Know 6 Surprising Foods That Can Mess Up Your Digestion

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Published: Jan 18, 2018 | Last Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Foods that disturb your digestive tract carry uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn, gassiness, and bloating. While some of these foods may even be considered generally healthy. However, if you have any signs of irritation may mean you need to remove them from your diet or limit its intake.

Fresh Vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables can cause issues such as bloating, diarrhea, and gas. This is due to the high levels of insoluble fiber that moves exceptionally fast through the intestinal tract. Cooking fresh produce breaks down the fiber and allows for better digestion. If you find you have trouble with the veggie trays, try switching to cooked vegetables instead.

Citrus Fruit

Fruits such as grapefruit, tomatoes, lemons, and oranges contain high acid content and can cause acid reflux and heartburn. The best remedy is to remove these fruits from the diet, but it is also effective to always eat these on a full stomach in order to benefit from the good qualities while preventing irritation.

Fried Foods

Fried foods contain a large amount of saturated fat, which can cause acid reflux. The fats in these foods relax the valve cover that separates the stomach from the sphincter to allow stomach acids to travel into the esophagus. Cooking foods in plant-based oils instead of butter cut down on digestive tract irritation.

Artificial Sweeteners

The sugar alcohols in artificial sweeteners can cause inflammation in the body and even diarrhea, bloating, and gas because they are not completely digested. You should attempt to find an artificial sweetener that causes the least symptoms, or use natural sweeteners such as honey, yacon syrup, and agave syrup.

Processed Foods

The refined carbohydrates in processed foods can cause digestive issues such as cramping, bloating, and constipation. The best remedy is to remove processed foods completely from the diet, but they may prove difficult for many. Another remedy is to blend processed foods with foods that contain healthy fats and that also digest slowly to balance digestive tract labor.


Carrageenan is a natural product from seaweed found in low-fat yogurt, soy milk, and salad dressing, but it can also cause inflammatory bowel disease and ulcers. Although low-fat yogurt is good for the digestive tract, limiting intake to one cup a day and avoiding fruit-flavored types can help prevent digestive issues.

While the above foods can cause problems in the digestive tract to anyone, those with common digestive disorders such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, and acid reflux should be especially careful. See if you can find organic supplements or probiotics from online suppliers like Sutton Apothecary that can help stabilize your digestive system.

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