Ways to Get Relief from Joint Pain Naturally

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Published: Jun 13, 2018 | Last Updated: May 11, 2021

Manage Joint Pain
Joint pain can prevent you from having fun. Remember riding your bike when you were a child, just free and wild. Those days are not gone. There are so many ways you can get back on the horse again, bike or even that skateboard hiding under your bed. Joints, like your knees, are vascular, meaning there is a lack of blood flow.

Cartilage, tendons and ligaments need extra attention. There is a lot that can be done for joint pain. For one, stop locking your joints, micro bend them, ride a bike or stationary for knee injuries, self-massage joint for 20 minutes daily, ice them or use a frozen bag of peas to relieve edema.

First step, micro bend your joints while standing. When your knees are locked, your hip is out of alignment putting pressure on your spine restricting movement. During a plank or push up if your elbows are locked this adds to hyperextension, the pressure is not through the palms and pointer finger. Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi are called the soft arts.

These types of practices teach a slow progression that increases your strength while improving your movement. Bike riding or a stationary builds up the rectus femoris which pulls up the patellar tendon. The patellar tendon keeps the knee from sliding up and down. One legged squat or standing on one leg while lifting the other off the floor will also build muscle strength in the legs. Start out easy and work your way down.

Yoga classes

Yoga classes often teach these types of strengthening. Building the muscles is a great way to increase strength in your joints. Your joints are held together by your tendons, ligaments and muscles. Proper alignment is necessary for healthy joints and spine. Shoes that provide proper support will help a great deal. Personally, I like to have my gate measured, even though I am not a runner.

I do walk, go to the gym and study Qigong. I was performing an Ashiatsu Massage and fell on my head, elbows and ankles. My fall left me with weak ankles. I went to the 2 Point Running Store for a gate measurement. I left the store with compression socks and tennis shoes for pronated feet. My posture was greatly improved.

Your feet play a huge role in joint and spine care. If your feet are pronated all your weight caves inward to the inside of feet. Your ankles, knees and spine are affected by the way your weight is distributed throughout your feet. Joints need circulation due to the lack of blood flow. Massage therapist pushes blood and lymphatic tissue throughout the body, providing fresh blood to oxygenate the area.

The American Massage Therapy Association recommends 20-minute massages for arthritic joints daily. Simply apply oil or lotion to the area in a circular motion until the joint feels warm to touch up to 20 minutes.

The main points to remember are: wear proper shoes; exercise or weight train for bone density and muscle building; provide a self-massage for circulation and maintain good posture. Daniela Stevenson, Holistic Health Practitioner

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