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The Ever-Evolving Vape Industry: What Do We Know About Vaping and Health?

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Published: Sep 7, 2019 | Last Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Lately, vaping is getting a bad rap in the press. But did you know vaping actually has great health benefits for users? Check out this article for more good news for vapers.
vaping and health
Is vaping bad for you? Shutterstock Images

It seems like there are constant reports in the media on vaping, all of them negative. You might wonder–where are the news reports on the health benefits of vapes?

A quick online search brings up hundreds of articles and countless studies listing the good things that can happen to your body when you vape.

Vaping Is Endorsed By Health Experts

A long-term study of current and ex-cigarette smokers conducted by three health research groups showed vaping greatly reduced harm to smokers’ bodies. Vaping doesn’t expose users to the thousands of cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarettes. In some cases, there were 97% fewer chemicals in vaping versus smoking! Switching to vaping will greatly improve your health, according to health experts.

Vapers Who Smoke End Up Kicking The Cigarette Habit To The Curb

Vape products help people to quit smoking cigarettes. Vaping is twice as effective as smoking cessation products like patches, gum, and medications, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Even better, most people who vape and smoke cigarettes end up quitting smoking entirely within two years.

Vaping Is Good For Public Health

Exposure to second-hand smoke is a health hazard. Second-hand smoke is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. As more smokers switch to vaping, the health of those around them improve. Vaping doesn’t release second-hand smoke filled with thousands of chemicals into the air, triggering asthma and allergies, and causing heart and lung disease.

Vaping Is Good For Your Skin

Smoking prematurely ages skin with free radicals resulting in a wrinkly and leathery face. It also can stain your fingers and hands an ugly brown and negatively impacts your oral hygiene. Vaping doesn’t have these effects on your skin or your teeth. In a time when so many of us like to appear Insta-worthy, vaping can ensure you don’t hide from the camera.

vaping benefits

A guy holding a vape. Shutterstock Images

Vapers Experience Less Stress

People who smoke cigarettes frequently report they feel marginalized, embarrassed and have a hard time connecting socially with others. They also report the rising cost of smoking is problematic, with many smokers spending up to $3,000.00 a year. In addition, smoking has become a very unpopular activity due to its well known negative health effects, smell, and price, It even might stop someone from asking you on a date! Vapers don’t experience these issues and are far less stressed because of it.

Vaping Could Extend Your LifeSpan

A base simulation cited in a study by the University of Michigan School of Public Health researchers Kenneth Warner and David Mendez found that by using vape products, “nearly 3.3 million life-years could be saved by the year 2070.”


If you’re a vaper rest easy knowing vaping has positive benefits for your health and that recent news reports have been largely smoking and mirrors. Try one of our new vape pens, kick back, and relax.

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