Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Reviews – Does it Really Work?

Dedicated Skincare InstaTox is a short-term treatment for wrinkles around the face and neck. It may also make the skin appear smoother and younger.

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What is Insta-Tox?

Serious Skincare Insta-Tox is an anti-wrinkle and skin smoothing cream that works instantly. It particularly works on the neck and face skin, and it effectively disguises wrinkles to improve the appearance of the skin. In addition, the cream helps lift the skin’s texture and gives it a smoother, more youthful appearance.

The product deploys clinically proven ingredients, which are considered safe for long-term use. Besides, Serious Skincare Insta-Tox works quite well on all skin types. That is to say, people with either sensitive, dry, greasy, or combination skin can use it to diminish forming or stubborn face and neck wrinkles and achieve vibrant-looking skin.

Is Insta-Tox made up of anti-aging ingredients that have been scientifically proven, or are these merely promotional claims? Are there any suspicious ingredients in it? How does it compare to other anti-wrinkle Creams in terms of price? And what do actual users say about the effects and descriptions of Insta-Tox?

To answer this question, we’ll have to evaluate the product formulations, including the key ingredients and the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use in skin care. We’ll also share some serious Skin Care Insta Tox reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of this product.

How Does It Rate?

Overall Rating: 4.7
Serious Skincare InstaToxSerious Skincare InstaTox


Value for Cost

4.8/5Value for Cost
Return Policy

4.7/5Return Policy


Brand Highlights

  • Skincare Solutions from Serious Skincare.
  • Innovative, Highly Effective, and Targeted Ingredients.
  • Instant & Time Released Formula.
  • Reduces Wrinkles & Lines and Gives You Smooth Skin.
  • Safe to Use Around the Eyes.
  • Injection, needle-free results.
  • Cruelty Free.

Key Ingredients

  • Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Butylene Glycol
  • Magnesium Aspartate
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Copper Gluconate
  • Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract


  • The product could be useful in the temporal reduction of wrinkles around the face and neck region.
  • It might help the skin look younger and smoother.
  • The manufacturer claims the product is safe for use, even around the eye area.
  • Designed to provide temporary cosmetic benefits like skin tightening and smoothing effects.
  • The serum works within minutes.


  • The serum is only available on the company’s website.
  • There is no free trial available of this product.
  • Relatively pricey, especially considering the effects are just short-term and the product need to be purchased on a regular basis for continued use.

Insta Tox Ingredients – What Makes INSTA-TOX Serum Unique?

The product contains, among others, the following ingredients:

Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract

Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract is a popular ingredient in skincare products, including wrinkle creams, due to its potential beneficial properties for the skin. It contains polyphenols, known to be effective free radical scavengers, and other ingredients that could also provide benefits to the skin.

In a significant research study published in the National Library of Medicine , it is suggested that the ingredient may have a prolonged moisturizing effect and could also improve skin micro-relief. It can help to improve the skin’s hydration, making it look plump and more supple, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is used for good skin health and possesses anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent properties. Camellia Oleifera Leaf also aids-in skin hydration and its white tea variety are beneficial for acne-prone skin.[1]

Retinyl Palmitate

It is well-known for its antioxidant abilities which can help protect the skin from free radicals, environmental toxins, and UV radiation. A medical claim by National Library of Medicine has published a thought-provoking research study which suggesting that retinoids may have specific effects on decreased skin roughness, it has highlighted skin facial wrinkles and to treat photoaging. However, it is essential to be aware that the effectiveness of Retinyl Palmitate in wrinkle creams may differ based on a variety of factors, including the component concentration, product design, and individual skin sensitivity. [2].

Study by Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital. It is suggested that Retinyl Palmitate is a potent antioxidant that can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has a gentle exfoliating effect, which can help to smooth the skin’s texture and improve its overall appearance.


Phenoxyethanol is a common preservative used in cosmetic products that can help in preventing bacterial growth. It is a colourless liquid with a mild odour that is frequently integrated into a variety of cosmetic products. Furthermore, it is considered as a generally safe preservative when used in cosmetic goods at low quantities and in accordance with regulatory standards. According to clinical research, phenoxyethanol is an efficient preservative for cosmetic formulations since it has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial properties against bacteria, yeast, and mould.[4].

Research by Dr. Cynthia Bailey, a board-certified dermatologist phenoxyethanol is considered a safe and effective preservative in skincare products. It has low toxicity and is well-tolerated by most individuals.

Butylene Glycol

Butylene Glycol is a common ingredient in cosmetic formulations, especially wrinkle treatments, due to its roles as a humectant, solvent, and skin conditioning agent. This transparent, nearly colourless liquid is used to create cosmetics and other personal care items, and it is touted as having advantages for maintaining healthy skin. According to published study, it is a humectant alcohol, which means it draws and retains moisture. It hydrates the skin, improves moisture retention, and reduces dryness in wrinkle creams, which can help plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. [5]

Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium aspartate is a mineral supplement that is frequently used as a magnesium salt of aspartic acid. It is used to prevent and cure low levels of magnesium in the blood. Data suggests, It can assist to hydrate and retain moisture in the skin, making it an advantageous component of moisturisers and emollient creams. Additionally, it can assist in replenishing the skin’s natural moisture barrier, keeping the skin supple, soft, and moisturised.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate is a nutritional supplement containing the zinc salt form of gluconic acid for the purpose of providing zinc. This compound described in a medical review, as an essential trace element, zinc is of key importance in biological processes, acts as an antioxidant, and strengthens the immune system.[6]

There are a lot of sources of zinc in plant-based diets,” says Seattle-based registered dietitian nutritionist, Ginger Hultin, M.S., RDN. Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in many physiological processes in the body, including immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, and DNA synthesis. By incorporating a diverse range of zinc-rich plant-based foods into the diet, individuals following a plant-based lifestyle can meet their zinc requirements and maintain optimal health.

Copper Gluconate

Copper Gluconate is used as a dietary supplement to treat copper deficiency. It detoxifies and purifies the skin, drawing excess oils from pores to minimize breakouts and control natural sebum levels. According to medical review , It has antioxidant properties, which means it can help neutralize harmful free radicals that can damage the skin cells and contribute to premature aging. This makes copper gluconate a potential ingredient in anti-aging skincare products. [7]

FULL INGREDIENT LIST: Water, Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Magnesium Aspartate,Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Iron Oxide

Who is the Manufacturer of Instatox

Insta Tox by Serious Skin Care founded about twenty years ago by Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, a model who had been troubled by devastating acne, She opted to co-found the brand, partnering with the original makers, once she found a solution to her skin problem after scouring the globe.

The manufacturers claim to use innovation, cutting-edge science, and well-researched ingredients in the formulation of their products. As a total skincare solution provider, they are also in the business of producing cleansers, eye creams, body moisturisers, serums, exfoliators, and beauty tools.

How Does Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Work?

Serious Skincare Insta-Tox is a skincare product that claims to provide temporary firming and tightening effects to the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The manufacturer of Instatox serum claims that the product is formulated with potent quantities of top anti-aging ingredients, acne-fighting acids, and skin-softening moisturisers. Hence, it appears it is well-positioned to give your skin a lift.

Instatox skin care might give a more refreshed look to your skin within minutes. It is recommended to use a small amount of the product and gently pat it onto the skin, allowing it to dry and set for a few minutes. Once the product has dried, it can be followed by makeup or other skincare products.

Skincare Insta-Tox – FAQ’s

Since our initial review, we have received a few additional questions about InstaTox. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

Serious Skincare Insta-Tox

Insta-Tox Wrinkle Smoothing Serum

Q: How to Use Serious Skincare Insta Tox?

A: The manufacturer of this product instructs that users should cleanse, re-rinse, and pat their face thoroughly to make it completely clean, and free from serums, moisturizers, and make-up before application.

Shake the tube gently before applying a small quantity over the wrinkled areas. Smoothen up with the palms and ensure to close the tube after use.

OPTIONAL USE TIP: Turn any eye cream, face cream or neck cream into an instant firming treatment. Add a dime-sized amount of INSTA-TOX to your moisturizer before applying to skin.

Gently mix together and smooth on and pat into the skin. Keep face motionless and still until application is absorbed and set.

Safety Information: Do not apply to eye lids. For sensitive skin, perform a small patch test prior to full face/neck usage. For best results follow all directions.

Q: What Does Insta-Tox Do?

A:InstAtox promotes smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin! This wrinkle-smoothing serum works as a targeted firming therapy to reduce lines and wrinkles. Your skin appears noticeably smoother, and your pores seem noticeably smaller.

Q: How Much Does Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Cost?

A: The product sells for $35.10 per unit on the manufacturer’s website, whereas two units sell for $31.59 and three for $28.08. Although the price may vary across the websites of other retailers.

Q: Does Insta-Tox Leave a White Residue?

A: Less is more, and those white residue patches simply indicate that the emulsion’s Instatox to moisturiser ratio needs to be adjusted. Once you become an expert it, you won’t ever let yourself run low anymore.

Q: What is Serious Skincare Insta-Tox’s Return Policy?

A: The manufacturer of this product makes provision for any buyer to simply return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund if, for any reason, it does not satisfy you. It should be noted, however, that the shipping cost is not included in the purchase price; hence, it will not be factored in the refund.

Q: Does InstaTox skin care Comes With Any Type of Guarantee?

A: Yes, manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the user is unsatisfied with the results or with the product for any reason, they can simply contact customer care to get a 100% refund.

Q: Can You Put Makeup on Top of Insta-Tox?

A: Yes. Light makeup works well with Instant-Tox. In addition, one may apply their best face moisture cream on top of this cream. All that is needed is, allow the product to dry well before applying makeup or other skin creams.

Q: Does Insta-Tox Work on the Neck?

A: Serious Skincare Insta-Tox is a targeted temporary line filler that can be applied to areas of the face or neck that have lines and wrinkles.

Q: Can You Use Moisturizer or Sunscreen over InstaTox?

A: Yes. Turn any sunscreen or eye cream, face cream or neck cream into an instant firming treatment. According to the manufacturer, add a dime-sized amount of INSTA-TOX to your moisturizer before applying to skin. Gently mix together and smooth on and pat into the skin.

Q: How Long Does Insta-Tox Last?

A: While this cream offers a temporary and rapid fix for aging skin, it lasts throughout the day. The producer highlights that the positive effects of Insta-Tox may remain for several months.

Q: Does this work for dark circles under eyes?

A: InstaTox is formulated to temporarily improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles in the eye area.

Q: Where to Buy InstaTox?

A: InstaTox serum can be purchased from their Official Website.

What You’ll Get:

  • Verfied transactions protecting your privacy and security.
  • Enjoy fast shipping for all orders to the U.S.
  • Simple returns within 30 days across the U.S.

Q: Does InstaTox Really Work and Worth the Money?

A: Insta-Tox Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. *See results in 3 minutes! According to our research, “the product delivers value for money as there are quite a few Insta Tox reviews from customers swearing that this product really does work.”

Serious Skincare Insta Tox Review – Video

YouTube creator Ann Ward Leister’s video on SERIOUS INSTATOX has gained 14,747 views, as she shares her experience and reveals whether it really works.


Serious Skincare Insta Tox Review – Twin Pack 0.75 oz Each | (Video Credit: YouTube)

An incredible analysis by beauty expert Dawn Gallagher reveals the effectiveness of SERIOUS INSTA-TOX in an exclusive sponsored YouTube video with 25,314 views. Immerse yourself in the enthralling journey of before-and-after transformations as Dawn shares her own experience with this revolutionary product.

Serious Skincare Insta Tox Review by Dawn Gallagher(Video Credit: YouTube)

Serious Skincare Insta Tox Reviews by Customer

At the time of writing this review, Insta Tox has earned an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars after more than 100 customer reviews.

There are many 5-star reviews for InstaTox from customers who love that it smooths wrinkles and eye bags, and many customers mention that it’s a good value for the price. Insta Tox reviews from customers swearing that InstaTox really does work.

Been using this product as well as other Serious Skin products for more than 15 years. The fantastic. This was the forerunner of Plexaderm. Costs much less as well. Use to order through HSN but they no longer sell it there. Covers up the eye bags great. (CATHLEEN – Verified Buyer)

However, there are a handful of negative reviews for the Serious Skincare Insta Tox from customers who were disappointed that this product didn’t work for them.

This product really did tighten my skin and reduce the fine lines, giving me a smoother skin surface. I let it set for more than 5 minutes to allow it to dry, then began to apply my makeup. It didn’t keep the effect when I did apply makeup over it. If I just wear it alone, it does the trick. If you don’t wear makeup, this is good! I wear makeup often for my job so I’m disappointed that this product only works alone for me. It may be different for others. (Virtual Me – Verified Purchase/Amazon)

Serious Skincare Insta Tox Review – Final Verdict

Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Before and After

Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Before and After

Experts agree that it is possible to keep the skin young and wrinkle-free with the right products. The hard part, however, is getting hold of the precise product that works for your skin can be an uphill task, especially owing to the fact that the market is quite saturated with all kinds of skin solutions.

Fortunately, with products that accommodate all skin types like Serious Skincare Insta-Tox, it is possible to reclaim the skin from aging.

The product effectively helps cover wrinkles and fine lines all through the day. Users get to see the results immediately after application, but also, the product promises long-term benefits that may be evident months down the line.

Top of that, Serious Skincare Insta-Tox is accommodative to other daily routines people keep and can be used with makeup. It is simple to use and dries fast to allow you to apply any other skin care regimen you need, thereby enhancing efficiency and promoting the benefits of other products.

Besides, most customers share that this product lives up to its promise of giving the skin a youthful appearance. It helps tone-down unsightly wrinkles and fine lines to give back your skin its smooth and glowing look. Other users point out that it helps minimize skin exposure, which is key in reducing aging.

Also worth mentioning is that Serious Skincare Insta-Tox is fragrance-free, a detail that most willing users would want their choice of product to feature. Scent-free creams offer the freedom to choose the perfume one wants to wear.

In overview, it is, therefore, safe to conclude that this cream can be of help to anyone who wants an immediate lift in their skin appearance, while at the same time maintaining their light make-up routines, and without having to worry about side effects. We believe the product will be beneficial in minimising visible indicators of skin ageing such as wrinkles and dry skin.

As we age the composition, texture and appearance of our skin changes. Signs of skin aging include wrinkles, fine lines, loss of moisture, uneven tone, and dull, tired-looking skin. There are countless anti-wrinkle creams on the market promising to make skin look and feel younger. Many anti-wrinkle creams promise everything short of a facelift or to provide the much sought after "fountain of youth". In reality most are just moisturizers marketed as anti-aging products.

Below you'll find some of the most effective wrinkle serum/cream formulations on the market today, in our opinion.

Our Top Wrinkle Cream Choices

Verdict on Claimed Benefits: Below is our summary of the available evidence for the claimed benefits of below mentioned anti-aging products and anti-wrinkle creams based on the available research:

Beverly Hills MD - Best #1 Rated Skincare Brand
Brand SealBeverly Hills MD
Innovative Science-Backed Skincare Products*Gold Star Evidence
Range of Products for Specific Skin Concerns*Gold Star Evidence
Cruelty-Free, Premium Quality Ingredients*Gold Star Evidence
Visibly Lifts Skin From The Inside, Out*Gold Star Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.9
Read Review
Deep Wrinkle Filler | Anti-aging Skin Care Formula
Erase The Appearance Of Fine Lines*Gold Star Evidence
Fill in Deep Wrinkles*Gold Star Evidence
Give Skin a Smoother, More Flawless Appearance*Gold Star Evidence
Nourishes Skin For Lasting Results*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.9
DRMTLGY | Dermatologist Recommended Beauty Line
Offers Fragrance-Free & Hypoallergenic Products*Gold Star Evidence
Formulates Medical-Grade Skin Solutions*Gold Star Evidence
Provides Personalized Skincare Regimens*Gold Star Evidence
Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.8
XYZ Smart Collagen | The Best Collagen Cream
Wrinkles Reduction*Gold Star Evidence
Improves Skin Firmness*Gold Star Evidence
Improves Skin Texture*Strong Evidence
Smart Collagen Management*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.8

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Customer Reviews for Serious Skincare Insta-Tox

Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Reviews – Does it Really Work?

Customer Reviews & Ratings

4.9 out of 5

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  1. Jessica Lindsy

    This product works...Love It!!
    This product is truly remarkable, especially if you struggle with eye bags. One of my friends suggested it to me and even applied some on my face. I love Insta-Tox because it minimizes wrinkles and makes you look years younger when used carefully! Plus, it’s really affordable. I HIGHLY Recommend Insta-Tox!!
  2. Kelly M.

    Good Stuff... Satisfied With Results!!!
    I ordered this product and have used it for about 2 weeks now. It seems to work ok but is very drying. I already have dry skin so when I apply this product, it turns white on my skin and feels a bit like I have an oatmeal paste on my face. Tried using it with my moisturizer and it wasn’t so drying but the effects were very minimal. Just ok.
  3. Genny E.

    Best Anti-Aging Serum Ever!
    I’ve tried a few anti-wrinkle creams and serums, but Instatox serum is absolutely the best. Works like a dream to fill in pores, tighten the skin, and smooth wrinkles and lines. Cheap price!! I will be using this for a long time!!
  4. Paulette D. Davis

    Amazing results.
    I applied Instatox skin care as directed, my skin tightened immediately. I washed my face and mixed the product with my moisturizer (as described) there were no effects at all! still tightened the skin. Without a moisturizer, my skin felt dry and pulled. Very uncomfortable. I am a 70+yo woman and need moisturizer and make-up! Thank you – Serious Skincare Insta-Tox
  5. Juanita Haymond

    Use this product every single day
    I’m 64 years old. I’ve been using Insta-Tox serum for about 5 years and I absolutely love this product! I will not walk out of the house without this product. It’s an instant facelift and it keeps my face lifted all day long. I work in a law office and get stressed, stay under pressure, and get exasperated and my face stays looking great.

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Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Ques and Ans

  • Q: No matter if I use dot, or more, with or without moisturizer or makeup. I get white powdery stuff. OH MY GOODNESS!!! WHY?? WHY ME???

    A: If you are facing any side-effects, stop using it and consult your doctor immediately.

  • Q: Is the Consistency of Serious Skincare Insta-Tox Supposed to Be Watery?

    A: Yes, the consistency of Serious Skincare Insta-Tox is supposed to be watery. According to the manufacturer, it is a lightweight gel that is designed to be applied to the skin and then left to dry before being rinsed off with water. The product also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity.

  • Q: Does Instatox Effect How I Put on My Make-Up?

    A: Skincare Insta-Tox does not affect when you put on your makeup; allow this serum to dry completely before applying any creams or makeup.

  • Q: I was wondering about under-eye bags and dark circles. Does it work?

    A: According to the manufacturer, they claim the serious skincare insta-tox is safe for use. The product contains anti-aging ingredients that help to a visible reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye bags, dark circles.

  • Q: Can you wear makeup over this?

    A: Yes, you can apply sunscreen or facial moisturizer on top of Serious Skincare Insta-Tox. Allow for complete drying of the Insta-tox before putting any creams or makeup.

  • Q: Does Insta-Tox contain PARABENS? I ask because I’m allergic?

    A: According to the ingredients mentioned on the official website, Insta-Tox doesn't contain Parabens.

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Serious Skincare Insta-Tox
Serious Skincare
22 ml
Water, Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Iron Oxide

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