Eat for Two, or Watch Your Weight? The Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy is certainly an exciting time in a woman's life — but it can be a confusing one, too. Everyone from your grandmother to your BFF to stran

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The Ever-Evolving Vape Industry: What Do We Know About Vaping and Health?

It seems like there are constant reports in the media on vaping, all of them negative. You might wonder--where are the news reports on the health benefits of vapes? A quick online search brings up hundreds of articles and countless studies listing the good things that can hap...

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Energy Drinks a Newly-Found Quick Fix Among College Students

Most teenagers can’t wait to join college. In their minds, the college will be the best time of their lives. Well, this is not necessarily untrue.

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With Depression and Anxiety on the Rise, Let’s Fight for a Better Mind and Better You!

Psychological problems are one of the main challenges that face men today. They include issues that affect an individual as a result of impairment or

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Penile Implants: Surgery, Effectiveness, and Impact on Sex

Penile implant surgery is a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). It consists of devices that are either malleable or inflatable. The simple ones i

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Why are meal kits doing so well, and whether they have real merit?

Life moves pretty fast these days. If you waste a moment, you might miss out on a deal, a promotion, or a networking opportunity. We barely have t

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