personally would come out of that technique with a sore back and no rest. Ha-ha… But that’s me and why it really depends on each of our body’s dynamics to achieve different results.

Napping Desk

2.Preparing your coffee beverage to a recommended amount of around 200 mg according to scientists.

3.Then, making sure that you proceed with taking the power nap within 10-15 minutes of the coffee consumption to gain the effectiveness of a 15-20 minute power nap before the caffeine kicks into play.

But don’t forget to set the alarm as grogginess kicks in if you go past this allotted time.

*Keep in mind, there’s a science to this literally. But all humor aside, if you have the opportunity during your busy day to take advantage of such a powerful health benefit, I would recommend this technique to boost your productivity level no matter what you’re doing.

Do you really need a deep sleep or what I call “coma”? No, according to several UK studies, as long as you took a 15-minute nap, whether it was a half – sleep or a non-dozing one, you would gain the same benefit and be more alert in driving or memory test.

Maybe this is a way to hint to your boss that research has shown that you need a 15-minute “coffee nap” to be more productive at your job. Of course, they might not be as adaptive as my previous boss who took one every day.

I decided to put this evidence to the test, and I have to say… It improved my thought process, writing and getting tasks accomplished because I felt as if it was 5 am again and just starting my day.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Just Starting Day

It’s amazing how just a simple “coffee nap” can help me personally kick out almost 8000 words in a day. Some people call coffee… The drug of choice… I simply call it an energy boost. Imagine, I used to kick out 20 burpees to get my energy flowing but don’t you agree… This is a much better way to get the same result. LOL

In conclusion, life is busy with deadlines, family, children, work, home, school, appointments, etc. We tend to let go of the most important factor that plays a major role in our health… Sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, they recommend that adults have 7-9 hours of sleep to feel fully rested. So, if you’re one of the lucky people who are interrupted by one of the life’s events that I mentioned or many others, a “coffee nap” might just do the trick to benefiting you in the long run.

Remember that having the proper amount of sleep can help reduce weight gain, obesity, diabetes, car accidents, and depression.

As always, consult your health professional to consider any health ailments that may coincide with caffeine. I hope this article finds you in good health.

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