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Horsetail: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage And Interaction

Horsetail: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage And Interaction

About Horsetail

Horsetail otherwise known as shave grass is a herb used by people for its treatment capabilities. This ingredient consists of numerous nutrients inclusive of minerals and vitamins. Its nutritional content enable this ingredient to be used for a wide range of applications, especially in the medical sector. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory features as well as anti-microbial, antibacterial, antioxidant and coagulant aspects. Horsetail is used in the treatment of both internal as well as external body ailments. The effectiveness of this ingredient as a treatment is however not fully ascertained.

Origin of Horsetail

The horsetail ingredient is made from the horsetail plant. The entire plant other than the root is used in the extraction of this ingredient. The plant itself grows in shallow waters. As the name suggests, the leaves of the horsetail resemble the tail of a horse. On the other hand, the stems resemble those of a bamboo plan.

Health Benefits of Horsetail

Users of horsetail have commended the ingredient for having a wide range of benefits. These benefits are as a result of the numerous conditions Horsetail is said to treat. The ingredient is high in minerals including silica. It is also high in other nutritional content such as vitamins and starch. For these reasons, horsetail is purported to be capable of the following health treatments:

Health Benefits Of Horsetail

Brittle bones, hair, nails and teeth due to the presence of silica, Tonsillitis, Rheumatic disorders, Edema, Diabetes, Quick healing of wounds and injuries when applied directly to the skin, Hemorrhoids, Tumors, Muscles cramps and pains, Bedwetting (nocturnal incontinence), Bladder and urinary tract infections, Intestinal disorders, Kidney stones

It should, however, be noted that some of these treatments have not been ascertained and lack the necessary information to back it up.

Side Effects of Horsetail

Although horsetail is assumed to treat the above medical conditions, there has been insufficient prove of these claims. However, it has been noted that patients who decide on this alternative treatment have registered numerous side effects of this ingredient. Some of the side effects include:

  • When consumed orally for over a substantial duration, horsetail begins to break down the thiamine vitamin. This is due to the presence of thiaminase. As a result, the individual experiences the named deficiency.
  • Individuals with diabetes could face a risk of lowering their blood sugar levels if they consume horsetail.
  • Horsetail can facilitate the quick expulsion of potassium from the body. This leads to low potassium levels; potassium deficiency.

Recommended Doses And Timing Of Horsetail

The doses of horsetail given to individuals may vary depending on the condition the ingredient is treating. It may also depend on the age of the patient, the gender as well as the present condition they are in. All in all, the consumers are advised to take the doses either twice daily or three times in a day. The total dosage should not extend beyond one month.

Use of Horsetail in Supplements

Horsetail has little information to ascertain its uses in the medical field. However, much of its uses are directed towards the dietary sector. Horsetail can be used as a supplement for dietary purposes due to its high level of nutritional content.

Horsetail Interactions

Due to the minimal information about horsetail with regards to its medical uses, it is advised that pregnant women and lactating mother restrain themselves from using this ingredient as this may put their health at risk.

Any medication containing lithium should not be taken together with horsetail. This ingredient has a diuretic like effect. The effect of horsetail on the body due to its diuretic nature will result in the slow expulsion of lithium from the body. The remainder of high levels of lithium could have negative effects on the body.

The Verdict

Horsetail may sound like a good deal. However, many of its supposed functions are not yet proved to the satisfactory standards. It should, however, be noted that the side effects of this ingredient are severe and should not be overlooked or assumed. Before settling on horsetail as your alternative medication, consider the professional advice of a qualified doctor. In addition to this, ensure you follow the instructions to the letter and consume the ingredient with caution.

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