Karla Mohtashemi


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Karla is the author of the upcoming book "From Pain to Prosper." In addition to her home health and fitness business, Healthitude, where she and her daughter work with people around the world to help them utilize home workouts (and even start their own businesses), she also owns a gym in West Seattle, Equilibrium Fitness (EQ).

At EQ, she teaches Aerial Fitness (on hammock silks) and Dance Fitness. Instructing clients on which home workouts will enable them to accomplish their goals toward something like Aerial Arts has enabled Karla to help thousands of people achieve their health and fitness dreams.

Karla is P90X, Insanity and CIZE certified, as well as certified in Nutrition Fitness. She is currently working on Corrective Exercise Certifications. You can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.