5 Steps you Should Take to Cope With Back Pain After Car Accidents

Written by Adriana Albritton - Reviewed by Consumer Health Digest Team

Published: Feb 25, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Overcome from Back Pain
Being in a car accident is stressful enough without adding the pain and expense of an injury. A back injury can be especially debilitating since it can affect every area of your life, even how you sleep at night.

If you experience back pain after an accident, there are several steps you should take.

1. See a Doctor as Soon as Possible

Never ignore back pain following a car accident. A serious spinal cord injury may have only minor symptoms at first. Your doctor will probably recommend tests such as x-rays, a computerized axial tomography scan or a magnetic resonance imaging procedure to make sure there is no damage to the bones of the spine or to the central nervous system. The doctor will also recommend a course of treatment to ease your discomfort.

2. Take Over the Counter Medications

Back Pain Medications
Your doctor may prescribe narcotic pain medication to get you through the first few days after an accident. If your back remains stiff and sore after that, an over the counter pain medication may help you feel better. Ibuprofen, for instance, reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

3. Use Cold or Heat

If the pain in your back is sharp and intense, it will probably respond best to cold. You can create your own ice pack by putting several ice cubes in a plastic bag and striking the bag with a heavy skillet to crush the ice. If placing the bag of crushed ice against your skin is too uncomfortable, try putting a towel on your back and putting the crushed ice on top of the towel.

Heat, on the other hand, is the treatment of choice for pain that is more of a dull ache. Heating pads are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most pharmacies.

4. Get a Massage

Get a back massage
Clear this piece of advice with your doctor so that you don’t risk aggravating an injury. If your doctor gives you the green light, massage can reduce inflammation, enhance the healing process of tissue and help you relax and move more freely with less pain.

5. Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney

According to the experts at Bachus & Schanker Law, you should talk to an attorney if you were injured in an auto accident, or anything else due to someone else’s neglect. Treating a back injury can take weeks or even months. It can also be expensive if your doctor recommends evaluations or care that is not covered by your health insurance.

If your car accident was caused by the criminal behavior or negligence of the other driver, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you get a settlement that will cover the cost of the treatment you need to mend your injuries and alleviate your pain.

Car accidents can bring chaos to your life. If you are experiencing back pain after an accident, don’t suffer in silence. Get help from the medical and legal communities so you can start feeling like yourself again.

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