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We would like to encourage you to become a contributor for Consumer Health Digest. It has been a privilege to work with a number of intelligent contributors who share their experiences with our audience in new and exciting ways and we welcome you to apply to join our fabulous team.

Our contributors are known for offering valuable insights from the Consumer Health Digest perspective. They aid us in creating a valuable consumer experience for our visitors. With the help of contributors, we provide to our community high-quality, valuable and regular content.

How To Get Started

1) The first step is to carefully read our contributor guidelines. This will familiarize you with what being a contributor to our site entails. The contributor guidelines are where you will read about the Dos and Don’ts of being a contributor. It is of the utmost importance that these guidelines be followed strictly as we aim to maintain a certain level of excellence here at Consumer Health Digest.

2) Filling out the online application form. If you are interested in being a contributor, the next step is filling out our application form. You are required to provide the information below:

  • Your name and your contact details.
  • The URL of your website.
  • Writing samples that present certain topics in clear and interesting ways as well as the quality of the posts that you intend to submit to the Consumer Health Digest. This is helpful in assessing your ability to provide quality and valuable content for the program.

Important to Note:

Currently, we are receiving many new requests on a daily basis and we will appreciate if you will exercise patience as we sort the requests as fast as we can and in the order that they were received. Therefore, the replies may not be as immediate as we would like.

We are hopeful that we will hear from you.

Take note: The sole judgment as to whether you will be accepted to join our contributor program relies on Consumer Health Digest.

LAST MODIFIED: January 11, 2019