CHD ( Sponsors Policy


We recognize the fact that consumer product companies can have significant influence over consumer health. These sponsorships come in the form of advertising. These enable us to provide you with our quality and informative content at no cost whatsoever.

We merely provide our sponsors with opportunities to bring marketing information about their products and services.

For further information, read our Advertising Policy.

We aim to create an environment in which readers can empower themselves so that they can achieve health through educational materials and tools.

It is through sponsorship that we continue to expand. By publishing educational content, we aim to help our readers be informed and make better health and life choices. We talk about healthy diet, physical activity, well being, safety and prevention, and the many ways to achieve a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Help enhance the health of our readers from all over the world
  • Develop reliable and pertinent materials and tools on health education based on facts, recent studies, health statistics and rigorous research
  • Send positive health messages

We support and follow the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) Code for Interaction with Companies. This is a code we’ve entered into voluntarily and responsibly, as it is designed to ensure that societies’ interactions with companies are independent and transparent.

Editorial Policy and Content Development

As per indicated, content is written and reviewed by professional editors at all times. For further information about the content development process, see our editorial policy.

Our Sponsors Include:

We do have our own revenue model, our advertisement partner ‘Solvaderm’ which we have already mentioned on our website home page and internal pages. Apart from this, we have our Official Consumer Health Digest YouTube channel where we are uploading videos regularly and generating revenue through Ads. We do receive 1M views per month on our channel, the main category ‘pregnancy week by week’ where we have created a series of 1 to 40th-week videos which are the most popular section loved worldwide.

  • Solvaderm
  • Google Ads
  • Content Ads