CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression Reviews

Understand how CBD tinctures can be used to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, what are the Effects & Benefits, and Things to Consider Before Buying CBD tinctures.

Understanding how CBD tinctures can be used to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Everyone has experienced anxiety symptoms at least once in their lifetime. That nervous or anxious feeling that some experience before taking a big test, or moments before having to give a presentation in front of a large crowd.

Every Day Optimal Tincture
Every Day Optimal CBD Oil Tincture

This feeling of acute anxiety is experienced by all at some point – it is unavoidable. For most, this feeling quickly diminishes, allowing them to go about their daily lives once again. However, this is not the case for an estimated 40 million US adults who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Also called chronic anxiety, patients often feel nervous or anxious, and oftentimes overwhelmed for (as it appears to others) no reason at all. If left untreated, an anxiety disorder can quickly escalate into a state of depression, significantly reducing one’s quality of life.

Fortunately, anxiety and depression both can be treated (and prevented) with a pure, 100% organic plant compound known as CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a specific compound or cannabinoid, that is unique to the cannabis plant. It is the second most prominent cannabinoid and can consist of up to 40% of cannabis’ active content. CBD can be extracted from hemp and marijuana both.

Once consumed, CBD immediately binds to specialized receptors located throughout the body. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most well-known cannabinoid famous for its intoxicating effect, CBD is more subtle and far more therapeutic in nature. The effects of CBD have been scientifically noted to be an acceptable treatment for serious disorders like cancer, epilepsy, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Though, it has many other amazing health benefits as well – including improving the mental health of its user. This makes CBD an excellent form of treatment for reducing anxiety and preventing anxiety attacks and/or panic attacks.

CBD Oil Effects and CBD Benefits

The primary reason that CBD oil is such an effective treatment for so many disorders is credited widely to its effect on our endocannabinoid system – which is widely believed to be the most important system for maintaining and regulating human health. CBD binds to these cannabinoid receptors and relief is immediately sent to different areas of one’s body that is most in need.

These cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body, not merely in the brain as previously believed. They are prominent in the digestive tract and on the skin as well. This allows CBD to help with mood, memory, inflammation, reproduction, immune system, pain perception, appetite, and sleep.

Most famously, CBD oil is able to help people with rare conditions like Dravet syndrome – which is a rare form of epilepsy that is exceptionally difficult to treat. Patients have gone from having multiple seizures a day to being seizure free for a week or longer!

More to the point, CBD oil can also be used to treat anxiety and depression disorders exceptionally well because it acts as a 5-HT1 receptor agonist – meaning that it plays a crucial part in the serotonin pathways.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression?

There are two different methods one could utilize to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. You could choose to either take pure CBD oil, or you could instead use a CBD-THC mix to receive the maximum benefits from both cannabinoids.

For example, cannabis oil has a high THC content whereas CBD derived hemp oil is THC free and non-psychoactive – meaning that it won’t get you high.

Many anxiety sufferers are unable to consume medical cannabis due to its effect on their mental state – nonetheless it is important to note that it has been found that THC has the ability to potentiate CBD’s beneficial effects. For the purposes of this article, however, we are going to be examining CBD as a standalone product.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Unfortunately, the majority of modern-day research has examined the use of medical cannabis rather than CBD as a standalone product. Those interested in managing their depression and anxiety with cannabidiol should look specifically at studies that focus on CBD exclusively, as opposed to generalized studies that focus primarily on medicinal marijuana. Despite the low number of official studies, the preliminary research into CBD for anxiety is promising:

  • A small study[1] conducted in 2010 concluded that CBD is effective in reducing symptoms of social anxiety in people diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Brain scans of each participant revealed a change in blood flow to the area of the brain responsible for feelings of anxiety. This study demonstrates that CBD is not only able to make people feel better, but also changes the way their brain responds to anxiety as well.
  • A 2011 study[2] supports this claim by finding that CBD is able to reduce symptoms of social anxiety. This particular experiment focused specifically on CBD’s ability to treat anxiety associated with public speaking.
  • A study[3] was published in 2014, concluding that CBD oil has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects in an animal model.
  • In 2015, an analysis[4] of previous studies conclude that CBD oil could be an effective treatment for multiple forms of anxiety, including: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), panic disorder (PD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Finally, a 2016 case study[5] aimed to learn whether CBD could be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety-provoked sleep disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder in a child with a history of trauma. Researchers concluded that CBD was able to reduce the child’s anxiety and helped soothe her to sleep[6].

How Much CBD Oil To Take For Anxiety?

The standard dose of CBD to treat anxiety is one of the most debatable topics in terms of CBD administration. This is due widely to the fact that the effects brought on by CBD oil (and other CBD-infused products) vary greatly from person to person in degree and intensity.

The best method to receive CBD’s maximum health benefits is by being patient with the following process and by taking note of what works best for you, personally:

1) Always Start With Small Doses: This is widely agreed to be the best way to begin your CBD regimen. This approach allows your body time to get accustomed to the cannabinoid and ensures that you aren’t consuming excessive amounts right at the start.
2) Gradually Increase Your CBD Intake: As time passes, your body will begin to adjust to the cannabinoid – allowing you to consume stronger amounts. Increase the dose size and then hold for a few days. This allows time for the CBD to slowly build up and sync with your endocannabinoid system.
3) Take Note Of The Reactions And Effects: Ensure that the product is actually working towards alleviating your problem(s). It is possible that CBD may take some time before taking full effect – but you will know whether it’s working or not within a few weeks.
4) Stay On The Lookout For Any Potential Adverse Side-Effects: CBD is not known to have any adverse side-effects – but it has been known to cause minor problems like diarrhea and/or nausea if too strong of a dose is administered. Also, CBD has been known to interact with other medications by either increasing or decreasing the effect of certain pharmaceuticals. A good example of this is CBD’s tendency to accelerate the effects of opioids.
5) Consult With Your Doctor: Despite CBD’s positive reputation as being a potent anxiolytic (and much more) – do not consume or replace your current prescribed medications with CBD-infused products without consulting with a healthcare professional first. It is always paramount to obtain a recommendation from a licensed physician before consuming any CBD product, under all circumstances.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Depression

CBD oil is proving to be a successful treatment method for those whom suffer from symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. Current research demonstrates that CBD oil causes the 5-HT1A receptor (which is responsible for releasing serotonin) to operate more effectively.

This, in turn, increases one’s serotonin production levels (a chemical in the brain that impacts several different parts of our body) and also stabilizes its presence within our system. Serotonin is a heavy influencer on our emotions and motor skills.

It is also a natural mood stabilizer that helps aid in sleep, ingestion, and digestion. It’s easy to see just how important serotonin is to the human body. Low serotonin production levels could potentially lead to depression.

Using CBD oil to combat this disorder could result in a higher serotonin production rate, which in turn could help ease the associated symptoms of depression.

How to Use CBD Oil for Depression?

There are numerous ways that people can apply CBD to their daily lives to treat for depression. The most common form of ingestion is done by either applying a single drop of CBD oil onto, or underneath the tongue for absorption.

This is the quickest delivery method and provides relief in minutes. Other options do exist, including CBD in capsule form, or infused into Every Day food and drink items. You can also vaporize CBD if you possess a carrying agent and an appropriate vape pen (vaporizer).

This method allows you to consume CBD easily in public, though its effects wear off far quicker than if the CBD was ingested.

Things to Consider Before You Buy CBD Oil

There is a magnitude of different CBD brands available today to choose from, making it paramount to understand your own personal needs and how you plan to utilize the product before a purchase is made.

In addition, it is highly advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming your first dose of CBD oil for any medical disorder, especially anxiety and depression. Some important questions that you may want to ask yourself are:

  • Do I really have an anxiety disorder . . . or is it daily stress instead?
  • How much CBD oil will I need and how long will it last?
  • Can I benefit from a combination of CBD and THC?
  • Will I primarily be using CBD oil at home, on the go, or possibly both?
  • What is my main deciding factor – dose strength or price?

It would also be beneficial to have a basic understanding of the differences between hemp-derived CBD oil and cannabis-derived CBD oil.

Hemp-Derived Oil vs Cannabis-Derived Oil

Basically, it all boils down to the legality[8] of the final product. Cannabis-derived oils are strictly available in states where medical cannabis has been legalized under state law. Alternatively, CBD from hemp oil is sourced from legal industrial hemp plants that contain only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.2%).

This form of CBD can be legally grown and obtained under the US Agricultural Act of 2014. If you intend to use CBD oil to treat anxiety or depression problems and are planning on buying a product from an online vendor, then you will most likely be purchasing a CBD product sourced from hemp.

Don’t worry, this is no different than cannabis sourced CBD. Using hemp oil as a treatment for anxiety is just as effective as treatment with other cannabis-based oils – assuming that the CBD has been extracted and processed properly.

Every Day Optimal CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression – A Review

Certified Pure CBD Oil Tincture | 300mg-10,000mg Options

  • 300mg’s Pure CBD Oil
  • 600mg’s Pure CBD Oil
  • 1,000mg’s Pure CBD Oil
  • 2,000mg’s Pure CBD Oil
  • 4,000mg’s Pure CBD Oil
  • 10,000mg’s Pure CBD Oil

Who is Every Day Optimal CBD?

Every Day Optimal CBD was founded with one mission in mind: “To help as many people as possible.” Their products contain only the highest quality CBD sourced from local hemp farmers and manufactured in the United States.

Coupled with the best customer service in the industry, they offer a full line of CBD products including tinctures, CBD gummy bears, e-liquids, pet oils, gum, capsules, and even specialty formulas with added vitamins.

What Makes Every Day Optimal A Quality Seller Of CBD?

Every Day Optimal CBD utilizes only the highest quality cannabidiol attainable. Their CBD is sourced from local hemp farmers who practice clean, natural, and organic farming technics. Each product is routinely tested by 3rd party labs for both accuracy and consistency, ensuring a quality product for you, the consumer.

How Do CBD Tinctures Work?

Many consumers prefer CBD oil tinctures over many other CBD-related products because of how easy it is to control the dose strength. According to Every Day Optimal CBD,

“The oil has a bright, pleasant peppermint taste that’s easy to take orally, or blended into your favorite smoothie. The tincture oil format makes it easy to take as little or as much CBD oil as you need based on how you feel that day.”

Each half drop of oil contains about 16.6mg’s of pure CBD oil (60 servings per bottle) produced only from the highest quality industrial hemp that has been harvested under clean farming practices. Each of their high-grade CBD Oil Tinctures are THC free, do not require a prescription, and are legal in every state. Simply apply under the tongue or add it to your favorite food or drink.

Are they safe and effective?

Every Day Optimal offers only the highest quality CBD attainable. Cannabidiol is already well known in the medical community to be both incredibly safe and very effective. In fact, the World Health Organization[9] (WHO) stated that CBD is a safe and well-tolerated compound with no potential adverse side-effects. Furthermore, they acknowledged its therapeutic application.

CBD Tincture Ingredients

  • Organic Hemp Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Pure Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Fractionated MCT Oil
  • Peppermint Flavor

Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: ½ Dropper
  • Servings Per Container: 60
  • Organic Hemp Oil: 1g
  • Pure CBD: 16.6mg


CBD tinctures make it incredibly easy to monitor the strength of the dose being administered. With as little as ½ a drop a day, symptoms of anxiety and depression can be kept at bay. CBD-oil has many other amazing health benefits including having anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective capabilities as well.


CBD is the most well-researched cannabinoid to date and is known to be a safe and effective form of therapy in the medical community. However, more clinical trials are drastically needed to learn more about CBD’s full effect on one’s endocannabinoid system.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

1 Q.How should I take a CBD tincture?

Ans.-Simply apply ½ a drop of oil either on/underneath your tongue or mix it in with your favorite food or drink.

2 Q.How expensive is a bottle of 10,000mg CBD tincture?

Ans.-Every Day Optimal sells CBD oil in different strengths ranging from 300mg – 4,000mg – 1,000mg. One bottle of 10,000mg CBD tincture is retailed at $478.00, but new customers can enjoy 10% off their first order!

3 Q.Does Every Day Optimal Offer a free trial?

Ans.-Every Day Optimal does not offer a free trial at this time – but first-time buyers can save 10% on their first purchase and will also enjoy a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression Reviews – Final Verdict

Every Day Optimal offers only the highest-quality CBD available. The versatility of their products makes it easy for everyone to find the perfect CBD-delivery method to suit their own unique wants and taste.

Every Day Optimal CBD stands by their products and routinely tests them by 3rd party labs to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Their 30-day 100% money back guarantee ensures that you will always be satisfied with your purchase. They are able to ship almost anywhere in the United States, and even offers first-time customers a 10% discount on their first purchase.

In our opinion, below you'll find the most effective CBD Hemp Oil Drops products on the market. These products are classified on 5 key factors: Improves* General Health and Well Being, Reduces* Anxiety Levels, Increases* Brain Focus and Concentration, Decreases* Stress Hormone Levels and Restores Hormonal Balance. Ultimately, we determined the bottom-line value of each product.

Top Rated CBD Hemp Oil Drops
Meds Biotech CBD Oil
Meds Biotech CBD Oil
Improves General Health and Well Being*
Reduces Anxiety Levels*
Increases Brain Focus and Concentration*
Decreases Stress Hormone Levels*
Restores Hormonal Balance*
Blue CBD Crystals Isolate
Blue CBD Crystals Isolate
Improves General Health and Well Being*
Reduces Anxiety Levels*
Increases Brain Focus and Concentration*
Decreases Stress Hormone Levels*
Restores Hormonal Balance*
Verified CBD
Verified CBD
Improves General Health and Well Being*
Reduces Anxiety Levels*
Increases Brain Focus and Concentration*
Decreases Stress Hormone Levels*
Restores Hormonal Balance*

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Customer Reviews for CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression

CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression Reviews

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CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression
CBD Tinctures for Anxiety and Depression Reviews
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