5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Metabolism For An Effective Fat Loss

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Published: Jul 24, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Proven Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

Everyone will want to cut body fat at some point in their life. Whether that’s your main aim right now, or you’re currently lean bulking and planning on leaning out later, you’ll want those washboard abs sooner or later.

Now, we won’t get into the whole argument about who has a naturally slow or fast metabolism – this can be designated by genetics. But one thing you can control is your diet and workouts; these are both factors that really can help you attain the lean physique that you’ve always wanted.

Ultimately, there are tons of things you can do to lose weight. But we’ve taken a look at numerous clinical studies and chosen the best options that you can easily incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

For this reason, we’ll take you through the top 5 ways to boost your metabolism for fat loss.

Take a look:

1. Eat More Thermogenic Nutrients

By now, most lifters should know how to follow a clean, healthy diet. And that eating under your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is vital if you’re wanting to lose unwanted body fat.

However, while you’re probably eating the right meals (lean protein, green vegetables, healthy fats and complex carbs), you might be forgetting about thermogenic nutrients.

What are thermogenics? In a nutshell, these are foods that are able to boost your metabolic rate – in effect, encouraging your body to shred body fat at a higher rate.

One of our favorite thermogenics for fat loss is green tea; this contains catechins, which has proven to help subjects lose weight at an accelerated rate in numerous studies.

But you can also add chili peppers to your meals, as these contain capsaicin (another nutrient that’s shown to boost your metabolism).

The bottom line is that little additions to your diet can really make a big difference to your fat burning journey.

Eat More Thermogenic Nutrients

2. HIIT Workouts

For long-term weight loss, you need to be making active changes to your lifestyle. So if you’re not already on the treadmill or cycling in the gym (or outside), then it’s a good idea to start doing so.

However, personally, we find running on a treadmill for hours extremely boring. And if you have better things to do, it can be very time wasting too.

As a result, we choose to perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); you can get an effective workout done in around 30 minutes and still benefit from a boost in your metabolism.

So how does this work? Well, HIIT is basically when you sprint for a short period of time, then take a rest period by stopping or continuing at a very slow rate.

So, on a cycling machine, you could sprint for 10 seconds and then rest for the next 50 seconds (before repeating for around 20-30 minutes).

Ultimately, HIIT has even proven to keep your metabolism raised after your workout too; this is known as the ‘afterburn effect’ and will further encourage your body to lose unwanted fat[1]. So adding 20-30 minutes of HIIT to your workouts isn’t a bad idea.

3. Lift Weights

There was a time when weightlifting was reserved for the ‘weird guys’ called bodybuilders that spent their lives in the gym.

But nowadays, it’s great to see more and more of the general public get involved and enjoying resistance workouts.

You might associate lifting weights with gaining muscle mass. However, you certainly should continue pumping iron even when your main aim is to lose body fat – or even better, if you haven’t before, then beginning to lift weights will deliver tons of benefits.

Lift Weights

Why? Because resistance exercise in the form of weight lifting has proven to ramp-up your metabolism for up to 39 hours afterward[2] and promote fat loss.

So while you certainly should be spending time performing cardio while trying to burn fat, you shouldn’t neglect weight lifting!

4. Drink More Water

This is probably the easiest of our 5 options. But it’s one that many people don’t do – you’ll be shocked to hear how little water some people consume on a daily basis.

You might even be shocked after hearing this; to stay healthy, it’s recommended that you drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.

Now, this might sound like a lot if you’re drinking significantly lower. But that’s only 4-6 pints of water, and spread throughout your day, it won’t be a difficult task – especially if you’re always carrying around a big bottle of water with you at all times.

So how does this help you lose body fat? Well, studies have shown that drinking at least 2 liters of water per day can burn up to 400kj extra[3] – that’s the equivalent of running around 4 miles.

5. Increase Your Protein Intake

If you’re not too clued up about nutrition, then this is another tip that might surprise you. This is because high protein diets are mostly associated with building muscle mass, like weight lifting in general.

But remember that weight loss primarily depends on your diet. As we mentioned at the start, without eating under your TDEE calorie limit, you’re not going to lose fat at all.

Anyway, let’s get back to the point of boosting your metabolism.

Increase Your Protein Intake

So why high protein diets? Well, high protein foods cause your body to work harder (in order to digest) than any other types of food; this is because protein causes the biggest boost in TEF[4] (thermic effect of food) and therefore helps your body burn the more calories- not bad, right?

So, when planning your diet, you should be revolving it around thermogenic nutrients such as cayenne peppers and green tea, but also high protein foods such as chicken or turkey breast.


It’s not easy to lose body fat. If it was, then everyone would have featured on the cover of a fitness magazine at some point in their life.

But losing body fat doesn’t have to be an impossible task either. This is because with the right knowledge and effort, you can boost your metabolism to encourage your body to burn fat at an accelerated rate.

If you’re in doubt, then just know that clinical studies have backed each of the points that we’ve made in this article.

So, you can’t really argue against them; elite athletes and bodybuilders will agree with us, and we guarantee that they’ve incorporated all 5 tips into their lifestyle for years.

In terms of your diet, first and foremost you should be eating under your TDEE so that you are actually giving yourself a chance to lose weight.

After that, the next steps are to add thermogenic foods or spices (such as turmeric) that have proven to boost your metabolism (eg. chili peppers and green tea).

As we also mentioned, keeping your diet high in protein will also keep your body working harder, which in turn helps burn more calories too.

When it comes to working out, we recommend starting to lift weights in the gym (if you don’t do so already).

This is because many studies have proven that resistance exercise can play a big role in fat loss. But not only that, performing HIIT instead of running on a treadmill for hours will help save you time and promote fat loss too.

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