Does Smoking Affect Men’s Sexual Health?

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Published: Mar 23, 2018 | Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Smoking and Sexual Health

Smoking has the potential to negatively affect men’s sexual health. Ability to quit smoking is a great accomplishment considering how the habit becomes intertwined with intimacy of a relationship.

Recently, researchers from the University of Arizona conducted a study among couple in which one member smoked. The researchers realized that cigarettes turned out to be an abusive third member of their relationship.

According to Panayiotis M. Zavos, PhD, director of Andrology Institute of America and professor of reproductive physiology and andrology at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, smoking directly and negatively affects a man’s sexuality on every level.

Case Study

In their study, Zavos and colleagues noted that men who smoked had significant and negative effect on their ability to conceive. What was even more shocking is the fact that smoking greatly diminished a man’s desire for sex and satisfaction, even for younger men below the age of 30.

According to the research, smokers reported having sex less than 6 times every month than their nonsmoking counterparts who had sex nearly twice as often. The major difference was quite significant given that these couples were trying to conceive. Zavos said tobacco use, according to his clinical records, decreases sexual performance. He added that sexual performance was something even more than erectile dysfunction.

Smoking and Impotence

According to studies, smoking more than 20 cigarettes in a day raises the risk of erectile dysfunction by nearly 60% compared to nonsmokers. This represents a substantial level of risk especially for people who are used to the habit. In reference to a research carried out at the University of Kentucky, smoking can negatively affect a man’s ability to conceive. Toxins found in cigarettes can cause damage to blood vessels leading to erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, it can lead to cancer of various components of the reproductive system leading to impotence. Penile tissues of a man can also be damaged by smoking making it harder to function normally.

Decreased Desire and Satisfaction

Desire can be termed as a man’s willingness to have sex. In most cases, it is described as sexual libido. Men lacking the desire are less likely to initiate sex or respond to their partners initiating sexual encounters.

Satisfaction, on the other hand, is a man’s experience during and after sex. Researcher who used both desire and satisfaction found that the two were directly impacted negatively among smokers. Smoking affected the physical functioning of males making them have problems with their desire in having and getting satisfaction from sex. Some also reported of lacking the ability to attain and maintain and erection long enough for the entire period when having sex.

Damage of Penile Muscles

Because cigarettes usually contain several toxins, it can cause injury to the muscles of the penis. If this happens, the erectile functioning would be severely affected and a man may be less interested in having sex.

In reference to researchers from Boston University, smoking can affect the size of the penis. This is a common problem to men who start smoking at a tender age. It occurs due to the damage inflicted on blood vessels supplying the penile region. A small penis size can have psychological impacts in men, worsening other underlying medical conditions.

Increase ED Risk Factors

This usually happens in people living with medical conditions associated with erectile dysfunction. For instance, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you are at increased risk of erectile dysfunction. Smoking will only increase the risk the risk of ED by 26 times more than for those who don’t smoke.

Smoking and Sexual Health – Conclusion

Given that you are now fully aware that smoking can have direct negative impacts on a man’s sexual function and health, the next thing is to find out how this harm can be avoided or reversed. The only convenient way to do this is to avoid smoking at all. If you are already a smoker, there are several ways of dropping the habit. Not every single way will work for everyone. However, smokers should be made aware that they are at increased risk of sexual health problems in order make behavioral changes.

Currently, the most effective approach for quitting cigarette is through personalized coaching with the help of a doctor. Quit smoking for improved sexual health.

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