Chef Gretchen Hanson

Chef Gretchen Hanson is an award-winning, classically trained chef who teaches, writes and educates about a plant-based lifestyle. Chef Hanson is known for incorporating plant-based foods into recipes with unique techniques and applications.

Through her blog and free online cooking demos and classes, Chef Hanson teaches her students how to cook simple, healthy, plant-based recipes.

The author of two books to be released this year, including DIET FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM slated for late May, Chef Gretchen is delighted to be a partner in helping people to transition to eating and cooking more whole foods, less commercial processing, and fewer animal products.

Her hashtag #foodislove and her motto, "more meatless meals matter," reflect her warm, non-judgmental approach to eating foods that make you happy and healthy at the same time.

Check out my food blog for recipe suggestions and my eBook DIET FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM. Meet her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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