What are The Best Makeup Tips to Hide Deep Facial Wrinkles?

Getting wrinkles due to aging is inevitable. But, with the utmost care, one can definitely rejuvenate their skin and lower the signs of aging.

The normal process of ageing is not something anybody can get away with. Ageing eventually take its toll on your body and your skin. Today, there are countless ways to beat the years from showing on your skin.

What are The Best Makeup Tips to Hide Deep Facial Wrinkles?

These days, though, when ageing solutions are the subject, the obvious options have become surgical and non-invasive skin surgeries.

Makeup has slowly been forgotten in this age defying feats but, makeup can do wonders to improve the appearance of wrinkles if carefully chosen and properly applied.

Even though you can take a glance in anti wrinkle cream reviews which may help you to narrow down your choices.

How to Conceal The Common Signs of Aging with Makeup?

Wrinkles and fine lines develop as the skin’s ability to store and lock in moisture diminishes.

This, in turn, causes skin elasticity to weaken so that when you smile or frown, the lines that form do not bounce back which then forms creases and folds on your face.

Even with older skin, some rules for staying younger for longer never change but, there are also guidelines to make older skin look even younger.

Follow the tips below to hide wrinkles and fine lines, and look naturally youthful and glowing, not just in time for your high school reunion but, every time.

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  • Put on Your Sunscreen: If you have not already heard, exposure to UV rays is the major cause of premature ageing. Start using sunscreen with at least an SPF40 daily if you are not yet putting on one everyday.
  • Never Overdo Your Makeup: You’ve probably heard this rule the very first time you started putting on your lipstick. Even when you’re 50 and over, this rule remains true. When it comes to your face, you need to choose your battles – know what to hide and know what to highlight. Otherwise, you’ll end up overwhelming your face with makeup. Generally for older skin, lighter tones create the illusion of younger skin. Stay away from dark colors. You know, if you can only manage to keep your face (your canvass) clean, “no makeup” will actually work best in making you look younger. Of course, “no makeup” for mature skin means at least a good BB cream (a combination of concealer and liquid foundation in one) to hide skin imperfections, and light lipstick topped with gloss to make older, thinner lips look plumper.
  • Keep Your Canvass Clean: Cleanse, tone, and moisturize day and night. Exfoliate periodically depending on your skin type. Outer skin is really a hodgepodge of dead skin. Scrubbing off this dead skin by regularly exfoliating and cleansing allows the inner, younger skin to surface. Younger skin is softer and has lesser imperfections. Regular toning and moisturizing makes skin easier to manage and makes it easier to apply makeup whenever you need to.
  • Correct and Conceal: Perfect your canvass by hiding your skin imperfections with a concealer and smoothen skin with a liquid foundation that is appropriate for your skin. Better yet, try using a BB Cream. When you use the BB cream that’s right for your skin, you’ve done about 80%of your makeup. Ditch the powder. Powder only gets stuck in between your wrinkles and does little to hide your fine lines.
  • Blush with a Blush On: Remember to put on blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it in so you avoid looking like your doll when you were five years old. Keep in mind that whatever makeup you put on your face must blend with your skin and with the other makeup you are putting on. This way, you will look naturally blooming.
  • Maintain Well-Kept Brow: Even as you age, a good set of properly shaped and trimmed brows will frame your face and will help draw more attention to your eyes. It’s been said a million times that our eyes never grow old, and that’s definitely where you want to draw in your company. While you’re at it, use a pencil eyebrow and eyeliner to perfect the shape of your brows. Always go for the pencil ones and stay away from ink liners. Pencil makeup is softer on your face while ink liners are harsher and only aid in adding up the years on your face. Again, stay away from harsh colored eyeliners. Unless you have a darker skin tone, always go for the brown, natural, and hazel shades for your eyes. Use eye shadow sparingly, still going for the neutral shades and putting on a highlighter or illuminator over it if desired.
  • Consider Putting on a Highlighter: Highlighter makeup is what it is, a highlight. Choose the facial asset you want to highlight and keep it there. When inappropriately used, highlighter can actually make your wrinkles and fine lines pop out.

Even when you’re older, no amount of makeup will beat smooth, flawless skin.

So, keep in mind that is what you are aiming for. Invest in concealers, BB creams, foundations, earth- and natural-toned makeups & anti-wrinkle creams like Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Remember too, that healthy, good-looking skin starts with a healthy diet and regular exercise. You’re never too old for a great workout so, go get one!

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