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What We Do?

Consumer Health Digest aims to properly and responsibly disseminate information related to health and nutrition. That’s because we value the wellbeing and health of our readers. Health should be given freely, and this is why we’re here.

We’ve been able to reach a wide and unique audience with 500,000 visitors every month change to 2.5M visitors every month.

The facts presented on our website are based on actual research and findings. We try to be as objective and as clear as possible. The articles found here are based on facts, research, expert findings, and bona fide customer feedback.

Offered Health Categories

As you explore through the site and visit the available pages we have, you’ll find that we cover the following health-related categories:

As you can see, we try to be as thorough as possible by giving our readers the details that they need to be properly armed with the right knowledge and do the right lifestyle and health choices.

Our Invitation: Why Become a Contributor?

Why Become a Contributor?

We value your opinion as well. If you wish to become a contributor, you’re more than welcome to contact us. You can become a part of our esteemed family. The moment you submit your article, our editorial team will review your submission and inform you of the updates as soon as possible.

Here at Consumer Health Digest, we welcome original, creative, high quality articles covering the areas mentioned above.

As a contributor, You Can Enjoy the Following Benefits:
  • Have your voice heard
  • Expand your reach
  • Hone your skills as a writer and a researcher
  • We reserve the author box to link to your social profiles

Our Guidelines for Writers

Make sure to read on the following before submitting:

  • Familiarize yourself with the topic you’re submitting
  • Avoid submitting stories or angles that have previously been written
  • Take note of our publishing rights
  • Write an article no less than 1000 words
  • Include your real name and contact information (we keep these details confidential if you want to write anonymously)
  • Content must be of very high quality, unique, well researched, avoid grammar errors and helpful to our audience
  • There is no guarantee that your article will be published since we reserve the right to remove article at any for any reason
  • You acknowledge that we do not pay for article submission nor we need publishers to pay for the use of articles. The key reason for submitting your article here is to boost the chance of views by our target audience
  • Consumer Health Digest is advertiser supported and so we reserve the right to publish ads on the same pages as your articles
  • If your articles do not follow the editorial guidelines, we may revise, edit or recommend revision prior to submission

Our Guidelines for Content

Your articles qualify for publication:

  • When it is an original article that you wrote and it is exclusive. The article must be a minimum of 1000 words and no more than 5000 words. It should not be published elsewhere on the internet.
  • When it is informative and shares your expertise. It includes various tips, techniques, strategies, analysis, opinions, case studies and comments. We ask you to provide references like bibliography, dates or link information related with any health or medical claim when it is not a personal experience. We ask that you to submit only information that is true in light of your knowledge.
  • When it has 2-5 sentence summary which should not exceed 200 words. The summary is included to give an abstract of the benefits delivered by your article. If you don’t know what to include in your summary, use the first paragraph of your article.
  • When it delivers what’s promised as per the title. Please avoid using phrases or teaser links which require reader to click away from the article. Do not include reference from another source in order to receive full profit of what has been promised. It should have proper English, grammar spelling, capitalization, sentence structure and punctuation.
  • When it is not bought or copied from the public domain. It should not be an advertisement, press release, promotional copy, sales letter or excessive hype or self-promotion. Do not include pornography or adult material, suggested racial intolerance, hate or violence-oriented content, have insulting, degrading, obscene tone, advocate against any individual group or profanity. It should not contain content that violates any laws, considered infringes, libelous or defamatory on the legal rights of others.

Benefits of Writing for Consumer Health Digest

#1: Transform Your Lives:

Here at Consumer Health Digest, we truly trust that our work touches lives of many people. With judgment of the engagement with our audience based on their reactions to our content, we have good reasons to believe so. Writing for us is your opportunity to have a positive impact to other people’s lives.

#2: Exposure to Wide Audience

When your article is accepted on the site, it is not only published on our home page but also visited by hundreds and thousands of people a month. It is promoted across all our social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Stumbleupon. The social platforms give you wide exposure to your target audience. Several of our work have also been featured on the popular news publications.

Initial acceptance of an article does not guarantee publication. After the first response, contributors are expected to work closely with our team of editors to revise the manuscript. We urge you to respond within a reasonable time frame. Final copy is then sent for approval.

More importantly, because of the high influx of submissions we receive, we can’t guarantee a response. Please don’t take this personally as we’d like to assure you that we try our best to cater to the needs of all our readers and members. Feel free to submit as many articles as you please.


Expert Author : Donna Begg (Consumer Health Digest)

Donna Begg, MD, DrPH, is the website admin. She has been working with highly qualified health and beauty experts across the globe. Donna is an editor, mentor, analyst, and a researcher.