Patricia Maris

Author and Health and Wellness Coach

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  • High School Diploma, High School/Secondary Diplomas, and Certificates from Martin Zapata Mza


  • CEO at enigma7
  • CHEK Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach
  • Metabolic Typing Advisor, CHEK Practitioner
  • Managing Director at Micasaoz Pty Ltd
  • Wellness and Life Coach - CEO

Professional Accomplishments

  • Wellness Stretegies- Author - PT
  • Author of a popular books series 'Nought to Ninety-Nine', dealing with relationships, self-help, nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and intimacy at all levels in our lives, Her passion.


  • Andy Harrington: Public Speaker University

Personal Quote

"Intimacy is a contact sport for the soul"


Patricia Maris is one of Australia's and America's most respected Holistic and Wellness Coaches. She has assembled an impressive 28-year career dedicated to improving her large group of clients' health, fitness, and quality of life.

Her impressive list of credentials includes Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, HLC Level III CHEK Practitioner, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a specialist in Energy and Intuitive Therapy and Life Coach with a focus on Intimacy and Relationships. Patricia is a Wellness Strategist.

Throughout her career, Patricia has witnessed a litany of failures and disappointments in the gym and gained a unique insight into what's going on in people's lives. She has observed that while many people commence a self-improvement program, some people persist, some find excuses, some drop off altogether, and some persist in doing what they have always done, and of course, get the same results.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Patricia's assistance to her clients across the globe has seen her popularity skyrocket as her online presence grows.

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