Health Benefits of Spicing the Food with Turmeric

Spicing the Food with Turmeric
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Turmeric is a spice that can be added to home-made food and it helps to add color and flavor. Studies reveal that turmeric has been used for curative purposes like relieving depression and problems associated with the liver. It has also been shown to cure* ringworms but there is no research that has been shown to back up that information.

The following shows the proven health benefits of turmeric:

It helps to Relive Stomach Upsets and Heart Burn

A study that was done in 1989 showed that the supplements that are manufactured from the turmeric plant have been shown to cure* indigestion and heart burn. This has proven to be more effective than a placebo and this can be linked to the ability of the plant in fighting inflammation.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric Helps to Reduce* the Risk of Getting Heart Attacks

Curcumin is one of the ingredients contained in turmeric and it is responsible for the bright color of the spice. A study that was done in 2012 showed how extracts of curcumin have been used in the prevention of stroke. The study was done on a group of 121 patients who had a history of bypass surgery that was done between 2009 and 2011. 3 days before the surgery was done, half of the patients were given curcumin capsules and the other half was given placebo pills. This treatment was continued five days after surgery and results showed that the people who were treated using placebo had an increased rate of heart attack. After the bypass surgery, approximately 30% of patients who were treated with placebo had a heart attack while 13% of the patients who had been treated with turmeric had stroke. The studies revealed that due to the anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties of curcumin, the risk of getting stroke is lowered by 65%.

Delay in Getting Diabetes

A study that was done showed that the people who take curcumin capsules have a delayed onset of getting diabetes. The study involved participants who had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and half of the group was given curcumin supplements while the other half was given placebo capsules. The results showed that more than 16% of the people who had been given placebo pills had diabetes type 2 while the other group did not have. This was linked to the anti oxidant and the anti inflammatory properties of curcumin.

Fighting Cancer


Studies reveal that the ingredients contained in curcumin obstruct the molecular pathways that are involved in the growth, spread and development of cancer. The study was done by a cancer society in America and it showed that curcumin is also able to kill the cancer cells and shrink the tumors. The studies that have been done on humans are still in the early stages but the ones done on animal studies and the laboratory have shown that curcumin is effective in destroying the cancer cells.

Protection of the Brain

Aromatic turmerone has been shown to promote the repair of stem cells that are located in the brain. The study was done on a stem cell in rats and this is also found in the brain of adults. The cells are used to enhance* recovery after suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and this includes stroke and Alzheimer’s. The study suggested that the aromatic turmerone can be used in future for the treatment of these diseases. Another study that was done showed that turmeric supplements helped to improve* memory in patients who suffered from Alzheimer’s diseases.

Reducing* The Joint Pains

Curcumin has been shown to have anti inflammatory properties although there is no research that has been shown to explain it. Studies have shown that turmeric helps to relive joint pains and it works as well as ibuprofen. This was shown to be effective especially in patients who presented with knee osteoarthritis.


The dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same way as medication and food. Some supplements have been shown to interact with medications and this includes the ones that are made from turmeric. Studies have shown that turmeric slows down the blood clotting mechanism and therefore it should not be taken with other drugs that have the same effect like anti coagulants. It is advisable for one to be cautious while taking supplements that are made from turmeric. The national institute that is related to health advices people to avoid taking turmeric supplements before they talk to their doctor.


Many studies have shown that turmeric has many health benefits. The health benefits include reducing* heartburn and indigestion, reducing* the risk of getting stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes type two in patients who have been diagnosed with prediabetes. It has also been shown to reduce* joint pain in patients who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

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