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Energy Drinks a Newly-Found Quick Fix Among College Students

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Published: Aug 30, 2019 | Last Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Due to hectic college schedule students are left really stressed and with less energy levels. Learn why energy drinks have become their go-to option.
energy drinks
Energy drinks a new found fad among college students. Shutterstock Images

Most teenagers can’t wait to join college. In their minds, the college will be the best time of their lives. Well, this is not necessarily untrue.

College can be fun. From the unending school parties to movie screenings and the numerous sporting activities, college is one place you cannot run out of exciting things to do. On the other hand, it carries its fair share of stressors.

Students have to do numerous activities like attend classes, manage projects, complete their readings, write papers, and finish up on the hefty amounts of assignments given by their professors.

For all of us who have been on campus, we can all agree that examination time is by far the most stressful time; especially during finals.

Students tend to spend a considerable amount of time behind their desks studying. Unfortunately, these pressures leave them tired and with no energy and their only hope for quick rejuvenation is an energy shot.

Advantages of energy drinks

It is in time of distress and during long hours of study that we need an energy boost. Students need a little help to stay sharp and alert and energy drinks are their newly-found quick fix in such tiresome times.

Without further ado, let us delve into specifics and get to know the major benefits of energy drinks.

1. More energy

This goes without saying and is the most important benefit of energy drinks.

Whether you have had a strenuous day at school or just need that extra boost of power so that you can study all night, energy drinks will offer this much-needed energy as it supports wakefulness.

With a little more energy, your productivity levels go up and you will be able to pay more attention.

2. Fast delivery

With energy drinks, it is perfect for on the go. They are also consumed faster than any hot cup of tea or coffee as it is served cold.

This will also save you some more study time as they do not require any form of brewing.

3. Standardized caffeine

When two people brew one cup of coffee each, the amount of caffeine will greatly differ because it depends on the amount of coffee each put in their cup.

However, for energy drinks, it is slightly different.

Energy drinks have standardized amounts of caffeine in every can. This generally means that a consumer knows how much caffeine they have consumed.

This is particularly important for people trying to manage their caffeine intake.

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4. Faster recovery

As compared to your standard cup of coffee, energy drinks offer faster results. It is absorbed faster into the bloodstream and will rejuvenate you faster than any cup of coffee would, allowing you to maintain your focus.

5.A variety of flavors

Coffee is just coffee; it has the same. However, that cannot be said for energy drinks.

Energy drinks come in a variety of mouth-watering flavors and is a go-to option for people who are repelled by the flavor of coffee but want to experience its benefits.

6. Additional supplements

Apart from caffeine, energy drinks contain other vitamins and minerals such as B-vitamins, amino acids and taurine just to name a few.

7. Offer healthy options

Black coffee is a zero-calorie drink which is good for weight watchers. However, not many people love this blunt taste.

By just adding some sugar, cream, and milk, calorie levels in coffee can spike to unimaginable levels.

On the other hand, most energy drinks have relatively low-calorie content. Some contain as low as zero calories and with the added advantage of being flavored. So, you can get your energy boost without having to worry about sugar and calories.

8. Improve concentration and memory

Research shows that energy drinks can help boost memory and mental agility. It improves concentration and immediate recall.

It is also known to increase long-term memory and make it easier for you to remember information. This is a vital aspect that attracts students as it can significantly increase their chances of passing their examinations.

The research was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.


Just like any other caffeinated substance, energy drinks should be taken in moderation. This is to ensure that the benefits they offer are not quickly overtaken by potential risks of caffeine overdose. [Int J Health Sci (Qassim). 2015 Oct; 9(4): 468–474.]

Last but not least, college students should know their caffeine safe limit and not exceed that amount for safety purposes.

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