Improve Your Physical Fitness in Full-Swing by Focusing on these 3 Things

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Published: May 11, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Improve Your Physical Fitness
Yes, the physical fitness is something that makes a person live healthily. Because this is something which stays with you lifelong. Just take a look where to need to focus more to have better physical fitness.

To Improve Your Balance

The key component to many falls is a loss of balance that causes and injuries not only in our senior population but in it can also make difference in making a play for our athletes. When we think of balance we can think of different systems that can play a part such as the vestibular (inner ear), visual system, or proprioceptors (central nervous system).

As a Fitness professional, we will focus on strength and stability.

The first progression would be single leg stance for 30-second hold. If you are unable to perform this properly, start by placing yourself near a wall and work towards 30 secs. If so time to move on to our next progression.

Next would step to lunge patterns. Step forward with one leg and decelerate into the lunge position with the back knee going down like dipping into a puddle of water. Your hips and trunk should be in a neutral position. Hold for one or two secs then return to standing position. Repeat 4-6 repetitions per foot. You can also move into other planes of motion such a lateral lunges or transverse lunges (rotational).

Some advanced progressions would be using balance apparatus such as BOSU balls, balance disks, or Airex pads. You can squat or lunge to these apparatus and attempt to properly maintain neuromuscular control.

To do Cardio Before or After Weights?

Do Cardio Workouts
This is usually a question asked by a beginner or for someone who hasn’t been in the gym for a while. The correct answer will vary from person to person, but let’s take a look at some factors that will give us your answer.

First and foremost recent studies have shown placing strength training first will increase your cardiac output during your cardiovascular workout by 12 beats per minute. Wouldn’t this conclude putting strength training first as the right answer? But wouldn’t this shift in increased heart rate negatively affect your perceived exertion if you were training for a competitive endurance race?

Studies have also shown that moderate to high-intensity endurance training can also decrease the efficacy of a strength training workout with heavy volume. And running at high intensity for 20-30 minutes prior to strength training can negatively affect strength training. Confused yet?

If you are endurance training for competitions, put cardio first. If your main goal is to lose weight, Strength first. Put on Muscle or hypertrophy training, Strength first. If your goal is General fitness with no emphasis on strength or cardiovascular training, then it’s your choice.

To Get Rid of “Bat Wings”

Biologically speaking, fatty deposits tend to, unfortunately, gravitate to the back of the arm in many women. Hence the term “Bat Wings”. Although we can build lean body mass and reduce the amount of fat in the back of the arm, we cannot totally eliminate the adipose tissue (fatty deposit). But the good news is we can make this area look a lot more toned and sculpted, with a little diet and targeted exercises to this area.

Let’s take a look at the triceps muscle. It actually consists of 3 heads:

Long head, short head, and medial head. The function of the triceps muscle is to accelerate the extension of the elbow (pushing motion) and stabilize the elbow and shoulder girdle. Actually, triceps exercises are great for someone who might have rounded shoulders.

Triceps Rope

But for building lean body mass these 3 exercises work best. The triceps rope pushdown, close grip pushup, and lying down dumbbell triceps extension is excellent in building muscle to the 3 parts of the triceps.

For the pushdown, use the triceps pushdown rope. Set a resistance that is comfortable for 12-15 repetitions. Extend the elbow and push down with a pause at the bottom. Hold squeeze and release. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Close grip pushdowns can be done as a regular pushup but performed with hands closer together to use more of the triceps muscle. They can be done from a full pushup position for kneeling in the assisted position.

You can perform 3 sets of 10. Dumbbell triceps extensions are done lying on a bench holding two dumbbells overhead. Your elbows will be directly above your shoulders. Flex the elbow by lowering to shoulders and extend the elbow above, trying your best to the keep elbow in. Hold at the top and return to flexed position. Repeat 2 more sets of 12-15. Feel the burn!


Working on your balance can make the difference in injury prevention and improved performance in your sport. Take a look at your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Then talk to your local fitness professional on how to have your program properly designed to fit your needs.

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