Change Your Mood Instantly With These 10 Tips

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Published: Feb 28, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Change Your Mood Instantly

We all experience bad moods. Whether you have them often, or it’s a more occasional thing, bad moods can be seemingly impossible to get out of.

So here’s the good news – there are ways to instantly, easily change your mood – and here are the 10 ways to do it.

1. YouTube ‘Cats’/’Kittens’

Yes, really.

You don’t even need to be around animals to feel the de-stressing benefits mentioned above – you can get a similar boost just by watching them. And, the benefits are bigger when you’re watching cats (sorry, dog lovers).

Looking at cat pictures is enough to give you a small boost – watching a cat video will multiply the effects. So if you’re looking for an instant fix for that big, bad mood – fire up YouTube.

2. Make a Furry Friend

Animals are a known instant stress-reliever – in fact, it’s scientifically proven. By just being around a friendly dog or cat, your stress levels fall – and they fall further if you interact or play with them. Not only will this help take your mind off of whatever caused your bad mood in the first place, but chemically, it also relaxes you. If you don’t have a pet yourself, find a friend or a neighbor who does. Or, go for the ultimate de-stressor – a dog park, or an animal shelter (who almost always, by the way, need volunteers to give their animals a bit of love and attention).
Furry Friend

3. Talk Out Loud

You’ve heard the saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, right? Well, there might not even be a need for another person to be involved. Merely expressing your feelings out loud can make you feel instantly better.

Of course, having another person there to listen, to discuss with and hear their opinion is always nice – but even being alone and simply acknowledging and naming what you’re feeling is a great way to feel better.

4. Buy Something New

You know that feeling, when you go to the mall and buy something new? That tiny burst of happiness? That feeling is your brain releasing endorphins – the happy hormone. Why does this matter, you ask? If you want to get rid of your bad mood, and quickly – buying something – anything (even a candy bar) is a surefire, rapid way to get the job done.

5. Listen to Music

It’s something which artists, musicians and scientists have known for centuries – that music has magical healing properties. Ok, so it can’t actively cure diseases – BUT it can change your mood instantly, and even helps with other, more extreme disorders, such as depression and PTSD. The best thing is, this is the most personal mood changer of all – you could put on a happy song with a great beat, or one that reminds you of certain things. If you’re feeling adventurous, Classical music is thought to be the best of all to help change your mood.

Listen to Music

6. Pay It Forward

Have you heard of paying it forward? It’s the idea that, after someone does something nice for you or helps you out, instead of returning the favor, you do something nice to someone else. Not only is this a great idea – it’s also an instant mood changer too. There is nothing in the world like seeing the happiness or gratitude that you’ve brought to another person, and this is a quick and easy way to feel that intense emotion. Plus – by helping someone else out, you’re taking your thoughts away from whatever caused your bad mood in the first place, and changing a negative feeling into positive energy.

7. Meditate

Meditation is perhaps one of the most useful skills to learn for your overall health – and it’s fantastic for your brain, as it strengthens the area responsible for cognitive processing (your thinking and decision making center) and empathy skills. Practicing the art of meditation regularly can even help you avoid getting into bad moods in the future, as it helps you think more deeply about why you are experiencing certain emotions and thoughts – and changing the way you react to them.

8. Visit Running Water

It sounds strange, but visiting running water, such as a lake, river or waterfall, just hearing the sound of it can relax you and instantly calm you. It’s always good to change your environment when you’re in a bad mood, but don’t worry if you don’t live near any water, as running a bath or playing a video with the sound of it also works nicely.

9. Have a Bath or Shower

This one doesn’t really need explanation, but just like hearing the sound of water (as mentioned above), feeling clean and chilling out also takes your mind off whatever was making you feel bad. Try it next time and you’ll feel the amazing healing properties of a good bath or shower!

10. Tidy Up Your Space

You see the picture above? Well, how does it make you feel? If your answer isn’t a positive one, that’s because a messy and disordered space breeds a messy and disordered mind – which is never good for an already bad mood. So, whether your ‘space’ is a desk, a room or a whole house, tidying it even a bit will make you feel calmer, and like you’ve achieved something, and maybe in a better mood too.

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