Reasons Most Diets Fail Within One Week

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Published: Mar 27, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Diet Plans
Low calorie diet really works for the weight loss, provided you stick to it! The main problem with any diet is that it is very short lived. One finds it really difficult to follow the diet till they get the desired results and eventually they don’t get results!

Any good diet takes at least month or two to show results, but unfortunately, most of the diets fail within seven days from its start.

This may sound strange, but it is proven by studies that only 20% of the diet plans really reach the three month mark. About 40% of the diet plans fail due to many factors in the first week itself. The pattern of failure is also more or less same and the triggers for failure also well-defined, yet very few would successfully overcome the situation, stick to the plan, and get results.

Continuing with the diet plan is possible if you are aware of these common points of failure mentioned here and keep them away from your diet routine.

1. Too Much Too Soon

Strict diet plans give quick results, but reducing the calorie intake suddenly may affect your body in many other ways. Low calorie diet may not just affect your body but also affect your mind. Problems like headache, mood swings, fatigue, and irritability are commonly triggered because of extremely low calorie diet. You end up doing more bad to yourself than good by this sudden diet change, and hence the diet fails.

Go slow on diet plan, reduce calories in parts to train your body slowly for long-lasting results.

2. Untimely Cravings

Untimely Cravings
Whenever you try something new on your body, it starts reacting in various ways. It gives misleading mental and physical signals. Sugar craving also comes as the signal for low calorie intake. Your body wants to make up for the lost fat and calories immediately and hence it craves for sugar and high calorie food that feeds your body with quick calories.

Severe food craving is also common when you quit all your favorites at one go. Depriving your body of the fun element completely will make it crave for more. Keep room for indulgence in your diet, so that you don’t over indulge out of deprivation.

Treat yourself with mini portions of your favorite food to avoid binge eating and anxiety.

3. Starving To Lose Weight

Weight loss is not about eating less, but it is about eating right. You don’t have to starve to lose those extra pounds. Make the right choices to eat without consuming extra calories. Opt for high fiber foods that would keep you full for longer. Avoid fat and carbs, include protein, minerals, vitamins, and fibers to overcome hunger pangs smartly.

Include frequent healthy meals at small intervals in your diet to avoid starvation and ensure health.

4. Fun Is Not Just Food

Feeling happy? Want to celebrate? Order some great food. If this describes you then this can definitely be the reason for your diet plan failure. It is not necessary to treat yourself with food in order to celebrate. If your celebration is not complete without food then include something healthy. Book a spa visit, go shopping, get the makeover, or head to the gym for power packed Zumba or spinning session to celebrate with difference in a healthy way.

Note down the activities you aspire, spend on your aspirations every time you want to celebrate. If celebrating with friends, include all healthy stuff in the menu or just float the healthy food challenge and see how creative your friends could be!

Feeling happy

5. Succumb To The Social Pressure

When you start something new, you will come across many barriers, and social barrier cannot be neglected. Saying no to the food or drink offered by friends and family may many times seem offensive. In certain cultures, offering food is the way to show love and care. Saying no to food becomes difficult and this results in the diet plan failure.

Avoid social gathering during lunch or dinner hours. Plan a meet post meals or during evening club visit. Plan a meet over some sports than during the meals. This will offer you fun, help you burn more calories, and save you from social pressure.

6. Expecting Results Too Soon

Expecting dramatic weight loss would mean disappointment very soon. When your efforts are not working, you tend to discontinue the plan. The low calorie diet would fetch results but only when you continue it for longer duration.

Be patient with the diet plan. Don’t stand on the weighing scale every now and then as this will demotivate you. Check your weight after one month to see great results.

Now when you know the common triggers for failure, avoid them!

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