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Prepare Cannabis Oil at Home to Reap Its Numerous Benefits
Prepare Cannabis Oil at Home

Cannabis And Cannabis Oil

Cannabis is also called marijuana. The first thing that comes to our mind when we utter the word “marijuana” is an illegal drug that can alter the mind of the people.

However, cannabis is not only used for getting high today, but they are also used for medical purposes. Cannabis oil is oil that is extracted from cannabis. There are numerous benefits of using cannabis oil.

Because of numerous proven benefits of cannabis oil, many people want to prepare this oil at their home.

And, the good thing about cannabis oil is that it can be easily prepared in the home without much difficulty. However, it is important to be informed about the various ingredients that are required to prepare this oil.

Considering the fact that most of the people do not know about the ingredients and the procedures to prepare cannabis oil in their home, we have decided to provide full information on the preparation and execution of cannabis oil.

Caution: There are some things to be careful about before preparing cannabis oil. To prepare this oil, one needs THC rich cannabis, which is not available easily in many nations.

Secondly, the explosive and harmful vapors can be produced at the time of execution. This is the reason why one should only prepare this oil outside of the house or with the use of special suction, which must be away from a fire.

Uses of Cannabis Oil

Here are some of the health benefits of CBD oil, and this will also give a hint on who can use cannabis oil.

1. Treatment Of Brain Diseases

The use of cannabis oil could be used for the treatment of various brain diseases. The recent study that was conducted on the impact of cannabis found that it can help in the treatment of Schizophrenia and Tourette syndrome. [1]

2. Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States of America. According to the statistic, around 18% of the American adults are diagnosed with anxiety disorder every single year. [2]

The use of cannabis oil can provide a relief to the people who are struggling with stress and anxiety. The natural component, THC, found in this oil can release the pleasure hormones, relaxes the mind, and provides the sense of calmness and relaxation.

3. Sleep Issues

Many people all over the world are suffering from insomnia. And, the sleep deprivation can lead to various serious health problems. For the people, suffering from insomnia, the use of cannabis oil can work as a miracle. This oil lowers the level of energy and relaxed the mind and body, which can help in a peaceful sleep.

4. Cancer Prevention And Treatment

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. In the United States, the study estimated that over 1.6 million people were diagnosed with cancer, and it was responsible for over 500 thousand deaths in 2016. [3]

The study shows that cannabis can be used for controlling cancer, but enough funds are not being provided for the further studies. [4]

5. Boost Appetite

The use of cannabis oil can help in increasing the appetite of the person. This oil helps in inducing hunger, which helps in stimulating the digestive system.

The people who want to gain some body mass can use this oil for assisting in their weight gain goal. The people who have just recovered from serious illness are usually looking to gain some body mass.

6. Pain Reliever

The back pain and other types of arthritis are commonly seen among the people. The cannabis oil can prove to be a very effective medicine for the people who are struggling with inflammation and chronic pain. The cancer patients are using this oil to get relief from the pain when the pain of chemotherapy becomes unbearable.

These are some of the top health benefits of cannabis oil. There are plenty of other benefits of cannabis oil as well. Check out the list of health benefits of cannabis oil to see if cannabis oil can help you out or not.

What are The Ingredients That Are Required To Prepare Cannabis Oil?

There are some ingredients that are required to prepare quality cannabis oil. Here are some of the ingredients that are required to prepare cannabis oil.

1. Isopropyl Alcohol

The first ingredient that is needed to prepare cannabis oil is Isopropyl alcohol. This alcohol dissolves a variety of non-polar compounds. The evaporation process of this oil is very quick, which lefts behind no oil trace. It’s not a very toxic fluid, and it is relatively less toxic in comparison to other alternative solvents.

This ingredient is commonly used as a solvent. To process a single pound of cannabis, 2 gallons of Isopropyl alcohol is required.

2. Medical Cannabis: Must Be Very Dry And Ground Up

Medical cannabis, according to the needs would be required.

3. Mixing Bowl

The mixing bowl is needed, and it could be either medium or large depending on the requirements and quantity. The mixing bowl that is made up of ceramic or Pyrex glass is recommended. Do not use plastic or metal bowl.

4. Large Spoon

A large spoon will be needed to stir cannabis with a solvent in a mixing bowl. The spoon made up of wood would work out the best for stirring.

5. Straining Device

A straining device is required for straining the cannabis alcohol mixture and to remove solid plant matter. This device helps in getting pure liquid free of impurities and unneeded materials.

6. A Separate Container

After straining out the plant mixture, a separate container should be used to store the liquid that will come out right from the bottom.

7. Double-Boiler Setup

Double-Boiler is the combination of pot and pan setup that can be easily found in the supermarket. A double-boiler allows you to heat the water while the solvent never touches the heating element of the stove. In case there is no double-boiler on the house, the separate pan and pot can be used for the purpose.

Make sure the pot and pan fit together perfectly if you’re using a separate pan and pot.

8. Silicon Spatula

Silicon spatula is commonly found in the kitchen of many households. This tool is used for scraping away the oil from the pan.

9. Plastic Syringes

The plastic syringes can be easily found in every medical store. We are preparing concentrated cannabis oil, which is the reason plastic syringes are needed to dispense a very small amount of cannabis oil.

What Should Your Preparation Area Be Like?

Source of Heat

Preparation Area

The area of preparation should also be considered while preparing cannabis oil. Here is how the area of preparation should be like.

1. Source Of Heat

When it comes to the source of heat, electric stove is far better than a gas stove because a gas stove uses an open flame. While using the gas stove, one needs to be careful, as the flame could ignite the solvent.

Keep anything that contains alcohol, 3 feet away from the gas stove all the time during the time of preparation. A portable electric burner or a warm tea warmer can also be used as a source of heat.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Check out whether you have a fire extinguisher, near the stove or not to prevent from a fire. If there is already a fire extinguisher near the stove, then assure that it is not expired.

3. Ventilation

The area for preparing the cannabis oil should be ventilated well enough for the air to pass. Open each and every door and window of the room, and keep at least one fan to move the air around. If there is a fan above the stove, then turn it on.

There is a chance that solvent fumes in the air could catch fire, and this is the reason why the proper ventilation is required to prevent all the dangers.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare Cannabis Oil?

After gathering all the supplies, it would take around 30 minutes of cooking time and an hour of preparation time for the cannabis oil to be ready.

Instruction To Prepare Cannabis Oil

Here is the step by step instruction for preparing cannabis oil.

1. Gather Supplies

The first task is obviously to gather supplies. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and tools ready for preparing cannabis oil. And, the preparation space should be favorable for the preparation purpose.

2. Place The Pure Cannabis In The First Mixing Bowl

All the dry cannabis flower or trim should be placed in the first mixing bowl to get started. There must be at least a few inches of space above the cannabis, as it is necessary to pour the water into the mixing bowl.

Cannabis Mixing Bowl

Pure Cannabis In The First Mixing Bowl

3. Time To Add Isopropyl Alcohol

After the completion of the second step, it’s the time to add Isopropyl alcohol in the mixing bowl. The cannabis material must be completely covered with this solvent, and also add an extra inch worth solvent over the top. The additional solvent should be added to make it easier to stir everything.

4. Mix Isopropyl Alcohol And Cannabis For Around 3 Minutes

Hold the mixing spoon and start to stir the mixture for about 3 minutes. It’s necessary to stir the mixture because it moves cannabis material around, which provides the opportunity for the solvent to dissolve all the oil from cannabis material.

5. Time To Strain The Mixture Into Another Container

The cannabis oil should be poured into a muslin bag or any other material to strain the mixture. This allows the strained liquid to be stored in another clean container.

The strained liquid includes all the cannabis extracted resin, which was dissolved into the alcohol. It can be a good idea to work with a bag to extract as much liquid as possible.
The color of the strained mixture must be very dark and greenish.

6. Pour The Mixture Back Into The First Mixing Bowl And Repeat The Step 3,4,5 Again To Extract The Oil

Pour the mixture back into the first mixing bowl; use the solvent to wash it again for dissolving any cannabinoids that are left into the alcohol. Add the fresh solvent one more time until the mixture is once again immersed in the solvent.

Use the wooden spoon and work for 3-5 minutes more. Strain the additional mixture to another container in the way it was done in step no. 5.

7. Pour The Dark Green Liquid Into The Top Pot Of The Double-Boiler

Add the extracted mixture into the top pot of the double-boiler. The bottom pot must be already filled with water. By doing so, it creates the extra layer of water between the heat and the top pot. It ensures safety and allows the alcohol to burn slowly and evenly without the chances of burning any of the cannabinoids.

Everything is ready for the alcohol to be perfectly evaporated to leave out with only pure cannabis oil.

8. Turn Heat On; Wait For The Liquid In The Top Pot To Bubble; Turn Off The Heat Immediately. The Warm Bath Heat Will Continue To Heat The Top Pot Until The Solvent Is Completely Evaporated

The area of preparation should be free from sparks, open flames, or red hot elements while the evaporation process is still going on. The fumes that are produced from the solvent can catch fire very easily. Do not breathe the fumes produced by the solvent.

Check the preparation area once again to ensure all the windows are open and the fan is blowing across the room. Turn on the heat to high now to observe the dark green mixture that is on the top of the double-boiler.

The mixture on the top will begin to bubble, and the alcohol will start to evaporate. Once the mixture starts to bubble, immediately turn off the heat. The heat on the water will be enough to evaporate all the alcohol.

9. Check Out If The Liquid Is Thick

check out if the liquid is thick

Check Out If The Liquid Is Thick

After all the process, the pan should be left only with a thick liquid, which is pure cannabis oil. The oil will be soft at first, but it will become thicker once it starts to cool down.

The amount of cannabis oil may look very less, but a very low quantity of this oil is used at first. The starting dose is half the size of the grain. According to the study, medical marijuana oil can also be used to treat neuropathic pain. [5]

10. Use The Plastic Syringes

After the pure cannabis oil is finally ready, use the plastic syringes to create individual portions in the future.
The plastic syringes should be without needles, and it can be easily found on the market. For those of you, looking to make less potent doses to use this oil topically on the skin, add coconut or olive oil to the mixture.

Very Important Precautions

Here are some of the important precautions to be aware of before preparing cannabis oil.

  • Choose the large preparation space with excellent ventilation. Open each and every window in the room, and have at least one fan to move the air.
  • Use the mask if you have respiratory problems, as the fumes from evaporation can have an adverse effect on the respiratory system.
  • It’s must for a person to use a double-boiler, and do not even think about using solvent pan directly on the stove for heating.
  • Plan for the best, and also be ready for the worst case scenario. Although the chance of catching fire is very low when the instructions are carefully followed, one must be ready for the worst case scenario. Keep a fire extinguisher ready to use.
  • Do not prepare the oil when you’re in a hurry. The cannabis oil must be carefully prepared, and it requires extra caution to prepare it safely.

Determining Correct Dosage Of Cannabis Oil

During the first week, a person should start with a dose, half the size of the grain. After a week, the dose should be doubled in every 4 day span until 1m of oil is ingested.

Most of the people are able to ingest 1 ml of cannabis oil in around 30-35 days. Some people have been able to ingest even 2 grams or more cannabis oil in a day.

The average people take 90 days to ingest 60 grams of cannabis oil, and it is 60 grams of cannabis oil needed in case of most of the people to kill most of the cancer cells.

In order to treat skin cancer, there is a need of an ounce of top-quality cannabis oil. In the beginning, one needs 3 to 4 grams of high-grade cannabis oil for the purpose of treating skin cancer.

Side Effects Of Cannabis Oil

There are numerous health benefits of cannabis oil, and the people are starting to emphasize a lot on the benefits of cannabis oil. However, like all other medicines and products, cannabis oil also has some possible side effects.

These possible side effects must be known by each and every person who is considering using cannabis oil for various objectives. Here are some of the possible side effects of cannabis oil.

1. Decrease In Concentration And Memory

There is a chance that the use of cannabis oil may decrease the concentration, memory, and ability to learn and think. In case a patient is using antidepressants, pain reliever, anxiety medications, and muscle relaxers, then that patient must not combine both cannabis oil and other medications at the same time. It’s not safe to do that.

The combination may lead to fatigue and drowsiness.

2. Side Effect On Pregnant Women

The pregnant women must stay away from cannabis oil. The use of cannabis oil may have an adverse effect on women during the period of conception.

Furthermore, the use of cannabis oil may also increase the risk of birth defects and the child’s birth at a very low weight. And, cannabis oil should not only be used by women who do breastfeeding.

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Final Verdict

The steps to prepare cannabis oil are not so complex. The major obstacle for the people to prepare this oil is when it comes to getting all the ingredients.

There are many nations, which have not yet legalized cannabis, and it’s considered as an illegal drug. If this drug is legal in the place where you’re living, then consider using cannabis only for medical purposes.
The study shows that using marijuana for recreational purpose in a long run can impair the brain’s function. [6]

Prepare the cannabis oil by following the instruction mentioned in the above section of this article; check out its benefits, and apply it as per your requirement to get the most out of cannabis oil.

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