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What Are Teeth Whitening Products and Kits?

Many people experience staining on their teeth over time, which can occur from the use of coffee, tobacco, and other substances. While there are some highly effective dental procedures to whiten teeth, they are also expensive. Teeth whitening products and kits present an effective and less costly alternative.

There are a variety of whitening products available, including strips, serums, gels, and more. Kits often combine one or more of these products with LED light therapy or other technologies to boost whitening benefits, reduce inflammation, and kill harmful bacteria for better overall oral health.

In this review we’ll give you detailed information about the best teeth whitening products and the best home teeth whitening kits. We’ll also present you with our expert choices for the top selections on the market today, including an overview of our team’s favorite brand.

How Did We Evaluate Best Teeth Whitening Products and Kits?

We consulted Dr. Steven Lin, who is a well-known dentist, speaker, and author of the upcoming book. Everything from product roundups and illness FAQs to nutrition explainers and the dish on diet trends He knows how important it is to receive trustworthy and expert-approved advice about over-the-counter products that help you manage everyday conditions.

Our evaluation process begins with extensive market research. We established a set of criteria that we believe are essential for effective teeth whitening. From there, we chose teeth whitening kits from top-rated brands (some were also recommended by the pros) and then looked at their overall value, such as effectiveness, safety, ease of use, price point, and customer satisfaction. He knows how uncomfortable teeth sensitivity from whitening products can be, so he only recommends products he knows are either gentle enough for sensitive teeth or whiten teeth so well that they’re worth the discomfort.

colanAccording to Consumer Health Digest Research & Approved, Our best overall pick is NuBeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit is equipped with a high-quality LED light that emits blue and red light wavelengths that deliver a brighter and more radiant smile. For a more affordable pick Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-on Teeth Whitening Kit, is a popular and innovative product designed to help users achieve a brighter smile without the hassle of traditional teeth whitening methods.colan-1

Our Top Picks

20 Best Teeth Whitening Products And Kits of 2024

There were several popular teeth whitening products and kits available. However, it’s important to note that the best products can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. Our team evaluated the best products for whitening teeth and the best at-home teeth-whitening kit sets on the market today.


NuBeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Teeth Whitening Kit


NuBeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit

(4.9/5) 445 REVIEWS
  • Dentists Recommended
  • Experience the Best Results
  • Affordable Price
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Gum Irritation
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: NuBeam
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Strips, Mouthguard, LED Blue Light Device
  • Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide, Menthol, Glycerin, Ethanol
  • Usage: Whitens Teeth, Removes Stains, Kills Bacteria
  • Safety: Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly Formula, Dentists Recommended
  • Refund Policy: 30-Day
  • Company Info: WOLFSON BRANDS (UK) LIMITED, 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, G4 0LF, United Kingdom,, +1 646 568 9679

I like it! It works!!!

“Nubeam is a game-changer for me. I’ve tried other teeth whitening products before, but none delivered like Nubeam. It’s simple to use, kind to my sensitive teeth and produces fantastic results. Now, my favorite accessory is my smile!” – Mark W.

The NuBeam Kit includes potent strips to remove stains from your teeth, a mouthguard, and a LED blue light device that speeds up teeth whitening, reduces inflammation, and kills harmful mouth bacteria to decrease plaque and reduce the risk of getting gingivitis.

Not only is it the best whitening kit for teeth, but NuBeam also enhances your overall oral health and could even cut down on future dental bills. While our team gives this product 4.9 stars overall, the NuBeam reviews are also very enthusiastic.

colan According to Semantic Scholar [1], The concentration of hydrogen peroxide has a significant impact on the hydrophilicity, roughness, morphology, mechanical properties, and tribological properties of human tooth enamel.colan-1

Most of the feedback is on the official site, and there are numerous 5-star reviews from verified buyers who rave about the NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit.

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vVardis White Enamel Serum | Best Teeth Whitening Serum

vvardis white enamel serum

vVardis White Enamel Serum

(4.3/5) 213 REVIEWS
  • Form: Serum
  • Quantity: 2 ml
  • Brand: vVardis
  • Included Component: White Enamel Serum
  • Dosage: Apply Twice in a Day
  • Ingredients: Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Calcium Carbonate
  • Usage: Helps Protects Against Stains, Creates White Smooth Enamel
  • Safety: Non GMO, Vegan
  • Refund Policy: 30-Day
  • Company Info: Sihlbruggstrasse 109, 6340 Baar, Switzerland,, 866-909-1357


“The results speak for themselves! The vVardis White Enamel Serum has given my face a youthful appearance. I’m more confident than ever! vVardis White Enamel Serum has become an essential part of my skincare routine. My friends have been asking about my secret to glowing skin!” – Susan G.

vVardis White Enamel Serum is designed to give your teeth a radiant look by using Biomimetic Science, a process that mimics how nature works. The special formula, called Hydroxya-Peptide500, is super-concentrated and patented. It actually helps create new white enamel on your teeth in just one week. This serum isn’t just about looks – it also helps protect your teeth from enamel erosion, which can lead to tooth sensitivity. Before you start using the serum, make sure you’ve brushed your teeth with vVARDIS toothpaste.

Once your teeth are ready, you can use the included applicator brush to put a nice, thick layer of serum on each tooth, even if you have veneers or porcelain crowns. And don’t forget to extend the serum slightly over your gum line. This is something you’ll do every night for a week, using up the whole bottle. And if you’re worried about delivery, don’t be – orders over $35 get free delivery, and you’ll usually get your order within 1-5 business days. Plus, they’re so confident in the product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

colanAccording to the National Library of Medicine[2], Calcium Carbonate for teeth whitening is its gentle abrasive nature. It can effectively remove surface stains from teeth without causing significant damage to the enamel.colan-1

vVardis White Enamel Serum is all about giving your teeth a fresh start. It’s like a mini spa treatment for your teeth! This serum has a special ingredient called Hydroxya-Peptide500, which is like a powerhouse for your teeth. It uses Biomimetic Science, which is a fancy way of saying that it imitates how nature naturally rejuvenates things.

When you use this serum, it actually helps create new enamel on your teeth, which is the hard, protective layer that makes your teeth strong and shiny. Not only does it make your teeth look great, but it also helps prevent enamel erosion, which is when that protective layer gets worn away. This erosion can lead to teeth feeling sensitive, so the serum is like a shield for your smile. Using it is pretty easy too. After you’ve brushed your teeth, you just put the serum on each tooth using the applicator brush they provide.

It’s recommended to do this every night for a week, and it’s totally safe to use on all types of dental work you might have, like veneers or crowns. And guess what? If you don’t love the results, you’re covered by their money-back guarantee. So, if you want to bring back that natural radiance to your teeth, vVardis White Enamel Serum might just be the magic potion you’ve been looking for!

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Crest Whitening Emulsion | Best Leave-On Teeth Whitening Formula


Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-on Teeth Whitening Kit With Led Light

(4.0/5) 145 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Crest
  • Included Component: Crest Whitening Emulsions, Wand Applicator, LED Accelerator Light
  • Ingredients: Petrolatum, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sucralose
  • Usage: Whiter Teeth, Protects Against Stains
  • Safety: Non GMO, Enamel-Safe
  • Refund Policy: 60-Day
  • Company Info: 1 Procter & Gamble Plz, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202, United States, +1-800-492-7378

Really whitens & brightens teeth!!

“I have been using the Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-on Teeth Whitening Kit for a while now, and I have started to notice some differences in the shade of my teeth. I really like this product and how easy it is to use. I have always wanted to try out the LED lights for whitening teeth, as I have not found a whitening gel that truly works. You don’t need a lot of the whitening emulsions; just a little bit that you spread across your teeth with the little brush. Then you put the LED light in your mouth for 2 minutes. Sometimes I do two rounds with the LED light. My teeth are getting whiter with each use, but I have noticed that you have to be consistent or you won’t see any progress.” – Angel Dawn

Crest Whitening Emulsions is an innovative product that ensures your teeth become 100% whiter, and it’s faster than ever before. The secret lies in tiny but powerful peroxide droplets, held in a water-resistant formula, which work wonders to whiten your teeth while keeping sensitivity in check. And here’s the extra boost: the Crest LED Accelerator Light. It breaks down stains at an accelerated pace, giving you even better** teeth-whitening outcomes. What’s in the package? You’ll find a tube of leave-on teeth whitening treatment, a wand applicator, the Crest LED Accelerator Light, and a handy stand for storage. Using the LED light is a breeze – just press the side buttons together, release them, and then hold it against your teeth for about 3 minutes, or until it turns off.

colanAccording to the National Library of Medicine[3], Hydrogen Peroxide is a potent teeth whitening agent widely used in dental products and professional treatments. It can penetrate the enamel and break down stubborn stains, making it effective at removing both surface and deeper stains.colan-1

With this product, you’re in for whiter teeth, and they’re so sure about it that if you’re not satisfied, Crest has your back. Inside the package, you’ll find all you need: a tube of the leave-on teeth whitening treatment, a wand applicator for easy use, the Crest LED Accelerator Light for that extra oomph, and a stand to keep things organized. To make the most of the whitening effects, the LED light steps in, enhancing the process. Operating it is simple: press the side buttons together, release, and then let it do its magic against your teeth for a few minutes. And if the results don’t live up to your expectations, no worries – Crest will send you a pre-paid card for the amount you spent. Just send in your receipt and package UPC within 60 days of purchase.

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Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Teeth Whitening Kit For Fast Results

colgate optic white comfort fit led teeth whitening kit

Colgate Optic White Comfort Fit LED Teeth Whitening Kit

(4.2/5) 378 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Colgate
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Serum, LED Teeth Whitening Kit, Teeth Whitening Pen
  • Ingredients: Alcohol, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Water
  • Usage: Whitens Teeth, No-Tooth Sensitivity
  • Safety: Non GMO, Vegan, Enamel Safe
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 300 Park Avenue · New York, New York 10022 U.S. , +1-800-225599

Remove 10 years of stains.

“In just 3 days, the Comfort Fit LED teeth whitening kit effectively erased a decade’s worth of stains – a truly impressive outcome! This is an ideal solution for anyone seeking rapid teeth whitening. The product consistently delivers swift and reliable results.” – Dishman

White ComfortFit LED Teeth Whitening Kit achieves professional-level teeth whitening in the comfort of your home. The LED device, powered by purple wavelength technology, supercharges the hydrogen peroxide serum to deliver exceptional whitening effects. This specially formulated serum is enamel-safe and thoughtfully designed to ensure no tooth sensitivity.

What’s more, the flexible and lightweight LED device molds comfortably to your mouth, ensuring a consistent whitening experience without compromising your comfort. The main perks include teeth whitening and a sensitivity-conscious design. Since common culprits like tea, coffee, wine, and smoking lead to teeth staining, this treatment is recommended up to four times a year to maintain a radiant smile.

colan According to Medicina [4], The use of acrylate-based materials allows for more conservative and minimally invasive dental treatments, as they can bond directly to the tooth structure and often require less removal of healthy tooth material.colan-1

To begin, make sure your LED whitening device is correctly connected to your unlocked iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet. For iPhones, use the provided adaptor. And if you encounter any issues with the device’s lighting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a replacement within the warranty period.

The process is simple and effective – first, apply a thin layer of the whitening serum to your teeth. Then, utilize the LED device for a 10-minute session that lights up your smile. Repeat this routine for 10 days as instructed for optimal results. Once the serum dries, you can easily remove it by brushing your teeth. To maximize the impact, consider leaving the serum on overnight for the best outcome. This kit empowers you to bid farewell to stains caused by daily indulgences like tea, coffee, wine, and smoking.

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ARC Teeth Whitening Kit | Best For Teeth Whitening


ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit

(3.5/5) 467 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: ARC
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Strips, Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Ingredients: PVP, PVG-8, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Enamel Safe, Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Refund Policy: 60-Days
  • Company Info: 1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, +1 (866) 989-3951

Love! I now have white teeth!

“I struggled with yellow teeth due to medication. I tried a teeth-whitening product and used six strips. The strips work without the light, but the light enhances them. I noticed a difference after three uses—a gradual improvement. By the sixth use, I had achieved a brighter smile and was happy with the results. I stopped using after that, not sparkling white but close. After a couple of months, use the last strips. It took pictures to document it for skeptics.” – Morgan H.

The new ARC Teeth Whitening Kit comes with 14 ARC whitening treatments and 1 Blue Light device to help brighten your teeth. The ARC whitening treatments are thin, flexible strips coated with a gel infused with hydrogen peroxide. These strips are designed to fit the shape of your teeth and work by applying the gel to your teeth, targeting stains below the enamel’s surface. The Blue Light device is specially designed to weaken yellow stains, allowing the peroxide to whiten your teeth more effectively.

To get started, make sure to clean the ARC Blue Light mouthpiece before your first use. It’s water-resistant and can be cleaned under running water. Use the light at the end of your ARC teeth whitening treatment, during the last 5 minutes of the 30-minute strip wear time.

colan According to Trials [5], Hydrogen peroxide contains peroxides and bleaching agents that may help whiten the teeth, making it a common active ingredient in many teeth whitening treatments. This leads many people to wonder whether store-bought hydrogen peroxide can serve as an effective tooth whitener as well.colan-1

To use the kit, apply the strips to your upper and lower teeth and leave them on for a total of 30 minutes. After 25 minutes, press and hold the two buttons on the light together to turn on the Blue Light. Place the light on top of the strips until it turns off after about 5 minutes. When it’s done, remove the light and strips. The ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit promises whiter teeth in just one week. The kit includes the Blue Light device and 14 ARC Treatments. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The price starts at $44.94. Just remember, this kit is not recommended for those under 18, and it’s important not to swallow the plastic strips. If the gel comes in contact with your eyes, rinse them with water thoroughly. The kit’s batteries are included and are not replaceable. When you’re done with the device, follow your local regulations for disposal. Avoid putting the device in a fire or incinerator.
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Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Product For Teeth Whitening


Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit With LED Light

(3.4/5) 5619 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Auraglow
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light, Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
  • Ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide
  • Usage: Remove Stains from Coffee, Wine, Soda, Whitens Teeth
  • Safety: Enamel Safe, Sensitivity Free, Light Activated
  • Refund Policy: 60-Days
  • Company Info: Auraglow HQ, 6 Landmark Square, Stamford, Connecticut 06901

As effective as dental products, but more affordable!

“This here product works really well; reckon it’s right up there with the tooth-whitening gel I used to get from my dentist. The tray they send along does its job right fine, and that blue light sticks right onto the tray, making it easier to keep steady. I sure am thinking about buying this outstanding product again!” – Linda

Discover the Auraglow LED Teeth Whitening Kit, a cutting-edge solution that combines our dental-grade whitening formula with the potency of LED light for faster, more radiant results. Our advanced formula employs a 35% carbamide peroxide gel, which has been clinically proven to effectively eliminate stains. Complementing this is our state-of-the-art LED accelerator light, recognized as one of the most potent at-home whitening accelerators on the market. This dynamic duo promises to brighten your teeth by up to 10 shades in just 7 days, all while ensuring a painless and irritation-free experience. Whether it’s coffee, wine, soda, tea, or smoking stains, our kit covers it all, making it the ideal choice for comprehensive teeth whitening.

colanA study published by the Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice[6], carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are frequently used in teeth-whitening procedures, can easily penetrate your teeth’s hard structures.colan-1

This product boasts numerous advantages, including the ability to maintain enamel health and its compatibility with caps, crowns, and veneers. Utilizing the kit is simple: dedicate just 30 minutes daily for optimal results. You’ll benefit from 20 treatments of dental-grade whitening gel, specifically formulated to remove stubborn stains. The package includes a rechargeable LED accelerator light, two syringes of 35% carbamide peroxide gel (equivalent to 20 treatments), a convenient storage and charging case, and a charging cable that works with standard USB phone plugs (charging plug not included).

We stand behind our products with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not delighted with your Auraglow experience, send it back for a full refund, with return shipping covered. Furthermore, all our products are covered by a 2-year warranty against defects and manufacturing issues.

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Boots Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Whitening System For Teeth


Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Kit with Blue Light Activation

(3.3/5) 79 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Boots Expert
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Kit with Blue Light Activation, Whitening Gel
  • Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Potassium Acesulfame
  • Usage: Whitens Teeth, Remove Stains
  • Safety: Enamel Safe
  • Refund Policy: NA
  • Company Info:, 0345 270 0999

Definitely Works.

“I purchased this product without expecting significant changes, if any, but I was pleasantly astonished by the outcomes. It unquestionably enhanced the whiteness and healthful appearance of my teeth. I am committed to continuing its use without a doubt.” – KLP

Our Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Kit, with the added activation of blue light, can make your teeth up to 10 shades whiter within just one week, starting to show its effects right away. Notably, the silicone mouth tray is designed to be gentle and flexible, ensuring a comfortable fit that’s easy on your gums. This convenient solution comes at a cost of £18.66, giving you a saving of £9.34. Achieving a brighter smile is simple with our Teeth Whitening Kit.

colan According to New Horizon [7], Propylene Glycol helps prevent products from drying out, acts as a thickener, and provides sweetness. It is an ingredient that keeps the toothpaste moist and prevents the solid and liquid ingredients from separating..colan-1

Begin by brushing your teeth as you usually do. Charge the mouth tray under a strong light source—like a phone torch, lamp, or sunlight. Apply the Pretreatment from the tube using the sponge tip, covering the front of your teeth gently. Spread a thin layer of whitening gel onto the mouth tray. Softly fold the tray and place it in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Once done, take out the tray, rinse your mouth, and clean the tray with water for your next use. It’s an easy process for a radiant smile.

For your safety, please consider the following precautions when using this product:
This product is not intended for children under 12 years old. Use as directed and avoid direct contact with the eyes. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have loose teeth, dental work, braces, certain enamel conditions, or have recent dental surgeries, it’s advisable not to use this product. If you experience any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately and avoid swallowing the product. Maintain a minimum gap of 4 weeks between each treatment session.

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Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Teeth Whitening Led Kit


Glo Science Classic Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device Kit

(3.4/5) 105 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: GLO Science
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Device Kit, Warming Mouthpiece, Blue LED Light Technology, Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Ingredients: Potassium Nitrate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Edetate Disodium, Sodium Saccharin
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Enamel Safe, Gluten Free, Sensitivity Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202,, +1 855-456-5976

Great for people with sensitivity concerns.

“I had some teeth sensitivity, but this product only left them slightly sensitive after about five days of use. It wasn’t as bad as other home whitening products I’ve tried before. Being a regular coffee drinker, I was hesitant to try another home whitener. However, I’m surprised by the results I got – there’s a noticeable difference in my teeth’s appearance.” – Patricia G

Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device features an original patented LED light teeth whitening technology. Our dentist-invented LED mouthpiece, using professional-grade heat, achieves the ideal temperature for faster and brighter teeth whitening, with less hydrogen peroxide, ensuring minimal sensitivity and immediate results.

With just four 8-minute sessions a day, spread over five days, you can lighten your teeth by up to 5 shades. The kit includes 10 vials for a total of 10 days of application. All the essentials are neatly packed in a convenient zip travel case, offering a comprehensive solution for your whitest and brightest smile.

colan The Journal of Dentistry [8] have shown that the use of potassium nitrate and/or sodium fluoride can reduce the intensity of tooth sensitivity. Specifically, potassium nitrate at a 5% concentration has been found to be effective in addressing tooth-bleaching sensitivity by reducing nerve pain through the prevention of nerve repolarization.colan-1

The kit comprises the patented LED heated mouthpiece, the original Glo controller, 10 vegan Teeth Whitening Gel Glo Vials in Mint flavor for two 5-day whitening sessions, Glo Nourishing Lip Care (containing beeswax), a lanyard for hands-free whitening, a USB cord with charger, a shade guide, a user manual, and the premium zip travel case.

This innovative product is clinically proven to eliminate stains and whiten teeth by up to 5 shades. Its patented LED technology, developed by dentists, accelerates whitening with minimal hydrogen peroxide usage, ensuring a comfortable at-home experience without sensitivity. The device is entirely safe for enamel, as well as dental work like crowns, bridges, and veneers. Its hands-free design enables multitasking during whitening sessions. Additionally, it comes with a premium zip travel case for convenient storage. The kit is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty on all device components.

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Glossray Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Product to Whiten Teeth

glossray teeth whitening kit

Glossray Teeth Whitening Kit

(3.5/5) 105 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Glossray
  • Included Component: 3D Pro LED Device, Whitening Gel Pens, 3D Pro Mouth Tray
  • Ingredients: Peroxide, Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Xantham Gum
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Dentist & Specialist Recommended, Vegan Formula, Sensitivity Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: UAS,, +1 844-460-9686

Works very well.

“I used to feel really self-conscious about my teeth, so I never smiled in pictures. But I reached a point where I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to give Glossray a try. It’s one of the top-rated teeth whitening kits, and I have to say, it definitely lives up to its reputation. After just three uses, I noticed a significant improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. I was so impressed that I got more whitening gel. The gel doesn’t have much of a taste, and it’s easy to rinse off after use. I’d absolutely recommend it – I’d even rate it 20 out of 10 if I could!” – Krystal

Glossray Teeth Whitening Kit is highly recommended by dentists and specialists, ensuring its quality and effectiveness. Inside the package, you’ll find three 3ml Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes, a Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray, a Teeth Whitening Light Base, and an Instruction Manual.

The usage process is straightforward: begin by brushing, flossing, and drying your teeth. Then, place the mouth tray into the charged light base. Apply the whitening gel onto the trays and your teeth, and insert the trays while activating the light. After 10 minutes, the light will turn off automatically. Remove the trays, rinse, and clean the tray for future use.

colan Some Studies [9] when used carefully, hydrogen peroxide can be an effective way to whiten your teeth. However, it’s crucial to use it safely. Ensure that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is not too high, and definitely consult with your dentist before attempting any at-home whitening methods, as many of these products can be abrasive and potentially harm your enamel.colan-1

You have the flexibility to extend treatment sessions for up to 30 minutes without needing more gel. For best outcomes, it’s recommended to whiten before going to bed and steer clear of staining agents for 1-2 hours following the treatment. With GLOSSRAY, you’re equipped with a dentist-approved teeth whitening solution that’s both convenient and effective, making the journey to a brighter smile an effortless one.

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Hismile VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Teeth Whitening Treatment


Hismile VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit

(3.1/5) 12495 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Hismile
  • Included Component: VIO405 Device, VIO405 Travel Case, VIO405 Teeth Whitening Refills, PAP+ Primer
  • Ingredients: Potassium Citrate, Hydroxyapatite, Sodium Phosphate, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Disodium Phosphate
  • Usage: Teeth Whitening, Remove Stains
  • Safety: Enamel Safe, Sensitivity Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 225-229 Burleigh Connection Rd, Burleigh Waters, QLD 4220, Australia,

Amazing products that keep you motivated!

“I ordered the Hi Smile teeth whitening kit along with their day and night toothpaste. The delivery was quick, and I was eager to try everything. I used the whitening kit every day for six days, alongside the toothpaste. The kit did make my teeth visibly whiter, although I understand why some people might feel disappointed if they’re expecting a super bright celebrity-like result. Remember, even if it doesn’t give you that exact outcome, it’s not the end of the road. Persistence is key.” – Linda

VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit takes your teeth to their ultimate whitening potential, harnessing the synergy of VIO405 light technology and our acclaimed PAP+ formula, delivering top-tier at-home whitening in just 10 minutes. Experience professional-level results without sensitivity or irritation, amplified by the VIO405 light, and enjoy the added advantage of the bonus PAP+ Primer to enhance whitening effects. At the core of this innovation is the VIO405 light technology, a groundbreaking addition to the Teeth Whitening Kit.

Unlike traditional devices with only 5 LEDs, our VIO405 light boasts 32 LEDs that operate at a shorter wavelength. This innovative violet light works in tandem with our PAP+ formula, activating its whitening potential like never before.

colanResearch, [10] supports the safety of hydroxyapatite, affirming its suitability for use in oral health products. Hydroxyapatite effectively controls biofilm formation primarily by virtue of its anti-adhesive properties, preventing bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface.colan-1

The formula’s key ingredient, PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid), is both safe and effective, clinically proven to avoid discomfort and sensitivity. Unlike peroxide-based options, PAP doesn’t release free radicals during whitening.

To start, brush your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes before the treatment at night. Apply the PAP+ Primer, wait 10 seconds, and remove excess before initiating the whitening procedure. Each Refill holds enough gel for one treatment—apply half to the top and half to the bottom of the mouth tray. Activate the VIO405 Device by pressing the Hismile logo and inserting it into your mouth until it turns off automatically after a 10-minute session. Dispose of any surplus gel and rinse your mouth with water. The VIO405 Device is easy to maintain, being water-resistant (IPX6), allowing you to clean the mouth tray using water or a damp cloth after usage.

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iSmile Teeth Whitening kit | Best Teeth Whitening Devices


iSmile Teeth Whitening kit

(3.3/5) 1176 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: ISmile
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Gel, Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide
  • Usage: Teeth Whitening, Remove Stains from Coffee, Wine, Soda, Smoking
  • Safety: Sensitivity Free, Dentist Recommended
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 2805 East Oakland Park Blvd, 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306,, +1 800-793-8275

Brighter Teeth!

“After using iSmile consistently for just 5 days, I’ve been amazed at the remarkable transformation in the color of my teeth. Notably, the process has been completely free of any sensitivity issues, which is a relief. This product has undoubtedly delivered on its promise, leaving me with a brighter and more confident smile than ever before.” – Madison Clark

Imagine having a dazzling smile that radiates confidence – that’s exactly what our iSmile at-home teeth whitening kit offers. Our kit is complete with professional whitening gel and a powerful blue LED light, working in tandem to accelerate the whitening process and deliver results that truly stand out. Unlike traditional whitening strips, iSmile is three times faster in achieving a brighter smile. The beauty of it all is that you can achieve these stunning results in just 10 minutes a day.

What’s more, our gel is designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring zero sensitivity while effectively removing stains caused by coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more. You can trust our enamel-safe formula to bring back the natural shine of your teeth.

colanAccording to Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice, [11] Carbamide peroxide provides a more gradual and controlled teeth whitening process that is generally gentler on the teeth and gums when compared to stronger, fast-acting bleaching agents, potentially lowering the risk of tooth sensitivity.colan-1

Here are three compelling reasons why iSmile will quickly become your new favorite addition to your oral care routine. First, our innovative blue LED light accelerator turbocharges the whitening gel’s performance, efficiently breaking down stubborn stains for quicker results. Second, our zero-sensitivity formula is a game-changer.

You can bid farewell to worries about discomfort while removing those pesky stains – whether they’re from your morning coffee or that occasional glass of red wine. And finally, with iSmile, visible whitening results are evident from the very first use, and you can experience teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just one week. The universal tray, crafted with medical-grade silicone and easy-breathe vents, ensures a comfortable fit that covers both top and bottom teeth simultaneously – all without the need for molding.

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Lumineux | Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste


Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

(3.5/5) 429 REVIEWS
  • Form: Toothpaste
  • Quantity: 3.75 Fl. Oz.
  • Brand: Lumineux
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
  • Ingredients: Calcium Carbonat, Titanium Dioxide, Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Leaf Oil, Carrageenan
  • Usage: Teeth Whitening, Remove Stains
  • Safety: Dentist Formulated,Enamel Safe, Certified Non-Toxic
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 436 N. Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, +1 888-773-5273

Feels so squeaky clean!

“I’m absolutely thrilled with this toothpaste! Every time I run my tongue over my teeth following a thorough brushing, I’m met with an incredibly satisfying sensation of pristine cleanliness. It’s as if the toothpaste’s remarkable formula not only cleans but polishes my teeth to a level of squeaky-clean perfection that I haven’t experienced before. This newfound freshness and smoothness after each brush have truly elevated my oral care routine, making it a joy to maintain the health and cleanliness of my teeth.” – Kaira

Lumineux is no ordinary toothpaste, and here’s why it’s an exceptional choice for your dental care. The unique formula, centered around coconut oil and Dead Sea salt, gives this toothpaste its distinctive soft texture. This deviation from the norm is a testament to our commitment to providing a stain-removing solution that’s effective yet gentle.

colanAccording to International Dental Journal, [12] Calcium carbonate is utilized to offer a gentle yet effective abrasion for the purpose of scrubbing away plaque and surface stains on enamel, ensuring a thorough cleaning without causing undue harshness or damage to the enamel.colan-1

Our approach avoids the use of harsh abrasives, focusing instead on ingredients that clean, freshen, and whiten without causing sensitivity. It’s not just about cleaning teeth; it’s about elevating your oral care routine. And that’s not all – Lumineux is clinically proven, enamel-safe, and dentist formulated, offering you a trustworthy solution for a healthier smile. Plus, with the added benefits of being certified non-toxic, you can brush with confidence, knowing you’re making a mindful choice.

Experience the Lumineux difference by applying a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to your Lumineux® bamboo toothbrush, gently brushing in circular motions for two minutes. With free shipping for subscriptions or orders over $40 and a 30-day money-back guarantee, Lumineux makes it easier than ever to embrace a brighter, healthier smile.

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Moon Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth


Moon Oral Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

(3.4/5) 196 REVIEWS
  • Form: Toothpaste
  • Brand: MOON
  • Included Component: LED Teeth Whitening Device, Teeth Whitening Strips
  • Ingredients: Tetrasodium EDTA, Organic Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Mica (Violet), Titanium Dioxide
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: 100% Vegan, Parabens Free, Artificial Flavors
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 222 Pacific Coast Highway, 10th Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245,, +1 800-949-8108


“This product is truly effective. I utilize it every second day, and the mouthpiece’s complete waterproof feature makes cleaning a breeze. The dissolvable strips have a pleasant taste, and the best part is that they don’t exacerbate the sensitivity of my already sensitive teeth. That was my main concern, but this product doesn’t worsen it. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and genuinely delivers results in enhance my smile.” – Sarah

Our kit pairs seamlessly with MOON’s Dissolving Whitening Strips, ensuring a hassle-free process that doesn’t involve any rinsing. The kit comes with 56 Peppermint-flavored Dissolving Whitening Strips, designed to fit perfectly and stay in place. The refreshing peppermint flavor adds a touch of enjoyment to your whitening routine.

colanAccording to Study, [13]Tetrasodium EDTA is employed to bind with metal ions in the oral cavity, effectively mitigating the potentially detrimental effects of these metal ions, which could otherwise impede the efficacy of specific dental products.colan-1

The secret behind our technology lies in the specially engineered blue LED frequency. This innovation works in harmony with the hydrogen peroxide in the Dissolving Whitening Strips. Together, they combat and eliminate tough stains from the surface of your teeth. Say goodbye to discoloration as your smile regains its natural radiance.

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Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light | Best Over The Counter Teeth Whitening


Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

(3.6/5) 5603 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: SNOW
  • Included Component: LED Accelerated Whitening Device, Whitening Wands, LED Mouthpiece
  • Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer, EDTA, Mentha Piperita, Xylitol
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Fluoride Free, Enamel Safe
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: USA,, +1 (888) 991-2796.


“I have so many positive things to say about Snow! I followed their suggestion and used it for the full 21 days, and the outcome was incredible!! Now, I use it for 3 days every month to keep up the results easily. I’ve tried getting my teeth professionally whitened in the past and saw no changes at all. I was unsure when I began because my teeth are sensitive, and I drink a lot of espresso. However, the results were impressive, and I didn’t experience any sensitivity problems. I’m absolutely in love with this product.” – Corina

Introducing our highly acclaimed teeth whitening kit – the ultimate solution for a radiant smile, right from the comfort of your home. Our kit combines a special whitening serum with advanced LED technology to give you professional-level teeth whitening like never before.

The brand-new Diamond Edition features super-strong whitening wands that not only make your teeth shine but also contain Potassium Nitrate to prevent tooth sensitivity and heal enamel with hydroxyapatite. Achieve dazzling results in just 9 minutes a day – a convenient way to brighten your teeth.

colanAccording to Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine [14]Xylitol has the ability to prevent bacteria from adhering to teeth, leading to a decrease in plaque formation. Xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol, plays a significant role in cavity prevention, thus contributing to the prevention of tooth decay. The key to its effectiveness is regular and consistent use, with research indicating that xylitol can reduce oral bacteria levels by approximately 90 percent and help maintain a balanced pH level in the mouth.colan-1

Imagine achieving a stunning smile effortlessly. Our kit has got you covered. According to our official website, an incredible 97% of users noticed visible results after just one use and a whopping 100% saw remarkable changes within 21 days. Worried about sensitive teeth? Fret not, as our formula is safe for even the most sensitive teeth. Get ready for fast-acting, long-lasting results that will leave you amazed.

Just follow these easy steps: Brush your teeth gently for two minutes, then apply our Snow® Serum by covering each tooth’s surface. Next, use the LED light device for as little as 9 minutes – simply plug it into your phone or a USB port, put it in the mouthpiece, and relax.

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Smile Time Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Tooth Whitening System

smile time teeth whitening kit

Smile Time Teeth Whitening Kit

(3.5/5) 3408 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: SmileTime
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Gel, Mouth Tray, LED Light, Instruction Card
  • Ingredients: Sorbitol, Aqua, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, Propylene Glycol
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Vegan Friendly
  • Refund Policy: 28-Days
  • Company Info: F14 Silverbox House, 56 Magnet Road, East Lane Business Park, HA9 7FP,

Fantastic Product with Great Results!

“I really love this kit. I’ve tried other stuff to make my teeth whiter, but this one is definitely the best. It even won an award, and now I know why – my smile is 6 shades brighter and I’m super happy about it. I totally think you should give it a try!” – Kaira

Discover our Teeth Whitening Kit designed to give you a radiant smile in just 15 minutes over a span of 6 days. This easy-to-use kit features an advanced whitening ingredient called PAP that brightens your teeth without any discomfort. No more worries about pain or sensitivity – our formula has got you covered. Start your journey to a brighter smile with the SmileTime Bamboo Toothbrush and SmileTime Charcoal Whitening Powder.

These will help prepare your teeth by removing plaque buildup, ensuring you’re all set for whitening. Simply attach the LED light to the mouth tray, apply the gel to the tray’s top and bottom sides, and pop it in for a 15-minute whitening session. After use, spit and rinse, and you’re ready to repeat the process the next day.

colanAccording to Dentistry Journal [15] PAP, which stands for Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, is a synthetic organic peroxy acid primarily employed as a bleaching activator and, more recently, as a teeth whitening agent.colan-1

The results can last from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on your diet and consumption of foods like coffee and alcohol. For consistent results, we recommend monthly applications. We stand by our product, and if you’re not satisfied, you’re covered by our 28-day return policy. Just send the item back within 28 days of receiving it, and we’ll provide a full refund through your original payment method within 14 days of receiving the returned item. So, embark on your journey to a brighter smile with confidence – it’s never been this easy!

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Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste | Top Rated Teeth Whitening


Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste

(3.3/5) 589 REVIEWS
  • Form: Toothpaste
  • Quantity: 4.7 Oz.
  • Flavor: Cool Mint Flavor
  • Brand: Opalescence
  • Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride, Glycerin, Water (aqua), Silica, Sorbitol, Xylitol
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Gluten Free, Enamel Safe
  • Refund Policy: 28-Days
  • Company Info: 505 West Ultradent Drive
    South Jordan, UT 84095,, +1 888.230.1420

Great flavor & whitens teeth.

“I really adore this toothpaste! It’s a must-have in my daily teeth-cleaning routine. After using it, my mouth feels so fresh and minty. And guess what? My smile actually looks brighter now! Knowing that it has fluoride is a relief because that helps keep my teeth strong. The tube is a good size, 4.7 oz, and it lasts a long time. So, for the price, it’s totally worth it. I’d totally suggest this toothpaste to anyone who wants to improve their teeth cleaning and get a healthier, whiter smile.” – Kenny

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is like no other because it was made by a dentist. Unlike your regular toothpaste, it has a special blend of tri-silica that actively removes surface stains. In just 30 days, you might see your teeth get two shades whiter! The great part is that you can use it every single day without any problem.

colanAccording to Office of Dietary Supplements, [16] Sodium Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and can also be used to reduce gum and tooth sensitivity by strengthening your teeth.colan-1

It’s a fantastic match with our professional teeth whitening kits to keep your smile looking awesome and healthy. What’s more, it’s not as harsh on your teeth as other whitening toothpastes, so it’s safe for daily use. As it brightens your smile, it also does a good job of making your enamel stronger and keeping cavities away. We’ve even sweetened it with xylitol, which could help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

We’ve got two kinds: Original and Sensitivity Relief. They both work to make your teeth whiter, but Sensitivity Relief goes a step further by helping with tooth sensitivity. No matter if you’re vegan, avoiding gluten, or keeping things Kosher, our toothpaste is a fit for you!

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MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Teeth Whitening Kit with Led


MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

(3.2/5) 103 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: MySmile
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitenng Gel, LED Whitening Light
  • Ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide
  • Usage: Helps Protects Against Stains, Teeth Whitening
  • Safety: Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Day
  • Company Info:

Fantastic Teeth Whitening Kit.

“I was unsure about trying the My Smile Kit because I’ve used different teeth whitening products before, both over-the-counter and ones from my dentist, and they didn’t give me the results I wanted. However, after reading all the positive reviews for MySmile (there were so many 5-star ratings), I decided to give it a shot. And I’m really pleased with the outcome! I drink coffee and red wine, which can stain teeth, but the MySmile Kit helped brighten my teeth. I’m definitely considering ordering it again when I need more whitening.” – kaira

Get ready to experience a smile makeover with the MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit! This kit, which goes by the name “My Smile Teeth Whitening Kit,” is armed with a powerful LED light that works wonders. It’s designed to effectively remove even those stubborn stains that have made themselves at home in your teeth for as long as two decades, and all of this takes place within two weeks. You’ll begin to notice the difference quickly, even after using it only 1-3 times (you get a total of 9 treatment sessions).

colan A recent study [17] on hydrogen peroxide- and carbamide peroxide-based bleaching systems has demonstrated that tooth whitening is both safe and effective when adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, it emphasizes the importance of dental practitioners and patients being well-informed about the treatment plan and potential risks.colan-1

Now, this isn’t just any ordinary teeth whitening kit – it goes head-to-head with stains from coffee, smoking, wine, soda, and food. With its ultra-swift 10-minute process that meets dental standards, all thanks to its special enhanced carbamide peroxide formula, along with its waterproof LED teeth whitening light that’s an impressive 28 times more potent, and the three teeth whitening gel pens that provide you with enough for nine treatments, get ready to welcome a brighter and more dazzling smile – all with the help of the MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit.

The waterproof LED light, boasting an IPX7 rating, is truly a game-changer. It revs up the whitening process. You can freely use it in the shower. This kit prioritizes user-friendliness and simplicity, and it’s been given the green light by dentists, so you can confidently use it whether you’re at home, in your office, or even on the go during your travels. Proudly made in the USA, this product carries a one-year warranty that showcases the manufacturer’s dedication to delivering quality. You’re fully covered with prompt options for replacement or refund.

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Zimba Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Drugstore Teeth Whitening

zimba teeth whitening kit

Zimba Teeth Whitening Kit

(3.4/5) 2251 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Zimba
  • Included Component: Whitening Accelerator LED Light, Teeth Whitening Strips, Teeth Whitening Pen
  • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Deionized Water, Potassium Nitrate
  • Usage: Helps Protects Against Stains, Teeth Whitening, Reduces sensitivity
  • Safety: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Enamel Safe
  • Refund Policy: 30-Day
  • Company Info: 2045 High Ridge Road, Suite A, Boynton Beach, FL 33426, +1 (833) 420-1876,

Cruelty-free and no sensitivity!

“I really care about buying products that aren’t tested on animals, and it’s a big deal for me. So, discovering these cruelty-free items was really exciting! They not only do their job well, but they also don’t make my teeth feel sensitive. Unlike before, when using other whitening products would make even breathing painful for my teeth, these ones don’t cause any pain. It’s great because I want my smile to look as white as possible, especially since I’ve been on the news. Zimba definitely boosts my confidence in my smile! If you’re thinking about it, I’d say go ahead and buy these now!” – Kenny

Get ready to boost your confidence in your smile with the Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit. This kit brings together some of our top-notch products for the brightest results you’ve been looking for. It includes Mint Teeth Whitening Strips, a Premium Teeth Whitening Pen, and a Whitening Accelerator LED Light.

When using the Teeth Whitening Strips, make sure your hands are dry, then open the foil pack and peel off a strip. Stick the strip onto your dry teeth, press gently to make sure it’s in place, and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Once you remove it, you’ll reveal a whiter smile.

colan According to Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry [18] dental products containing potassium nitrate as an active ingredient function by blocking the transmission of pain signals from the tooth to the brain. Potassium nitrate has been utilized as a desensitizing agent to effectively treat dentinal hypersensitivity.colan-1

The Premium Teeth Whitening Pen is easy to use. Twist the bottom of the pen to get the whitening gel onto the brush. Swipe this gel evenly across your teeth and let it sit for five minutes. After that, just rinse your mouth and smile. For the best results, do this every day.

The Whitening Accelerator LED Light works together with the Zimba Whitening Pen. Apply the whitening gel according to the instructions. Then, put the Accelerator LED Light in your mouth and gently bite down. Press the power button twice to activate the red and blue LEDs. Wear it for the full 15-minute cycle and repeat daily to achieve a brighter smile. Remember to charge it as needed. This kit is all about giving you a cleaner, more confident smile. Not only is it effective, but it’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and designed to reduce sensitivity. So, go ahead and try it out – you’re on your way to a brighter smile!

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SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening Kit | Best Safe Teeth Whitening Product


SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

(3.5/5) 1878 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: SmileDirectClub
  • Included Component: Whitening Accelerator LED Light, Teeth Whitening Pen
  • Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol, Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Poloxamer 188
  • Usage: Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening, Reduces sensitivity
  • Safety: Enamel Safe, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Day
  • Company Info: 981 Industrial Park Road Suite D, Columbia, TN 38401, +1 (800) 957-3409

Whiter Brighter Teeth!

“I’ve been using the whitening product for just 4 days, and I can already see that my teeth are getting whiter and brighter! What’s great is that it only takes 5 minutes, and my teeth don’t feel sensitive at all. This is different from other teeth-whitening products I’ve tried before. This worked really great. Great price and easy!” – Linda

Introducing the Premium Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light. This kit brings you 4 whitening pens that will keep your smile brilliantly bright for 6 months. All it takes is 5 minutes, twice a day, for just one week to tackle tough stains that have built up over time. These pens use a safe whitening formula used by dentists and come with a no-messbrush applicator.

The gel absorbs quickly and has a refreshing cool mint flavor. But that’s not all – the kit also includes an LED light that’s powered by your smartphone and mimics the technology used by dentists. It’s easy to use, portable, and intensifies the effectiveness of the bright on premium teeth whitening gel. Plus, it’s energy-efficient, so it won’t drain your phone battery.

Before you start, give your teeth a good brush to help the whitening gel work better. Then, get ready to use the pens. Twist the bottom of a pen until you see gel in the brush. Apply the gel in a circular motion on your top and bottom front teeth – 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom. The gel will foam and seep into your teeth. For the LED light, plug it into your phone or USB port and gently bite down while it’s in your mouth.

colan According to Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology [19] Polyethylene Glycol may be utilized in fluoride treatments to facilitate the adhesion of fluoride to the teeth, thereby enhancing its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay.colan-1

It’s important to keep your phone active and charged at least 50% for the light to work properly. After 5 minutes, remove the light, but don’t rinse, eat, or drink for 20 minutes. This gives the teeth whitening time to fully absorb. With the enamel-safe whitening agent, these bright pens are like what dentists use, but at a much lower cost.

The special brush makes applying the gel easy, and the 20-LED accelerator light included in the kit supercharges the whitening process. Use the pens for a week – once in the morning and once in the evening – and enjoy a whiter smile that lasts for 6 months.

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Mr. Bright Teeth Whitening Kit | Best OTC Teeth Whitening


Mr. Bright Teeth Whitening Kit

(3.1/5) 213 REVIEWS
  • Form: Device
  • Brand: Mr. Bright
  • Included Component: Teeth Whitening Gel, LED Light, Mouthguard
  • Ingredients: Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cranberry, Xylitol, Organic Peppermint Oil
  • Usage: Whiter Teeth, Remove Stains
  • Safety: High Quality Ingredients, Cruelty Free, Vegan Free
  • Refund Policy: NA
  • Company Info:


“I’ve had the pleasure of using this product on multiple occasions, and I must say I’m absolutely thrilled with it! What truly stands out for me is its commitment to being both virgin and cruelty-free and the fact that it doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide, which I find to be quite impressive. I wholeheartedly endorse this product for everyone, as it provides an excellent option for teeth whitening right in the comfort of your own home. This product is truly exceptional!” – Sara

The Mr. Bright Teeth Whitening Kit provides everything you need to begin your teeth-whitening journey. It includes a 3-week supply of whitening gel, an LED light, a mouth guard for both upper and lower teeth, a step-by-step instruction manual, and a zip travel case. To get started, make sure the mouth tray is clean and attach it to the LED light. Apply a quarter of the gel from one tube to the tray, ensuring the front surface is covered. Insert the tray into your mouth and turn on the LED light.

colan According to Dentistry Journal [20] found that cranberry juice can reduce plaque by as much as 95% due to its ability to decrease sugars in the mouth, suggesting that cranberries can effectively combat tooth decay.colan-1

For the best results, use it for 10-30 minutes per session. Afterward, rinse your mouth and clean the tray. Repeat this process for six consecutive days each week to achieve optimal results. Mr. Bright offers the convenience of at-home teeth whitening in just 10 minutes. It employs fast, effective, and user-friendly methods, providing up to 8 shades of whiter teeth. Thanks to LED whitening technology, you can achieve professional results from the comfort of your own home. It’s like having a professional teeth-whitening experience right at your fingertips.

Official Website

How Do Teeth Whitening Products and Kits Work?

work of teeth whitening kit

While it depends largely on the components of the kit and the ingredients, most teeth whitening products use some kind of bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide but at much lower doses than a dentist would use.

This means the process takes longer, but it’s because at home you are less able to protect your gums. These agents remove stains and gradually make your teeth whiter, as we explained in our review of GoWhite. As long as you follow the directions, they do not harm your tooth enamel.

A review of the literature by Clifton M. Carey, BA, MS, PhD, Professor published in the Journal of Evidence Based Medical Practice conclude that teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide and related substances are safe, and they also discuss any possible risks.

Some of the best teeth whitening products not only enhance the brightness of your teeth but also contain ingredients with anti-inflammatory agents, which can help decrease swelling and expedite the healing process in the mouth. Additionally, these products often incorporate anti-microbial properties that effectively combat harmful pathogens in the oral cavity.

This can result in less plaque on the teeth and gums and a reduced risk of developing gingivitis. In addition, most of these products are rich in antioxidants which can lower oxidative stress by eliminating damaging free radicals.

This promotes repair and healing in the mouth, and can help strengthen immune functioning so you are less prone to infection. A scientific article published in Antioxidants by Fan Qi, et al examined the possible applications of antioxidants in dental procedures.

The best OTC teeth whitening kit products include a LED light device which uses red and/or blue light wavelengths. They send photons of light into the cell mitochondria to increase levels of ATP.

The result is a boost in cellular energy and health benefits all over the body, including in the mouth. LED light can decrease inflammation, kill harmful bacteria, and reduce your risk of developing conditions like gingivitis.

A study in Heliyon by Bart Gottenbos, et al concluded that blue LED light may have significant teeth whitening benefits.

How to Choose Teeth Whitening Products and Kits?

evaluate Teeth Whitening Pens

In order to select the best whitening products for teeth, our team of board-certified dentists and experts examined the existing brands according to a strict set of criteria.

These are some of the most important features they looked at, and they are the same factors you should take into account when evaluating different brands.

  • Manufacturer’s Reputation

    For most products, but in particular when it comes to health, it’s best to purchase from a known, highly regarded manufacturer that already has a good reputation for producing safe, quality items.

  • Safety and Certification

    Check that the company manufactures safely, preferably in a GMP certified facility. Also check to see if they have other certifications like a seal of approval from the American Dental Association.

  • Ingredients/Features

    Examine the features of the kit and their value for oral health – for example, including a LED light device is an excellent feature. Check that the ingredients are safe, and that there is research supporting their efficacy in whitening teeth safely.

  • Customer Reviews

    Reading through customer reviews is a great way to learn about the user experience, including the pros and cons of each brand. Our experts examined the feedback for each product carefully, and you should do this as well when shopping for any new product.

  • Return Policy

    While some companies won’t give you a refund for this type of item unless you have not opened it, others may. Either way, ensure that the manufacturer gives you at least 30 days to decide.

  • Teeth Sensitivity

    In particular if you are very sensitive, look for a product that is non-irritating and safe for even the most reactive teeth and gums.

  • Value For Cost

    Compare the prices of different products and kits to what they offer to decide whether they are worth the cost. When it comes to oral health, we think that it’s best to go with the best, safest product even if you have to spend a little more.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening Products and Kits?

  • These products and kits can remove stains from your teeth.
  • Teeth whitening products and kits can kill harmful bacteria.
  • They can reduce the risk of developing gingivitis.
  • These products can whiten yellow teeth.
  • Teeth whitening products and kits do not require a prescription

What Are Some of the Key Ingredients?

These are some of the primary active ingredients in the best whitening products for teeth:

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a chemical bleaching agent which can remove strains and whiten yellow teeth fairly rapidly with regular at-home use. Peroxide is also one of the methods that dentists use to whiten teeth but in much higher concentrations.

A double-blind, randomized clinical trial on 31 patients published in the Journal of Dentistry by J. Martín, et al concluded that a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution with a nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide light activated agent effectively whitened the teeth.


Menthol derived from the peppermint plant has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant benefits which help to kill pathogens in the mouth, decrease swelling, and improve oral health. It also has a pleasant flavor and there’s evidence to show that it may help eliminate bad breath.

A review of the research published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Applications by Fenti Fatmawati, Alvina Putri Wachyuni, and Denny Puriyani Azhary found support for the efficacy of menthol in preventing halitosis and refreshing the breath.


This is a deeply hydrating agent which also has potent anti-bacterial properties, so it may prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth and gums.

This could result in a reduction in plaque and a decreased risk of developing gingivitis and other infections. In addition, there’s some evidence that glycerin could help whiten teeth.

A study published in the International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences by Manohara A Bhat Y, et al found that glycerin in different concentrations helped to decrease the amount of dental plaque.

Verdict: We think that these ingredients are highly effective at whitening teeth and preventing gingivitis.

Types of Teeth Whitening Kits

There are five main types of teeth whitening kits available:

Whitening Strip:

Whitening strips are thin, flexible strips that are coated with a whitening gel. The strips are placed on the teeth for a set amount of time, often 30 to 60 minutes. Although easy and reasonably priced, whitening strips might not be as efficient as other kinds of teeth whitening kits.

Whitening Tray:

Whitening trays are custom-made molds that fit over the teeth. The whitening gel-filled trays are worn for a certain amount of time every day. Whitening trays can be more expensive and time-consuming to use, but they are more effective than whitening strips.

LED Light Device:

LED light devices work by activating the whitening gel in whitening trays. The LED light helps speed up the whitening process and produce better results. Compared to whitening strips or trays, LED light devices are more expensive, but they are also more effective.

Whitening Pen:

Whitening pens contain a whitening gel that is applied directly to the teeth. Whitening pens are a convenient option, but they may not be as effective as other types of teeth whitening kits. Results may take longer to become noticeable compared to other methods.

Whitening Gel:

Whitening gel comes into play in almost all whitening kits, typically acting as the activator in LED kits and whitening pens, as well as on their own, applied directly to teeth or in trays. Whitening gels are normally made with either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

Product Comparison Table

Here’s a short comparison of our top recommendations to make your decision easier:

Product NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit vVardis White Enamel Serum Crest Whitening Kit Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit ARC Teeth Whitening Kit
Rating star-4.9 star-4.3-1 star-4 star-4.3-1 star-3.5-1
Cost $79.00 $149.00 $22.74 $48.67 $24.80
Included Component Teeth Whitening Strips, Mouthguard, LED Blue Light Device White Enamel Serum Crest Whitening Emulsions, Wand Applicator, LED Accelerator Light Teeth Whitening Serum, LED Teeth Whitening Kit, Teeth Whitening Pen Teeth Whitening Strips, Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Usage Teeth Whitening Strips, Mouthguard, LED Blue Light Device Helps Protects Against Stains, Creates White Smooth Enamel Whiter Teeth, Protects Against Stains Whitens Teeth, No-Tooth Sensitivity Remove Stains, Teeth Whitening
Return Policy 30-Day 30-Day 60-Day 30-Day 60-Day
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do Home Teeth Whitening Kits Really Work?

A: While you have to look for a quality brand as with any product, yes, the best at home teeth whitening products usually work quite well if you follow the directions. Most high-level sets like NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit or even the NuBeam strips alone should whiten the teeth within 14 days, and also improve overall oral health.

Q: Are Teeth Whitening Products Safe?

A: All of the products we have recommended are safe, but with others you should ensure that the manufacturer is well-regarded, the ingredients are safe, and the company follows a rigid manufacturing process. If you are unsure, ask your dentist if the product is right for you.

Q: Who Should Use a Home Teeth Whitening Kit or Product?

A: Home teeth whitening kits or products are ideal for anyone who has stains or a yellowish hue on their teeth and wants to remove them effectively without spending a lot of money on costly dental treatments.

Q: Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Expensive?

A: Most at-home teeth-whitening kits are not overly expensive, although it depends on what they include. No matter the cost, they are far less expensive than professional treatments in a dental office. Although they take longer to whiten the teeth, most of the best products for whitening teeth tend to work very well.

Q: Who Should Not Use a Home Teeth Whitening Kit or Product?

A: There are some people who should not use teeth whitening products, including those with braces and dentures, and individuals with poor oral health. Board-certified dentist and American Dental Association spokesperson Matthew J. Messina, DDS, explains:

Tooth whitening is something that should only be done in a healthy mouth situation. If somebody has cavities or periodontal disease, or some other reason why their teeth aren’t white, whitening is not the right choice for them. That’s why it’s always good to have a thorough examination done by your dentist before starting on a whitening program (7).

Q: What are the cons of teeth whitening products and kits?


  • The results may vary for different users.
  • These products work more slowly than procedures at the dentist.
  • Different products vary in their efficacy and quality.


There are a wealth of teeth whitening products on the market, and our team of board certified dentists evaluated the existing brands to come up with the best home teeth whitening kit available from NuBeam. This set includes powerful teeth whitening strips, a mouthguard, and a blue LED light device which also improves your oral health overall.

The NuBeam reviews for the Supersmile Kit are mostly on the official site, and the vast majority of the comments and ratings from verified buyers are very positive. Users rave about the effectiveness of the kit, and the very reasonable cost.

We highly recommend the NuBeam Kit as the safest brand which produces the most powerful results, and we also think that it’s the best teeth whitening kit for sensitive teeth. If you want additional detailed information about the NuBeam Whitening Strips, read our review.

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