Patricia Robiano

Nutritionist and Psychoanalyst

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ExpertiseNutritionist and Psychoanalyst


    Patricia Robiano is a professional with 17+ years of experience specializing in Nutrition and Psychoanalysis.


  • Degree: Nutrition
  • Diploma: Human Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Personal Coach: 17+ Years of Experience in Conscious Health.

Professional Accomplishments

  • In her role as a Nutritionist, she provides guidance on dietary choices, meal planning, and nutritional strategies to enhance physical well-being.
  • As a Psychoanalyst, she offers mental health and emotional support services, helping individuals explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to address issues like anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Patricia's approach emphasizes Conscious Health, a holistic perspective that integrates physical and psychological well-being, fostering awareness of how health choices impact the body and mind.


Patricia Robiano has a degree in Nutrition, a Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Personal Coach with more than 17 years of experience in the area of Conscious Health.

She integrates into her knowledge the study of Social Psychology and Psychoanalysis and assumes her task with a holistic (integrative) view of bodily symptoms. She is a member of the AADYND and SAFT (Argentine Society of Family Therapy).


Her notable work was featured in vidasdealtafrecuencia

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