Top 10 Benefits of Cheese For Hair and Skin

Benefits of Cheese For Hair and Skin

Face it, cheese is one of the most delicious, versatile and addictive foods that exists. It’s one of the only foods that have a unique texture in every type of cheese. It adds body and exceptional flavor to any dish and is just as good eaten alone. The only issue with cheese is it’s gotten a bad rap by society and has been demonized as a fatty and unhealthy food. But here, we intend to bust the cheese myth and give you the top 10 benefits of cheese for your hair and skin.

Cheese is a food that has one of the most important vitamins you need for healthy skin and hair among various other things like nervous system health, metabolism and more. Cheese is one of the foods containing vitamin B. So, let’s get to it and change your mind about cheese, shall we?

1. The glow you always wanted

Cheese adds the proteins that actually fight dull skin and impacts it in such a way that it glows. This type of protein and several of the B vitamins will, in fact, assist with removal of dead skin cells that cause a dull effect.

2. Skin Blotches

Blotchiness in the skin, especially the face, will get worse as we age. Women in particular are more susceptible to this because when hormones change and pre-menopause approaches, the skin suffers and takes a beating. The B complex found in the sharper cheeses like cheddar will alleviate this.

3. Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders
Skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis which are uncomfortable and painful are also alleviated by most types of cheese because the B’s 1-5 reside in most of them too.

4. Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity is one of the most common complaints among older females. Men suffer from that too but women are more likely to want cosmetic surgery. If you keep cheese of a variety of types in your diet on a daily basis; you’ll see the elasticity in your skin improve and you’ll be more able to head-off those Jowls down around your mouth and chin!

5. Skin Allergies and Sensitivity

Did you know that some people have skin rashes and chronic skin allergies from a deficiency in vitamin B? There are several types; B1 ,B5 that can negatively impact the skin this way. Changing your body chemistry by way of diet is the best way to do it. If you need medical attention initially, by all means, get it but try incorporating cheeses into your daily diet and note any difference.

6. Nail Health

Nail Health
Now, you may be thinking; what does your nail have to do with hair and skin? Most people don’t know that your nails are petrified hair! Yes, it is truly hair. You’ll never see it, even under a microscope but it is hair, we promise. And cheese is great for the growth and strength of hair!

7. Hair Sheen

Hair sheen is something cheese can help with as well In fact, the perfect combination of coconut or olive oil, fried egg and cheese is a recipe for shiny hair.

8. Hair Strength

If you have thick hair and it breaks, you are likely to have a B vitamin deficiency. Cheese, particularly the sharper varieties like cheddar and also Gouda can assist you in strengthening the hair.

9. Hair Length

Many just reserve themselves as punished by their heredity. They think that because their family’s hair does not grow fast that they have to be cursed as well. But, with the right diet, including cheese, there is more chance you’ll replenish the B vitamins you’ll need to get your hair follicles stimulated. This is also the problem which causes some cases of male baldness that is not male pattern baldness which is the inherited one.

10. Hair Texture

Hair Texture
Cheese and the select B vitamins will actually help your hair texture. In this way, when you use hot irons or straightening paddles you won’t damage it so much.

Cheese is so incredibly full of vitamin B that it can impact hair, nails, teeth skin, nervous system, immunity, energy and so much more, why ever wouldn’t you include it in your diet?


Author: Amy

Amy is a freelance writer in the Midlands who writes specifically about health & well being on her own blog, After suffering from Bulimia for a few years, she taught herself the nutritional value of food and wanted to share her new found passion. By starting PurelyAmy, she now offers personal insights into general healthy eating habits through her qualifications in; nutrition and sports recovery. Follow Amy on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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