Sharon Chamberlin

Sharon Chamberlin is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and the owner of Catalyst 4 Fitness. She works with others to incorporate the core components of a healthy lifestyle – fitness, nutrition, and recovery – on the path to reaching their goals.

Learn more about her on her Website, and connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Most Recent Articles

Worst Fitness Tips

Worst Fitness Tips: You Should Never Go Through

posted in Fitness

Social media has created an environment where everywhere you turn, someone has “the best” piece of fitness advice for you. It has also apparently become irrelevant if the sourc...

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Things I Have Learned In The Gym

Things I Have Learned In The Gym- What Sharon Chamberlin Learned At Gym?

posted in Real Stories

You might be expecting me to tell you I've learned how much weight I can squat or bench press. Or that I like free weights more than machines. Or that I prefer high intensity int...

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