Dr. Lauren Brim

Doctor of Human Sexuality, Author & Coach

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  • Research Doctorate, Human Sexuality - Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, IASHS
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Spanish Language and Literature from University of California, Los Angeles
  • Direct Entry Midwifery from National Collage Of Midwifery


  • Sex Therapy- a body-mind approach - Self Employed
  • Director and Choreographer: DEUX the film

Professional Accomplishments

  • Founder and Coach of www.LaurenBrim.com
  • Author and Coach of The New American Family
  • Author and Coach of The New Rules of Sex
  • Co-founder, Director of Healing 4 Life Together


Personal Quote

"The New Rules of Sex"


Lauren Brim, Ph.D. is a doctor of human sexuality, sex and female empowerment coach and author of The New American Family, The New Rules of Sex, The New Rules of Sex Workbook and Your Boyfriend's Hooker.

She provides sexual health and coaching resources on her website for women wanting to create the life or love life that they desire.

Lauren has worked in the general healing arts for over twelve years as a teacher and practitioner across North America, Europe, and Africa.

She was studying to be a midwife in 2012 when her own reproductive challenges lead her to research and specialize in women's reproductive and sexual health.

She is passionate about supporting women's health and sexuality through awareness, honesty, and education, and works with clients across six continents on a variety of health challenges related to sexuality, pleasure, food, weight, reproductive goals, spiritual questioning, and relationships.

She is also the founder of the Adult Play Mat. She now lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

She also writes a blog at www.LaurenBrim.com where she provides sexual health and coaching resources for women wanting to create the love life they desire

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