Andrea Caprio, CTNC, CCWC

Emotional Eating Expert, and Master Transformational Nutrition Coach

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  • Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Digestive&Hormonal Health, AI disease, Weight-loss, Mental Health & Emotional Eating, Cancer, Diabetes from Institute of Transformational Nutrition Institute of Transformational Nutrition
  • Digestive Intensive Practitioner, Functional Nutrition: Digestive Intensive Practitioner, Functional Nutrition Functional Nutrition Lab Functional Nutrition Lab


  • Owner of Wellness Methods
  • Student Mentor at The Institute of Transformational Nutrition
  • Director of Roots Cafe
  • CEO of HILL International Florida
  • Managing Director of The Career Hub

Professional Accomplishments

  • Founder and CEO of Wellness Methods


  • Transformational Nutrition coach (CTNC)
  • Corporate Wellness Coach (CCWC)
  • Digestive Health and Autoimmune Specialist
  • edX Certificate for Introductory Psychology (St. Margaret’s Episcopal School)
  • Digital Coaching Certification from
  • Duolingo Spanish Fluency: Advanced (Estimated) Duolingo Spanish Fluency: Advanced (Estimated)
  • edX Certificate for The Science of Happiness UC BerkeleyedX Verified Certificate for The Science of Happiness UC Berkeley
  • APSO certificate
  • Certificate for Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition
  • Certified Nutritional Herbalist
  • Duolingo Spanish Fluency: Intermediate Duolingo Spanish Fluency: Intermediate
  • Nutritional Wellness Certificate

Personal Quote

"Emotional eating has nothing to do with willpower!"


Andrea Caprio, is an expert in empowering busy working professionals with chronic diseases, weight issues, stress and fatigue, to nourish their bodies and flourish in their lives.

Her extensive training combining the science of nutrition, spirituality, psychology and coaching, results in successfully helping her clients on a holistic level to achieve better health.

By looking at the root causes she helps those in need to discover and restore emotional and physical blockages that prevented them from healing.

Offering personalized nutrition coaching, she can even help where others have failed. Her in-depth training as a digestive specialist and in functional nutrition, allows her to guide people to repair their gut, build up their digestive health leading to overall health.

Get her recipes to boost your hormonal health! You can find out more about the Wellness Method's by Andrea Caprio on her website