10 Powerful Daily Habits That Can Make the Most Positive Impact on Your Life

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Published: Apr 17, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Powerful Daily Habits to Impact Your Mindful Happier Hours at Work

Corporate wellness has the ability to transform businesses and their employees from the inside out. Here are some simple tips and powerful daily habits to positively impact your mindful happier hours at work to start you on the path.

1. Set an intention to start your workday. Life outside of work is busy so when you are at work don’t let your time get lost. The Intention is a goal or a plan, a guiding principle that can be the catalyst for meaningful change. It’s like the old saying, ?What you think you become.? It keeps you grounded and offers you clarity, and vision to find alignment and flourish in your work life.

When you first get into the office take a post-it sit down at your desk, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths. Ask yourself, ?What is the purpose for today?? Make it clear and specific. Sit and allow two minutes to pass for the idea to sink in. Then open your eyes and write out your intention. It could be a sentence or just a word. Place it on your computer or on the wall in front of you so that you can revisit it when you need to throughout the day.

Then you can focus on the right activities to get effective results.

2. Laugh and smile often. A smile is very powerful. It creates a more positive state of being as it produces mirror neurons, which in turn makes others smile. It also teaches one to be ?In The Zone’ and have an ?I Can’, optimistic attitude as it lights up the prefrontal cortex and it relaxes the amygdala, this raises the body’s vibrations from lower level to higher brain functioning.

Laugh and Smile

3. Create space for a ?Purposeful Pause’ and a deep, joyful breath. Relax, refocus, and regroup. Stop three times a day to connect inward. Set a timer for 5 minutes, close your eyes and give them a break from technology. Bring full awareness and attention to your breath. How are you? What is your mind doing? Can you listen to the spaces between the heartbeats? Inhale slowly: Belly, Lungs, and Ribs. Exhale even slower: Ribs, Lungs, and Belly.

4. Nourish yourself. Hydrate. Grab a glass and take a sip. Did you know that more than 1/2 of our body is made up of water? The water inside of us helps us to keep everything vital and functioning. It increases energy, relieves fatigue, flushes out toxins, and boosts the immune system. Plus, it puts you in a good mood so drinks up!

5. Try some Chair Yoga movements. While in your chair, reach arms high and stretch to one side and then the other several times slowly with your breath. Bring arms to your sides and twist to the right for three deep breaths, now twist to the left for three deep breaths. You could even try a forward fold and let your head hang towards the floor for five deep breaths and then roll up slowly to a seated position. The mindful movement and exercise rebalances the nervous system, allows you to de-stress and relax, stay alert, ready to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Sync your mind and body to be one to keep to fit and healthy.

6. Stuck? Shift your attention. Get up and take a walk around the office or go outside to get some fresh air. Change your perspective so that you can transition wisely between projects. Move around and shake off old energy. Take a digital detox and unique ideas will thrive – 20 minutes away from a computer restores your brain function and makes room for innovation.

Shift Your Attention

7. Give yourself credit. Instead of a ?To Do’ list make a ?To Be’ list. Feel gratitude and appreciation by making a list of your accomplishments.

8. Develop a growth mindset and be open to new possibilities. Rethink your approach. Try something new. Do a project with someone on your team.

9. The best way we can uplift our own lives is to uplift the lives of others. Treat people with compassion and kindness. Do small favors for someone, expecting nothing in return. People will respond and the abundance will flow back to you.

10. Find alignment in whatever you do. Be like a tree. Stand tall and proud. Go out on a limb. Remember your roots. Through the process you will become healthy, nurtured, and flexible.

Purposefully carve out time to progress and improve every day. But remember that there is no need to be perfect in these practices. There is always going to be room for improvement and growth.

Health and healing occur in our lives when we are more aware. So, the more that you engage in mindful, therapeutic movement skills and relaxation techniques at the office to calm your nervous system the more you will learn to pay attention, respond wisely vs. reacting, and become resilient so that you can manage their most challenging times of the workday.

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