How to Take Care of Yourself to Deal with Divorce or Relationship Breakup?

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Published: Feb 19, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019


Someone who is experiencing divorce and breakup, it was a stressful stage and life-changing event for them. If you are in a bad relationship, or your marriage gone wrong, you have to prepare yourself with the possibility to live separately and end up with a breakup or divorce. You have to take care of yourself in this situation.

You have to know that, divorce and breakup is not always a bad thing. It is the final option for your relationship trouble and both of you have to solve it this way for the better. What makes you unwell is the post breakup or after deciding to divorce. Most of women and men have a major breakdown and almost put their life in danger because of unbearable stress and depression.

It is important for you to take care of yourself and deal with divorce or relationship breakup wisely and positively. If you have kids, taking care of yourself is your responsibility so your kids will not get neglected or affected by this breakup. You can use this as a guide to help you so you can see this breakup and divorce as a positive thing to do you can move on with it alone or with your kids.

Self-care Tips to Deal with Divorce and Relationships Breakups:

  • Get What You Need: After your separation, ask yourself what you really need right now. You have to trust your feelings and take what is yours. You deserve the best because you are going to start a new chapter of your life, so move on to something that you need to start a new life.
  • Take Your Time: This is not the time for you to be busy because you want to mask your feeling. Take it easy, it is normal to feel a little sad, but you have to know that you are living a new life right now. So take your time, think about what is your next destination or what is your next job, and how to make this separation works with your kids. It is a major decision, so you have to take your time to think about it before deciding.
  • Avoid Something Crazy: Again, this is not the time for you to get crazy to cope. What is the point about getting wasted or cut yourself and using drugs after a breakup? To put yourself into trouble and make you even more miserable? You are about to be single again, so it is a time for you to get yourself together and put your best outfit on, get your hair done, wear your favorite perfume, and do something good for yourself again. Something crazy is not going to help you, but something healthy will make you even happy and ready to enjoy a new life.
  • Reschedule Your Routine
    Reschedule Your Routine

    This is important for you to start fresh. You have to avoid something that you usually do with your former partner so you never stick to the past and speed up your mind to move on with your new single life. Try something new such as writing a book or go to yoga club and drinking tea instead of your regular coffee every morning.

  • Shift Your Attention: No need for you to dwell on the past because this is the time for you to explore a new world in your life. Actually, this is an end of an unhealthy relationship so you can begin your own new healthy life. So shift your attention, and moving forward. Look at a lot of things that you can do in the future, and how happy you can be on your own terms.

Take It as a Lesson of Life

This is a very meaningful life experience that you have to learn, and takes it as a lesson of your life. You have to be thankful that this is the decision that you both make because you want to be happy again. You should not feel empty after a breakup. You should feel happy, because there is someone else that going to be with you in the future.

You have to accept that you and your former partner are no longer meant for each other, and you have to learn about how to avoid the same mistake or unhealthy relationship. Learning from your mistakes is a gift so you will not repeat it in the future.

You can find the answer after asking yourself about these questions:

  • Are you the contributor to the problem in your past relationship? Can you change your attitude to be better?
  • Do you wish to repeat the same mistakes or be with a wrong person again?
  • Do you know what you really want in a relationship?
  • Do you know it is important to accept other people for who they are the way they accept you for who you are?
  • Are you ready for a relationship or not in a few years?
  • What is your intention to get married? What marriage can offer you?


During a breakup, do not play the blame game, because all you have to do is to get over it. Do not think so much about the past because it just slows you down to move on for the better future. You are in charge of your life, and you have to take care of your life at this moment entirely. Only look back on the relationship for learning purposes and think about how to be better in the future. This is how you can take care of yourself after a divorce or relationship breakup.

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