Pauline Ryeland, Intimacy Whisperer ® works as an Intimacy & Sex Coach & Educator. She has certifications as a: Tantra Teacher & Facilitator, Somatic Sexological Body Worker, a Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Errikson Hypnotherapy, a Results Coach & Performance Consultant. Pauline works with individuals and couples around any challenges they may be experiencing with intimacy, sex, relationships and everything in between. You can contact Pauline on her or Follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Agony Of Premature Ejaculation- Get Tips To Turning PE Around

What I'm talking about is something that is rarely spoken about. It's like the elephant in the room that no-one wants to discuss. 1 in 3 men are suffering in silence as it's not ...

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The Power Of Love – How Our Mind, Body & Relationships Benefit From It

As human beings, we all crave connection, to love and be loved. When you are in a relationship that is a healthy one, it is a contribution to your whole being. When we can have t...

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