Menopause years are troublesome in many ways and the muffin top is one of the most inconvenient of all.

Top 5 Ways To Lose Menopausal Belly Fat Soon

The early signs of menopausal belly fat are seen when you touch perimenopause and the situation is seemingly out of control after the menstrual cycle ends.

Blame it on decreasing estrogen level that is responsible for the menopausal belly fat.

In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of belly fat after menstruation cycle and what are the methods and exercises for menopause belly loss.

How to Lose Menopause Belly Fat?

There are several methods for losing menopausal belly fat but we have picked the best for you. Try these methods and lose your belly fat fast.

1. Start Your Day With These

A healthy life starts in the morning. It is our common habit to have a cup of coffee. Instead of coffee, start your morning with apple cider vinegar or lemon or green tea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: According to Dorrine Khakpour[1], RD, CD, CDE, practicing at the University of Washington? Diabetes Care Center writes that reports clearly suggest consumption of apple cider vinegar helps in losing excess weight. It is also beneficial to prevent and protect yourself from several other diseases. For better results, consume the suggested amount of ACV diluted with water in the morning.
  • Lemon Juice: Time Health[2] recently published an article on the effectiveness and importance of drinking lemon juice with water. Yoshiko Fukuchi[3] and his colleagues published an article that suggests polyphenols present in lemon prevent diet-induced obesity.Lemon contains pectin fibers which are known to reduce LDL cholesterol, thereby, helping to reduce weight indirectly. Lemon juice prevents the absorption of fat in the body and regulates moderate reaction of insulin. Additionally, it also detoxifies your body. Always use fresh lemon and squeeze the juice, preferably with the fibers and dilute it with lukewarm water.
  • Green Tea: We know how hard it is to start your day without coffee. So, here is a substitute which will not only brighten your day but will also help you lose menopausal belly fat. Evidence[4] suggests that people who consume green tea tend to lose weight faster and more efficiently than those who don’t.In another study[5] conducted by R Hursel and colleagues confirms that that catechin, a natural compound and antioxidant, triggers weight loss. Green tea is completely natural, which eliminates the health risks. Consumption of green tea on a regular basis cleanses your internal system and detoxifies you.
Green Tea

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

We have noticed that whenever it comes to losing belly fat, panic-stricken people start controlling diet by skipping breakfast.

Breakfast contains all the food items and health drinks that actually help us stay fit and healthy.

When we stop eating breakfast or reduce our intake, our body takes the hit.

The horrible effects[6] of skipping breakfast are testified by poor metabolism, lack of energy, lack of interest, gastritis and obesity. Breakfast fills our stomach and controls appetite[7].


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Skipping breakfast may initially have weight loss effects, but gradually, you will feel hungry at odd times and will tend to eat more and increase caloric intake, thus, you will regain the weight.

Breakfast also gives the power to the brains to boost our health condition.

3. Food Habits[8]

Food is the main source of energy in our body which makes it the center point of attraction.

As we have just learned above why it is important to eat breakfast, we should also find out what to eat.

Reorganize your diet plan and to do this you need to visit your dietician. Do not take any drastic step to control your diet and appetite by adding or eliminating food items from the plate.

Your dietician will check your weight and suggest your balanced diet most appropriate for reducing belly fat.

A balanced diet combines all the essential ingredients- carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat along with vitamins and minerals.

Start eating healthy and include high protein, fresh vegetables, and seasonal fruits.

Another important job is to stop eating junk food completely. After menopause, the risks of gaining belly fat increases if you still continue eating French fries, cheese, soft drinks, alcohol, and processed food. Sugar-coated food items will tempt you for sure but learn to ignore your temptation if you want to lose weight.

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Physical Fitness

4. Physical Fitness

No matter how hard you try to get rid of tenacious menopausal belly fat by controlling your appetite or drinking lemon water early morning, nothing will seem to work better if you are not physically active.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • Exercises: Physical exercises for menopause belly fat include aerobic exercises, cardio, abdominal exercises and crunches[9]. Crunches are known to be unbelievably effecting for losing menopausal belly fat.You can practice twist crunch[10], reverse and side crunches and several others for a quick weight loss. Before you start doing exercises, always warm-up. Avoid trying difficult methods at home and seek expert supervision or a nearby gym.
  • Swimming[11]: Swimming has a greater impact on burning fat from your body than any other exercises. Swimming is considered to be among the High-Intensity Intermittent Exercises to burn belly fat faster.In fact, swimming not only targets belly fat but also the overall body. Regular swimming is similar to cardio or running. The benefits of swimming go on like this- better heart, strong muscles, increased metabolism, increased blood flow and several others.
  • Yoga[12]: Similar to swimming, yoga revitalizes our body and regulates the hormones and enzymes to keep us healthy and live a fat-free life. Yoga increases longevity and reduces belly fat.Yoga poses like the ‘surya namaskar’, ‘ushtrasana’ or camel pose, ‘uttanpadasana’ or raised foot pose and ‘paschimottanasana’ or seated forward bend position are best known for quick results. Additionally, yoga helps controlling stress, which is a major reason for eating disorder and mood swings.

5. Lifestyle

Last but not the least, our lifestyle needs to be re-checked. After you cross 40, your body shows the signs that it needs your attention.

As you age, your lifestyle also needs to be adapted accordingly. You should not practice your earlier unhealthy lifestyle as it will put you at a greater risk of gaining menopausal belly fat.

During the early years, the body does have the capacity to make up for the loss incurred by faulty lifestyle.

Wake up early morning and go to bed on time. Our body needs rest as much as it requires activities.

During sleep, our body rejuvenates, and that is why we need to ensure correct sleeping habits.

Also, you need to ensure all the points mentioned above are being followed on a regular basis.

If you start exercising and as soon as you lose belly fat you stop working out completely, your body will again store fat. Same applies to dieting.


It is not impossible to get rid of menopausal belly fat if all the points are not only kept in mind but are being followed religiously.

Also, you need to remember that patience is the key. You should not expect losing weight overnight.

Losing belly fat is a systematic procedure which is achieved by consumption of right foods at the right amount and ensuring good health. Physical exercises for menopause belly reduction with a correct lifestyle are all that it takes .

You can also take dietary products like Progessence Plus Serum to reduce menopausal belly fat.

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