Why Men Enjoy Going Down On Women?

Want to spice up your sex life then check this out! The top reasons guys love giving you oral sex to make sex extra pleasurable.
Why Men Enjoy Going Down On Women?

For women who want to understand more about men, this is the article you need to read. Women know that men love receiving oral sex, but many women don’t realize that guys love giving them oral too. In fact, these are the top reasons why guys love giving you girl’s oral sex, or going down on you. So, heat up your sex life with some knowledge about men, to be used during those private bedroom moments.
Once again, it is time for women to listen closely and take notes. Because these are the top reasons men actually say that they enjoy going down on women. The secrets are finally out.

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Because Men Are Curious

Some men just want to get down there and see what is going on up close. Nothing else will satisfy a curious man better. In fact, those extra curious gentlemen maybe inclined to spend some serious time going down on their lady lover. Don’t be freaked out by this ladies, it is purely meant as a compliment to you. Especially concerning your hygiene, taste and odors, so smile and enjoy the downtime.

Because They Like Doing It

More specifically, the results that come from doing it, they really like those. Even the dumbest men are aware that going down equals reciprocation, or some version of that from the woman receiving it.

Because It Turns Them On

This is truer than some women think. Some men get harder and wet, just by going down on to begin giving oral. Some less experienced men, may be hesitant at first, and then learn to enjoy giving oral more. This is mostly because they have had a bad experience, or been criticized unnecessarily about their technique by a former lover. If a man needs a little instruction, guide him with you hand and tell him what you want softly. Don’t yell or nag him about it, this will only worsen the situation for you.

Because It Turns You On

Well, what a surprise ladies. Men know one thing about sex for sure, when they get a woman turned on good, she will reciprocate in amazing and innovative ways. Men enjoy going down on a woman, as long as she is acting happy in response. If a woman is non-responsive or says nothing, they may be inclined to stop giving oral. If a woman just lies there limply, most men will stop doing it all together. Also, a woman can recover from any response, except falling asleep while receiving oral sex. This is a very negative blow to the ego of almost any man. So try never to do this.

Because You Are More Sexy Afterwards

Don’t women look sexy anyway? Yes, but women are even sexier after they get a good licking and an orgasm. Why? Because women enjoy the highly intimate contact that oral sex initiates and it gets a lady very wet down there. This lubrication affords women a more comfortable sexual experience but also makes it last longer for both parties. Don’t forget that your body gets a shine to the skin, when it is covered in a thin layer of sweat. Generally, this is not the smelly kind of sweat, but rather it lets both people slip and slide against each other. A very sensual and tactile enhancement to any couple engaged in sexual intercourse.

Because You Are More Likely To Give Head

Yes, ladies, you know it’s true. You are much more likely to give a man head, after he goes down on you good. Some women won’t do it at all otherwise, which is sad for many men. Not giving head isn’t a sin, but it sure is a great way to keep your man happy. More men cheat with other women, simply because the other woman is willing to do something the wife or girlfriend is not. Learning to give oral reciprocation is a healthy thing for the sex life of any couple. If he enjoys doing it for you, it is worth trying to give the same back, even if only for a short suck and stroke. Just putting your mouth on it will get some men hard as a rock. So use your head.


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