City Lash Reviewed: How Safe and Effective Is This Lash Enhancer?

Eyelash enhancement products are now one of the top trends in beauty. There are several kinds of products available including false eyelashes, lash extensions, growth serums and mascara-type enhancers. Because of their permanent effects, the best option is using an eyelash growth serum. However, choosing one is a big challenge since there are hundreds of brands on the market and the truth is that only very few are highly effective. Some may even contain potentially harmful ingredients that can cause side effects. This is why you need to be very cautious in choosing an eyelash growth serum. To help you choose a good product, we will be reviewing a popular brand being sold online.

What It City Lash?

City Lash

City Lash is an eyelash growth serum that uses a clinically proven active ingredient called Myristoyl pentapeptide-17. Studies have found that it can help increase eyelash length by an average of 54%. Some studies even indicate that it can increase lash length by up to 72%. The product claims to use an exclusive formula that stimulates the growth of eyelashes and at the same time extends their natural life cycle. It can also be used on the eyebrows. It claims to be completely safe even for sensitive skin and eyes. It is formulated without parabens or prostaglandin which are potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in other eyelash enhancement formulations.

What are The Ingredients Of City Lash And How Do They Work?

The primary active ingredient of City Lash is Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 which is said to be the best active ingredient for growing thicker and longer eyelashes. The formula claims to use the perfect concentration for safety and optimal results. This peptide has been shown to considerably enhance eyelash growth. This active ingredient together with others stimulates keratin production on a cellular level. Keratin is a crucial component when it comes to hair growth so the more keratin leads to longer and thicker eyelashes. There is no other information provided on the City Lash website regarding the other active ingredients in the formula and how they work. This is one of the biggest flaws of the eyelash enhancer.

What Are The Side Effects Of Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17?

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 is completely safe according to the FAQ section of the City Lash website. It doesn’t cause the negative side effects common to other eyelash enhancers including skin discoloration or unwanted hair growth. However, there is always a possibility that some individuals are hypersensitive to any substance even natural extracts. Some customer feedback stated experiencing skin or eye irritation from using City Lash Eyelash Enhancer. Also, this ingredient is still relatively new so the long term effects are still unknown.

Does It Really Improve Eyelashes?

There is no concrete evidence that the formula really increases eyelash length and/or thickness. However, there are several studies proving the effectiveness of the main active ingredient (Myristoyl pentapeptide-17). Most studies have shown that it can increase eyelash length by more than 50%. On the other hand, there are still sceptics saying there is no substantial evidence that this active ingredients is really effective since most of the clinical studies were conducted by the laboratory that developed it thus there is a possibility that the results are biased.

Are All The Ingredients Clinically Tested?

This is another notable flaw of the eyelash enhancer. Only one active ingredient is mentioned and there is no information on the other active ingredients. This indicates that not all ingredients were clinically tested for safety or effectiveness. Any of the ingredients in the formulation of City Lash can cause adverse effects like skin or eye irritation. There is also a possibility that some users are allergic to any of the ingredients in its formulation.

How to Use City Lash?

Apply the formula on the base of the upper eyelashes. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying. Make sure it is fully absorbed before wearing makeup. For best results, apply twice daily preferably in the morning and evening.

Will It Smear, Flake or Clump?

It will not smear, flake or clump simply because it is not mascara but is an eyelash enhancer. It is quickly absorbed by the skin. It can even be used before applying mascara but doesn’t have any effect on the mascara.

Does It Live Up To The Claims?

Another major problem with City Lash Eyelash Enhancer is that it has not undergone thorough clinical testing for effectiveness or safety. There is no evidence that it really works and is free from side effects. The clinical evidence stated on the product’s website is only for the primary active ingredient. There are some customer reviews and feedback saying the formula works but there’s also a substantial number of feedback saying it doesn’t really offer fast or considerable results.

Is Legit and Trustworthy?

According to, the website has a good trust score and it is a legitimate website based in the United States. It is trustworthy and you don’t have to worry about ordering from the website since it is secure.

Are There Any Warnings?

There is always a possibility of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. For this reason, it would be best to perform skin testing before using City Lash. Be careful and avoid getting the formula into your eyes. In case of skin or eye irritation, wash with water and discontinue use.

Is It Cost Effective?

For $79.99 per tube container, this eyelash enhancer is priced high compared to similar formulations. There are many products that also contain the primary active ingredient of City Lash priced lower by about 20 to 30%. This is not a cost effective product.

Is It Really Safe?

Again, the product has not undergone thorough safety testing so there is no proof that it is completely safe. There are some customer reviews on the products saying it causes skin or eye irritation.


Overall, City Lash is a good eyelash enhancer since it contains a clinically proven ingredient that makes the eyelashes longer and thicker. Yet, there are mixed reviews from people who have tried it. Some feedback says it works but others say the product is not really very effective. The best feature is the 60 day money back guarantee which allows anyone to check if it is really effective. However, it is a very expensive product and there are many better options on the market price-wise.

Buying an eyelash enhancer is not an easy thing to do. The most important aspect you have to consider is safety. This is because some eyelash enhancers contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious eye problems. Another important factor is effectiveness. Of course, you want the fastest and most considerable results possible. To find the best products, you have to inspect each product carefully which will take a lot of time since there are hundreds of eyelash enhancers being sold on the market. To find the best eyelash enhancer on today’s cut-throat market, we have inspected, tested and evaluated each eyelash enhancer mentioned below.

Our Top Eyelash Enhancer Choices
Idol Lash
Idol Lash
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Grandelash Md
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City Lash
City Lash
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Feg Eyelash Enhancer
FEG Eyelash Enhancer
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Xlash Eyelash Enhancer
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer
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Md Lash Factor
MD Lash Factor
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RapidLash Eyelash
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Lancome Definicils Mascara
Lancome Definicils Mascara
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Arbonne Lash Enhancer
Arbonne Eyelash Enhancer
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Eye Booster 2 In 1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner And Serum
Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash...
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May 27, 2013
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December 24, 2013

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  • City Lash is not worth using. I didn’t notice any profitable results and it also has no capacity of increasing the length and thickness of the lashes. Well, I am in search of other eyelash enhancer that could work better than this.

  • Ever since I have started using City Lash my lashes don’t fall off as it has extended the life of my older lashes and new ones are also growing. After application I apply a thick coat of mascara which makes my lashes very beautiful and attractive. This product has given me my ideal eyelashes that I always dreamt of.

  • I have got sensitive eye skin and this product stings every time I apply it on my lashes. I immediately stopped using it because I don’t want to take the risk anymore. I suggest that if you have sensitive eye skin like me be careful before using it.

  • I had heard about many eyelash enhancers but I never tried one until I came to know about City Lash. With lots of hesitation I agreed to give it a try. I applied it at the base of my lashes on the clean and dry skin. I felt comfortable giving a try. My skimpy eyelashes have become worst with time and I don’t like to wear fake eyelashes but thanks to this product I took the risk and it gave me fruitful results.

  • I used City Lash as my doctor recommended it and it worked great. I always admire beautiful long eye lashes because I have little baby eye lashes which I hate a lot. I usually wear a lot of mascara and fake lashes. I put this stuff under my mascara and noticed that my lashes have become very thick in just 4 weeks. Then I stopped wearing mascara. City Lash is also very cost effective and now I prefer my natural lashes instead of falsies.

  • I tried many over the counter versions but like City Lash the most. I prefer it for my long eyelashes. I Use it for conditioning my lashes. They look gorgeous and attractive and I don’t have to wear mascara or fake lashes. I feel amazing when I receive compliments. I highly recommend it!

  • I have been using City Lash for both my lashes as well as eyebrows. I apply it on them twice and it did not mess around my oily skin and take a few seconds to dry off. Recently I was using other brand but it simply doesn’t work and slick on my oily skin. But this product is giving me the best possible results without creating such problems.

  • City Lash makes my eyes itchy, red, dry and watery. I now hate this stuff and don’t want to use it ever in my life. This stuff involves great risk, think seriously on it.

  • It seems that positive reviews for City Lash are not real. I used it for enhancing my lashes but it only bothered my eyes. I felt my eyes burning when I apply it and this irritates a lot. Because of this I don’t use it now. I have started using Maxolash that doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. It is also doing fine and I am pretty sure that soon it will give me the best results of my life.

  • I live a very stressful life; I don’t get enough time to take care of myself. As a result I developed gaps in between my lashes. When I noticed this I was shocked and became worried for this condition. Then after that day I was constantly in search of a natural eyelash enhancer. Then one day I found the article which is very impressive and there are many products in which City Lash is on top in the list. I became excited and within 10 minutes I placed my order. The next day I got it and I was surprised to see after a few weeks that my lashes have acquired its full length and there is also improvement in the color. This is one of the best eyelash enhancer and I appreciate it a lot.

  • What? I don’t believe this. I have used this product and my eyes burned a lot, they become red and watery. So for this reason I had to stop using it. I now wear false eyelashes to make them look fuller and attractive.

  • City Lash is not worth using. Believe me I didn’t get any significant results after using it for about 4 weeks. I am very upset for not getting any positive outcomes. It is really not easy to get a good quality eyelash enhancer.

  • I always wear fake eyelashes and mascara to make my eyes look attractive. This has destroyed my natural eyelashes and I have only few lashes left now. I was very much stressed, so my friend gifted me City Lash. I started using it regularly and I am getting effective results. My eyelashes are growing very fast and I am fully confident now.

  • After using City Lash the side effects has come to me as a big surprise. This product caused redness and itching around the eye area. This is really irritating; I was not prepared for this and so suggest everyone to choose an eyelash enhancer wisely for preventing such side effects.

  • I always admire longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. I found that many people use City Lash with few, if any complaint so I bought it for making my small lashes longer. After using it regularly I noticed great improvement. I can see new lashes coming out, they look thicker and attractive. Now I got what I wanted after so many months with the help of this fantastic eyelash enhancer.

  • I got zero results after using this eye serum. I didn’t notice any growth in my lashes. But surprisingly it worked well on my eyebrows. This stuff is good for eyebrows but bad for eyelashes.

  • I am using City Lash for about 3 weeks but with limited outcomes. So I finally searched for other eyelash enhancers and read the reviews of Maxolash. I was very confused in the beginning whether to try it or not but then I decided to use it as it is also very cost effective. I am glad to notice the changes in my lashes with every coming week. This is really a good quality eyelash enhancer and I appreciate it very much.

  • After an intense research I found this ground breaking eyelash enhancer. It is free from parabens that can damage the skin and when I apply it on my lashes it did not irritate the sensitive skin of my eyelids at all. So many years I have been without this product and I feel sorry for not knowing about it before. But thankfully I got it at the right time. Not only my lashes but my eyebrows are also thick now and there is a remarkable improvement in the length of my lashes.

  • City Lash is hitting the market these days, so I thought of trying it because I have very small and sparse eyelashes. I started applying it and in just 2 weeks only I am getting effective results. My lashes are growing and I feel as if I am dreaming but this is reality. I am very happy that my lashes are growing back. This is the most wonderful experience of my life.

  • Hey! City Lash is really a cool stuff. Try it once you will get longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes in just a few weeks. I have tried it and now I have pretty eyelashes.

  • My journey of life with City Lash is going very smooth. This is my favorite product and I love to apply it every day on my lashes. They look awesome without any flaw.

  • This stuff doesn’t work for improving the texture of my lashes. They are very weak and tend to fall off easily. I wanted to make them strong and luscious but can’t help it because I have not made a right choice to get the desired result.

  • My lashes are very short and sparse naturally. I don’t like to wear fake eyelashes so I started using City Lash after reading the customer reviews that are quite impressive. After a couple of applications I got the terrible sinus infection that took away all my excitement that I had after purchasing this product. It really sucks, so beware of buying it!

  • I have used City Lash for over a year and now my lashes have attained its full length and it has also grown in thickness and volume. It has been a nice experience using this outstanding product. I appreciate its capacity of providing effective results before the allotted time. It will be my pleasure if I ever get the opportunity of recommending this product to anyone.

    • I’ve tried City lash, which was fantastic, but everything fell out later. I’ve used some other product like Folligen, Vicki LaMotta, RapidLash and none of these works.

  • This is the best stuff ever!!!…….I normally have short, sparse eyelashes and now they are thicker and fuller and when I apply my mascara…WOW!!! I look in the mirror and I can’t believe that it’s me! Thanks City Lash for keeping your word and making your products affordable to all. I LOVE your products!!

  • My eyes are very sensitive, so I was a bit scared using this stuff in the beginning. But then I gathered some courage and applied it over my upper eyelashes. I got no itching, no sting at all. It proved very gentle and now after 6 weeks my lashes look longer and fuller that greatly enhance the beauty of my eyes. This product is really fantastic that gives effective results. I truly appreciate it!

  • I am not very impressed with this stuff. I still look clumsy with my thin eyelashes after using it for as long as 3 weeks. I am in search of other brand to get quality results.

  • I’ve been using this eyelash growth enhancer for a couple months now, and I have to say that my lashes are now fuller and thicker than they were before. I didn’t know what to expect, but now I carry City Lash with me in my purse everywhere I go and that too every time….

  • The company touts that City Lash will make the lashes dramatically longer and darker but I don’t believe this because after using this product for more than 6 weeks I got zero results. I am in a very pathetic condition as my lashes are becoming worse and if I will not get the right product then I can lose all my lashes. Please, somebody help!

  • City Lash is hitting the market today. So after seeing the ads I purchased this popular product. I had thin and sparse eyelashes that embarrassed me a lot. But thanks to this product now the length of my lashes have increased considerably and they look fuller and attractive. Wherever I go I get lots of compliments from my friends. I really love this product!

  • I have tried several of the lash enhancers available without prescription, most of them I used for several months but saw no significant difference in the length of my lashes. Then I found City Lash and it works really well. I am very satisfied with this product and even more convinced with its cost. I noticed remarkable results in the third week and now 4 months has gone by and I still use this eyelash enhancer. Even my husband appreciates my long eyelashes.

  • I love City Lash! I have tried so many eyelash enhancers and it’s true what they say… It really is about the ingredients. City Lash makes my eyelashes so much fuller and thicker! I’ve been using it for 6 weeks and the difference is huge! It’s amazing! Don’t use those cheapo formulas in market. They are just mineral oil. I’ve tried them and they don’t work. Sure City Lash cost more. But go with City Lash, it works great!

  • I’m so amazed by my results!! Thank you City Lash for giving me the gorgeous eyelashes which I’ve always dreamed of having :)… I had no redness what so ever when using this product, there was no harsh smell and it was easy to use… I used it each morning before brushing my teeth, by the time I was done brushing me and the kid’s teeth it was dry…. And each night before bed I re-apply it…

  • Thankfully now I don’t have to wear false eyelashes and lash extensions because I have got a perfect solution in the form of City Lash. I put it under my mascara and it works pretty well for enhancing the growth and thickness of the lashes. They have grown very thick and long. You should also try this wonderful product at least once!

  • After receiving the tube of City Lash I started applying it at the base of my lashes. But unfortunately I noticed no difference in the length and quantity of my eyelashes. This is not enough after application my lashes becomes dry and brittle as a result they starts falling off. Now my lashes have become thinner so I stopped using it because I don’t want to damage my lashes any more.

  • I am so grateful to City Lash! It has changed my look by enhancing the length of my lashes. Now my eyes look very pretty and quite big. I recommend it to everyone, just use and see!

  • City Lash is the most powerful eyelash enhancer out of all I reviewed. After only two weeks it started working and I am amazed at this stuff because it has the capacity to work so fast. I have got full grown lashes and this is the best achievement of my life!

  • I researched lash enhancing products and chose this one. I have never experienced such severe itching in my eyes before. After each application I have to bear lots of itching in my eyes. I put eye drops to calm my eyes. This product sucks! Don’t use it.

  • I always dreamt of having gorgeous thick eyelashes. I was worried about how to make my lashes grow longer. I am blonde so my lashes are very light and for getting super long and dark eyelashes I purchased Idol Lash. But I am not getting effective results. This is not what I wanted; I thought that this stuff will help me to get longer and dark lashes. But sometimes things don’t work according to the expectations. Really sad!

  • I was told about this product by a friend who tried wearing the false eyelashes. She was stunned with the almost immediate results… I ordered it based on her recommendation, since I have thinning pale eyelashes now that I am in my sixties… I have been using it for last 2 weeks and have been getting compliments on my luscious lashes, really not kidding, actually getting some notice from others… Who knew something this easy enhancer would generate volume and length in my eyelashes??? I wear extended-wear contacts and have no problems in that regard… FYI there is a little bit of stinging in the corner of the eyes when I used it at the start… Give it a try; you will probably be surprised and pleased, too with the stunning results.

  • Although city lash does what it claims for eyelash growth- but I had terrible experience. I’ve noticed slight redness near my eyes which lead to severe irritation after few days. I regret my decision to go for it! I will check out other eyelash enhancer that wouldn’t affect the areas around my eyes.

  • I came across this mascara online and I thought to give this a try. This mascara is great, I love the brush that is thin, and so it literally can latch on to every lash including those stubborn lower lashes. In one swipe I could see the difference in length and volume! It’s a great one and is going to be a repurchase for me.

  • It totally disappointed me. In my quest to have naturally longer lashes I came to know about surgeries to get longer eyelashes. After reading the procedure I was scared to death to think of surgical ways. It did mention another alternative as the eyelash enhancers. I’ve bought city lash eyelash enhancer used it for three weeks. I couldn’t find increase in length of my eyelashes so didn’t get it longer.

  • I recently splurged and bought Citylash at Saks. I’ve been trying it for about 2-3 weeks. The SA said it takes about 3 weeks before you notice any result, and I’m still waiting. Has anyone else tried it? Did you have results?

    • Hey,
      My sister bought it and used it for four weeks. We were amazed at the incredible results it showed. Her lashes really looked longer and lusher than it were before using Citylash.
      Hope this was helpful.

    • I’d terrible experience using city lash. If I could then I would give this product a one. Just the for reviews I got across the internet regarding the stories which I should have known earlier.

  • I have worn false eyelashes for almost many years! I finally stopped because my husband asked me do so… My eyelashes were so short and nubs… I’ve tried other products that did nothing much for my eyelashes. I’ve been using “City Lash” for about 3 weeks now and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! My coworkers, think I put falsies back on…. Nope, City Lash WORKS! It lengthen and thickened my lashes to great extent… I use very little mascara now…

  • I have tried various lash enhancers available here without prescription, and I used Latisse also. Most of them, I used for several months and saw no noticeable change in my lashes, but City Lash works well and gave me noticeable results. I am very much pleased with this product and even more pleased with its price. I saw results in the second week only. Have been using it for 3 months now and my son also complements on the difference in my lashes!!!

  • I have naturally short and thin lashes… I usually use individual lashes glued on every month…Few days ago my friend suggested to try City Lash… After about 3 week of regular use, my lashes were thicker and fuller… I feel so much prettier now that I use it consistently from that day, and save a ton of money from getting the fake lashes put on… Probably the best part about it is that my self-confidence, when I don’t have make up on, has really improved. I used to be embarrassed to let people see me without eye makeup on, not anymore!!!!

  • I’d give this product zero stars if I could. I used City Lash and it resulted in days of redness, burning, and itching to my eyes. I stopped using the product immediately. Disappointed!

  • I have not used City Lash personally but one of my cousins using it and frankly speaking, No results! She is just waiting that bottle to be finished and that’s it. She is done.

  • I have been using City Lash for about 4 months now and loved it at first but now my left eyelashes don’t seem to be growing. I feel like they keep falling out if I don’t use almost everyday and now I have noticed my eyes get blurry even with my contacts in. This is will be my last bottle. I will go for any other product after finishing it.

  • I have heard many a times about City Lash but I am in a slight dilemma whether to go for it or not as my skin is some what sensitive so looking for some genuine suggestions.. Anyone?

  • Sorry to say, but it did not prove “my cup of tea”! I used it for more than 2 months (1st month was obviously normal and 2nd just to see whether its really gonna help me or not) and got my answer, NO! A big NO from my side to City Lash!

  • I wanted to try city lash So, I was researching a lot about it, as I did not want to repeat the negative lessons, that I got from many lash enhancers. Thank God! I am here. After reading all the reviews, I think I should not take the risk. I don’t want to waste my money again in ZERO result product.

  • Since 5 points is not listed on the rating, I can’t give it what it deserves… Considering that it did nothing for me to enhance, lengthen, or thicken my eyelashes or eyebrows, I can only hope that it did no damage, that’s the only good thing about it… It has a “warming” feeling on my eyelids and burns when it seeps into my eyes. I will definitely use some other product from here and come back to tell my reviews about it!!!

  • Hey,
    I have used city lash along with mascara. This didn’t cause itchiness, redness around eyes. The best part is that it didn’t sting at all. Now I do not feel urge to use mascara any more, my eyelashes seem much darker and longer than before.

  • I have used the product and it burned my eyes each time I applied it… I’ve been using it from last 3 months now and have seen absolutely no lash growth… This product is just the waste of time and money… I should have stuck with me as and gave me beautiful long and lush lashes…

  • Well I tried this serum to get thick eyelashes. I was soon disappointed with the results as it didn’t work for my eyelashes9. Then I thought to finish off the serum by using it on my eyebrows. This worked magically and made it denser. So this worked for eyebrows rather than for my eyelashes!!!

  • I have been using this lip plumper for two weeks now that to several times a day and even overnight (sometimes). But I see no difference at all. It is only a nice lip balm.

  • Idol Lash is a bit expensive but I don’t hesitate to spend money on this product because it works like a magic for me. My lashes have attained their full length and now when I apply mascara on them they look incredible.

  • I’ve been using city lash from past 4 months, and it works amazing. I use this product at both morning and night. I just completed my first tube – it lasted me almost 4 months. I’m so amazed by my results!!

  • I have short lashes before using the product and now I feel so much prettier now that I use this product consistently, and save a ton of money from getting the eyelashes implants, that too are not permanent… Probably the best part in me after using the product is that my self-confidence is increased to great extent when I don’t have make up….

  • I was tired of wearing false eyelashes. It’s been a long time since I was using them. Then after going through the infomercials I noticed that City Lash contains some unique quality in it and in the reviews I have read that it gives results in just 40 days. This is exactly what I wanted. Believe me it started working only in 3 weeks. I have got some new lashes which look awesome. I will finish one bottle and then reorder it soon. I have also thrown my fake eyelashes into the bin.

  • I don’t like the texture of my lashes and I am on this product from 4 weeks. Till now I have not got any satisfactory results. My lashes look very dull and they are also quite short due to this my eyes don’t look attractive. But this product is taking a very long time to show results. I will see for some more time and decide whether to continue with this or not.

  • City Lash is doing great for me. The lashes are growing with a very fine texture. I am very pleased with this product; it is really an effective eyelash enhancer.

  • What rubbish! City Lash doesn’t work at all. After using it my lashes has become scantier and fall off easily. So I switched onto Maxolash when my friend recommended it to me. Now everything is fine and under my control. Thanks to this stuff that I got back my lashes after using it for 4 weeks.

  • City Lash contains vitamin oils and my lashes have become super cool! They look fuller and appear very black that makes them very charming. I am overwhelmed and admire them by looking into the mirror. I love this product wholeheartedly!

  • I dye my lashes because my skin is very sensitive I can’t use any mascara or other product on my pale lashes. Since I started using this product, I can see a huge difference in their lash health and length. It took four weeks of regular use, but I’m sticking with it, and continue to see great results.

  • My lashes are so messed up with the false lashes. I have heard from friends and family City Lash is the best eyelash growth enhancer serum on the market. Has anyone tried City Lash?

  • I have used Latisse, until I heard about the side effects of it and got freaked out. My eyes are blue – don’t want to take any chances with this product!!! I tried a bunch of eyelash serums, and most were just usual waste of money. I’ve been using city lash since May, and it is an amazing product. I use it twice in a day – morning and night, on my brows as well… I always wear mascara, and it’s easy to see how much improvement I have got when I put it on. I just finished my first tube – it lasted me almost 4 months. I am hooked with it!

  • Well I used this serum and the results for my eyelashes were almost Zero!!! But then I tried it on my eye brows and magic happened!!! So Zero for eyelashes, but 5 for good eye brows…

  • I’d unremarkable eyelashes all my life. I wanted this product do that it would encourage fuller remarkably beautiful lashes. I’ve read a lot about its features and how it worked well for others. It didn’t prove danger to the iris color. Before using this I always wash off the makeup with good quality soap. I used a swipe of the serum on my lashes which moisturized them all night. In the morning I used the hot washcloth compress to clean my lashes. Woo Hoo! Now after three weeks, I’m amazed to have great lashes.

  • I had used maxolip and I’ve no problem with great results. I used this product as directed, and within 4 weeks of use, I’ve seeing major dramatic results on my eyelashes. It’s made my lashes longer and fuller. The product is excellent and I ‘m happy with the result.

  • Sorry to say, but I have seen no improvement in my lashes at all…. I have tried to be patient, and used it once or twice in a day for two months and lashes are the same… Wish it had been different…

  • I love City Lash! I have tried so many eyelash product and it’s true what they say.. It really is about the ingredients. It makes my eyelashes longer & fuller! I’ve been using this product for six weeks and notice huge difference. It’s amazing! Don’t use those cheapo formulas. They don’t work. I know it’s pricey but it’s worth it.

  • Not a big fan of this product. I also experienced some burning sensation after applying this product, and after a using for a week had to discontinue use, as it made my eczema that I occasionally have on my eye lids flare up.

  • I’ve noticed a thickening of my eyelashes. I have not noticed any growth in length, however. I’ve been using the product for 2 weeks. Sometimes, I do experience itching; I will stop using this product.

  • This product made my lashes long and lush. Just stick with the process of putting it on every night before goes to bed. My lashes looked great within a few weeks. I ‘m very happy with the result.

  • I was so excited to purchase it, and so excited to use it. However, I noticed that almost every day one or two eyelashes fell out. I really wanted this product to work for me but I didn’t notice any changes in my condition. I ‘m very disappointed. I would not recommend this product.

  • I’m
    finishing with my first purchase. I was skeptical at first, but over the
    course of the next month I began seeing longer and thicker lashes
    naturally… When I started curling my lashes with an eyelash curler and
    applying mascara I was blown away! My bottom lashes are much thicker as well.
    It really looks like I am wearing false eyelashes!!! It’s a great product and
    less expensive too that other brand names. This stuff lasts for a long time.
    I love it!

  • I used false lashes for around 30 years and tried City Lash. It took about 3 weeks to start seeing any noticeable improvement. I am on my second supply of this product and now my lashes are longer and fuller. Using a non-clumping and lengthening mascara, it really brings them out. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  • I read reviews before purchasing this product and most were
    positive. I used City lash for 4 weeks and result is amazing and very happy
    with result. It also helps for my eyebrow. Thanks City Lash.

  • I used this product first time so I cannot comment much about this particular product but I have been using City cosmetics products for a long time that I hope this product is just as effective.

  • At the beginning I thought it would be hard to keep up with chore. But I just kept this one in my bathroom and apply it every morning and night before I brushed my teeth. It was so easy to use it! I’ve noticed a big difference in the strength of my lashes. When I would use makeup remover, I used to lose tons of lashes, and now I don’t!

  • I know about only one ingredient Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17 used in City Lash and the other ingredients are unknown. The product is also not clinically tested, so I don’t fully trust on it. It can irritate the sensitive skin of my eyes. I would prefer a product that is safe and medically tested.

  • I received great results after using City Lash. Now my eyelashes look so longer and fuller. It will surely burn if you put it directly in your eyes by fault. I carefully apply the liquid onto the lash line keeping my eyes closed and then pat gently on top, this helps a lot. I would definitely keep on using it to see how better it can get. I am really very excited.

  • I have been using City lash from the last 8 weeks but only noticed a slight improvement. I had high expectations from this product. My eyelashes don’t look long and thick and I am very much disappointed with this. I thought that this stuff is effective but I was wrong. Now I have used it for a sufficient time period with possibly no visible results. I am in search of a reputable brand and just hoping for the best to happen.

  • I have now stopped using City Lash. I got some side effects after using it for a couple of weeks. I had discoloration on my eyelids, this eyelash enhancer is harsh and I want something less extreme. I have not noticed any changes in my lashes. They are still weak and short. I am eagerly waiting for a product that works gently and give significant results.

  • City Lash doesn’t work for brittle and short eyelashes. When I started using it I found that my lashes don’t look stronger and the stuff is unable to fill in the gaps between them. So what’s the use of buying such a product? Unfortunately this is not worth my money.

  • I haven’t used this product till now as yet because of recent eye surgery. My daughter uses it and has had great results herself. Can’t wait to use it. She gets hers at wholesale prices because she is in trade business. I wanted to be able to get same long lashes as hers.

  • This eyelash enhancer just took 2 weeks to make my lashes longer and thicker. It does exactly as it promises. My mom has also started using it and enjoying the same results. It’s truly a miracle worker!

  • I like the ease of application of the city lash eyelash enhancer. It’s only been 2 weeks now I am using this product and I can’t see much difference in my lashes but I am expecting good results.

  • I don’t know why this product doesn’t work for me, but this
    product was a waste of time for me and I’m glad that I didn’t spend the money
    to go and buy this product.

  • Love City Lash! Tried other eyelash growth products, but
    this really works, did not experience any irritation to my eyes and eyelashes
    looked thicker in 2 weeks! I even use it on my eyebrows!!!Love it!!!

  • This product has strengthened my eye lashes. I have used this before,
    tried Latisse, but came back. Latisse was more expensive and harder to get.
    This works fine. Not expensive and easy to apply. Overall this is a great product.

  • I tried city lash after reading reviews on almost every website but it did not worked for me the first time…. I re-tried it this year and gave it a second chance to work for me and to my delight it worked well!!!

  • This product is just fantastic and I noticed great results after about 5 weeks. My lashes are not only much longer but they got thicker and stronger. The result is also fantastic with thicker hairgrowth. I had a very mild reaction for the first week – slightly red eyes, but it was well worth it to see the results… I would highly recommend this product.

  • I used it for about 3 weeks, but already I have new
    eyelash growth! I noticed the result at about two weeks some small black dots along my
    lash line.

  • I started using city lash after reading positive and negative reviews of city lash and I think it really works. It takes about 3 weeks to see if the difference, but I promise you will definitely see a difference… Try it!

  • I finally did an extensive research and read lot of other eyelash enhancing products and came across City lash. It seemed too good to be true so I was skeptical about it, but thought at the lower price, it was worth a shot. So glad I gave at try to it!!!!

  • The majority of the reviews we found on City Lash were
    outstanding. It helps to enhance the growth of your lashes, so that they look
    sexy and longer. Love it!!!!

  • I have now been using it for 4 months. There is no result,
    it’s so negligible that I have notice a small amount of growth or it has
    actually grown. So hard to tell if it has made any difference in my lashes.

  • It does work for me…. I’ve used this product for couple of months, and my lashes look much better and longer. One thing to remember while using this product though, the lashes grow in different lengths at first but just keep using it, and the others will catch up.

  • Dior lip maximizer is a great lip plumper, it is a bit
    expensive but works well with plumping your lips; it has a minty sweet smell. When
    you have applied this product, you can instantly feel a cool tingling sensation
    which indicates the product is working. I would recommend this product.

  • I bought this product because my eyelashes were fall out. I
    used this product and like this because has improved my eyelashes condition it
    grows longer and thicker.

  • I actually like the applicator, it is very each to use; even
    though I usually prefer brush, this one is nice because you can really control
    the amount you use! The price is great as well.

  • I have used City Lash and after a few weeks, noticed a huge
    difference not in my eyelashes but dark circles under my eyes. I do not like to
    waste money on this product.

  • I had frequent lashes break off, because of this very few were left and I was highly worried about this. After trying City Lash for a couple of months my lashes have become long and strong. It’s like a dream come true! I feel very happy when I look at them.

  • All the claims made by the company about City Lash are true. My lashes have grown longer and darker dramatically in just 30 days. This is a pleasant surprise for me. I used to have short and thin lashes but thanks to this stuff for making them so beautiful and attractive. This is really a genuine product for me.

  • After doing research about many eyelash enhancing products I picked this one. I tried it for several weeks but didn’t get any noticeable results. I only wasted my valuable time on it. Please don’t buy it! You will only get disappointed.

  • Many people are glad that you asked about this ingredient!!! Manufacturers used Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 as key ingredient, which is the best ingredient available for growing thicker, longer and sexier eyelashes…. Additionally, they have perfected the concentrations which are necessary for maximum results, ensuring that City Lash gives you the fastest and most noticeable growth.

  • I love it! It really is about the ingredients. It makes my eyelashes so much fuller! I’ve been using it for 6 weeks and I notice the huge difference. It’s amazing!

  • My lashes are short and thin which arises a feeling of embarrassment and to hide them I have to wear fake eyelashes. But it is damaging my lashes and I fear that I might lose all my lashes. So for preventing this I finally decided to use an eyelash enhancer. After a little research I got City Lash. I am using it from about 4 weeks and getting promising results. This is really an amazing product!

  • I am not feeling very happy after completing 6 weeks with this product. This is a very serious matter because I was confident enough that it will work for me. But truly it broke my heart. I literally cry when I see my bent thin eyelashes. I am not going to use it again, it sucks!

  • City Lash uses Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 which is the best ingredient for growing thicker and longer eyelashes. It works gently without harming the eyelids by causing discoloration. I love it and will always recommend this product!

  • My eyelashes were fair in color which also looked very thin and less noticeable. Due to this reason I started using City Lash regularly day and night. This product took 8 weeks to turn my lashes black. They have also improved in thickness and I am very happy now. This stuff works effectively and I really love it!

  • I ‘m not a huge fan of this product, I also experienced a burning on my eyelashes, and after a using for one week had to discontinue use of this. I’m very disappointed from this product. It’s just waste of money.

  • I purchased City Lash as I have read that it had the same ingredients which are in prescription brand lash growth serum. The cost of City Lash is half the prescription brand and works great! I have recommended this product to another friends too and she had the same effect like me fuller, thicker, darker lashes. I will definitely purchase it again.

  • After applying the solution twice a day I found no remarkable difference in the length, density and thickness of my lashes. When I informed the customer service I received a letter with RMA #) and the full amount of $129.99 was credited to my PayPal account for which I was waiting for. I had to pay the shipping charges $3.99. I am looking forward to try a well reputed company brand now.

  • I ordered City Lash thrice but it did end up with swelling, redness and itching in my eyes. Anyway the swelling of the eyelids goes down but redness and itching lasts for a much longer time. They are so severe that I stopped using it. This product contains some hidden ingredients that cause such side effects. Now I am back to my previous product that works well and it is also gentle on my sensitive skin.

  • I have come across many eyelash enhancers but never tried one until I read the reviews about City Lash. But I was not ready to use it, then I thought that I should give it a try and see whether it works or not. After applying it consistently for 8 weeks my lashes grew long and thick. It takes a little time to show results but still it is a good product and gives you the desired result.

  • You can see the difference! This product worked so well for me. It contains clinically proven ingredients that help to enhance the lashes and make them longer and fuller than they before.

  • City Lash is good for nothing. After using it religiously for about 4 weeks I got no positive outcomes. It failed to provide me long and dense eyelashes. I think that I will never achieve what I desire as I am not able to get an effective product from almost 3 years. I am just dying to get one.

  • I am so excited because now I have got neat long lashes. This product is awesome that gives desired result in just 4 weeks. You don’t have to wait longer for this. I have developed confidence and don’t hesitate to go out as I used to do before using this product. I was ashamed of my scanty short lashes but this stuff has helped me and it has become an important part of my life.

  • Though City Lash is less expensive but it doesn’t work better than its competitive products. I am very much sure about this as I have used it for a long time with zero results. I don’t care about the money if the product works well but this one is useless and can’t give the best possible results that every customer desire.

  • There are a few eyelash enhancers that cause discoloration of the eyes and skin but City Lash is different. It is durable, safe and provides effective results. I highly appreciate it!

  • I appreciate this product for including an active ingredient Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 which is a peptide. It helps to stimulate superior lash growth. This essential component is very effective and because of this City lash has become the best eyelash enhancer in the market. It is a complete formula that helps to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.

  • When I first started using this product the results were really quick…. Within about a week I could tell that my eyelashes were longer.It irritates your eyelid a little first time but eventually it stops.

  • I have been using this product now for almost a year and find that it is gentle to the eyes and actually works to nourish the lashes and promote eyelash growth.

  • I have used this product from 4 years. After just a short while using it, I never ever had chapped lips again. Regardless of weather or other factors, chapped flaking dry lips have become a thing of the past. And this is for over 4 years now!

  • I have used this for 2 weeks and my lashes are growing longer. It works! I’m extremely satisfied with the result. My sister recommended this product to me and I would recommend it to others.

  • This product is very easy to apply and long lasting. Getting great results without side effects, I see the new growth on top and bottom; lashes are longer, darker and starting to curl.

  • This product does help your lashes to grow by keeping them from breaking off…After the first 2-3 weeks, my lashes started growing back, and filling in. Also,my lashes don not fall out when taking eye makeup off. The container lasts for longer than you think . Maybe 6 months if you use it correctly!

  • A friend of mine had told me about this lash grower, so I thought I would give it a try and see if it would help with my tiny eyelashes…. well I have been using it for 2 months now and WOW it really does work!!! Am telling EVERYONE about Idol Lash and I will keep using it for upkeep! My very favorite find of this year so far!

  • I used City Lash twice daily but it caused intense burning and redness in my eyes. I became terrified and then I asked the company for a refund which they rejected. I had to pay to ship back this useless product. The free shipping is just hype and it is not really free. They said that they had already paid the money to ship it to me. I just wish I had known earlier about the side effects of this product that many people have gone through after using the product. After a week my eyes got relief. I would never use this product again.

  • I originally wanted to use Jan Marini Eyelash product but it is very difficult to get it. When I called, the esthetician recommended me rapidlash and I have to say, it is great! I have only been using it from last three weeks but have started to notice a difference already. I am a lifer…

  • I had just finished chemo last week and lost all my hairs and lashes, and within few days the last of my brows had completely came off. The product says that you can see results as early as 3 weeks, but I actually started to see results within three DAYS only! With each day that has passed, my eyebrows have become more defined and much fuller and thicker than what I originally had before chemo…. Within five days, my lashes began to peek out from their roots. It is an amazing to think that in just eleven days later I have brows that no longer need a any eyebrow pencil and lashes that will soon be able to wear mascara! I now wake up excitedly in morning eager to look in the mirror and see what amazing growth has taken place overnight!

  • I bought this product with great hopes and was not at all disappointed. It is awesome…. I had a bald spot on my eyelid that would not grow your eyelashes…. After about 2 weeks of its regular use twice a day they started growing. I have had awesome results with City Lash. I LOVE IT!!!

  • I am optimistic that it will work because the friend that recommended it had noticeable change. I’ll keep trying but will wait to decide upon a future purchase. Hope its work.

  • I don’t understand all the hype about this product made by the manufacturers…. I used it for 1 week and my eyelids became very red and irritated. It is not itchy like most of the reviews here, but very red. Had to stop using it. Save your money… So No, I would not recommend this product to anyone….

  • My husband and children all have those beautiful thick and long lashes naturally…. I have always wanted to have the same as them. When I heard about city lash I just had to try them. I forgot to take the before picture. As soon as i got the city lash i applied it, i m in love with that and its so easy to use as well as that i can use my mascara ontop of it. The city lash product has made my eyelashes thicker and fuller. Thank you so much city lash. I would love to try the city lips.

  • I have used it for the last couple of months after using revitalash and many other products for getting great results…. After using City Lash, however, my lashes reverted back to where they were before I used revitalash…. City Lash did absolutely NOTHING, and it burned my eyelashes also. I ended up going back to revitalash and using up the city lash on my eyebrows (where it did nothing). Don’t buy it!

  • This product seems to work pretty well…. Sometimes it seems that my eyelashes break off but I m not saying that it is typically due to this product becoz it may or maynot be from this product.

  • My esthetician recommended me RevitaLash for my sparse eyelashes, and I have to say, it is great! I have only been using it three weeks now but have started to notice a bit difference already. I am a lifer…This product is awesome! I noticed results in 3 weeks. I love this product!!! I have recommended RevitaLash to all my friends. Amazing results!!!

  • I m 100% sure to continue use this product. I’ve been using it for approximately one month and my eyelashes are already growing! I can see a huge difference. I don’t wear eyeliner or mascara as much anymore because my eyelashes are long and pretty naturally. Its almost like I’m wearing fake eyelashes, how good this Citylash Eyelash Enhancer works. I would recommend this product to anyone who has short eyelashes. You will love it! I did!

  • After I removed my eyelash extensions my eyelashes were almost virtually gone…. I started to see regrowth in the first week after using this product… I am in week 3 and they are growing in a very nice manner…. HOPE IT WILL MAKE MY EYELASHES LONGER SOON!!!!